Saturday, June 3, 2017

Windy Sunny Day, Good News

On Friday, June 2nd I slept in. I knew going to bed last night that I was zonked. This ole gal isn’t used to 3 busy days like that. I slept well with a whole mess of dreaming. Every night I dream, or perhaps I should say every morning because I think it is just before I wake up that I’m so active.
Talked little lazy bones into walking down to the mail box with me

Another load of gravel on our road
After I took the picture, they put calcium on it to keep the dust down, good.
 I got up around 8 and had my tea. Bill was planning on meeting Rob at the house to help him empty an attic in a shed. More like a crawl space, I’d say. I texted Pat to see if I could help for the short time Bill would be there and she’s a smart gal. Never turns down an offer of assistance. We arrived at 10 and set to work.

At 11:30 it was time for a Timmy’s run so Bill and I took care of a coffee and a snack. As Shirley said yesterday, a muffin can become addictive. I think we are all working off the extra calories so I’m not too concerned. Pat and I worked away upstairs. I’ve never seen so many sheets! Each day I see improvements and Rob was especially happy to have Bill’s hands to hand things down to.
This town is a haven of well kept classic cars
 We came home around 1:00 to look after a few things at home. This morning we stopped at the post office in town to check our mail. When Bill opened it, we both almost clicked our heels with joy. It was a refund check from the insurance company. We questioned having to pay our deductible for bumper mishap, when we had nothing to do with it and weren’t even in the vehicle. Bingo!

Bill needed to go to the Acreage to get us more water and wanted to set up Mike’s trailer while he was there. It needed to be levelled up on boards, the stabilizing jacks lowered, lines flushed and tank filled with fresh water. Mike was not expecting any of this to be done but Bill wanted to give him a hand. He will be surprised when he arrives tonight for the weekend. 

Bill's 'London' bedding and Clemson is the King of the Castle
After Bill left, Clemson and I were settling down at home when he called and asked me to bring him his level and the pail with the water pump. We drove over with the items, Clem and I and I got a visit in with Donna for a while as they were setting up. On the way home, I pulled the car over in a couple of spots and picked a couple more lilac twigs. I lost one in the wind yesterday. Happy to find a dark one.
I set about making up signs and posters for the garage sale, Pat sent me away earlier with some homework. Bill finished with Mike’s trailer and came back with our water bladder full. It was just in time for him to feed our little master. Supper tonight would be leftover hamburger casserole. It will be simple, quick and filling, all I have to do is heat it up.
Bill calls this type of meal 'pussy-muck' but they usually taste good!
I also managed some communication between my London stylist/girlfriend, Brenda and the Aljoes’, over something they wanted to sell. Deal done with happy parties on each side.

Other than that, the Suite got a good sweeping. The floors were pretty nasty. Our leftover dinner tasted better the second night, funny how that happens.
This dairy is just down the road from The Acreage
With dishes done we drove back over to the Acreage to see if Mike was happy with what the guys had done for his trailer. He was settling in nicely and after a long work week he was so relieved not to have to do anything to it. Mike has helped all of us in various ways so it was a good feeling all around.
Entrance to their haven
Donna started a fire at the front pit and we sat around with a drink until 10:30 before coming home. Another productive, enjoyable day here in midwestern Ontario. I hope yours was a good one too.
Snapped this as I was getting in the car
Gerry, Mike and Donna
It was a lovely warm night
Thank you for reading. All comments are welcome!


  1. It was a nice productive day for you and the earth and sunshine was most welcome. Nice to see you keeping busy and having too much fun there.

    1. The days are getting better all the time. We are keeping busy but having fun too. :)

  2. First, thank you for sending some sunshine our way; we had two and a half days of blue and white fluffy
    You two have certainly been busy, staying out of trouble, the last few days. Always nice to be able to help out friends.
    Good luck with the lilac cuttings. I hope you have success. I especially love the deep dark purple ones. We have white and light purple in our yard. At our last house we had one old dark small purple bush which I could never get to re-root. The other colors no I have fingers crossed for you to succeed.
    I cannot believe how fast the time is going but then I have a deadline to get things done and for some reason that always makes the time fly. Hi to Bill and Clemson.

    1. You're welcome! Glad to help, hope you enjoyed the sunshine!
      I figure if the lilacs don't succeed, I'm not out anything but I'm hoping really hard! We had one at our London house that we'd bought from a 12" twig and it flourished in the dark purple. Sadly, had to say goodbye to it.
      Time is flying by, we'll soon start talking winter plans something we didn't want to do immediately upon our return as others have done. You do have deadlines and that seems to push time along.
      Bill and Clemson send greetings back to you! :)