Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Night Away from Home, Friends Reuniting, Car is Ready

Last night, I was up until midnight so when I woke up Saturday, July 22nd at 5:30 wide awake, I thought “what the heck?” I stayed in bed and tossed and turned. I dropped off at some point and didn’t rise until 7:45. That’s better. The sky is overcast and today’s weather has gone to you know what.

Belly Dancer in Stratford
I stayed in the truck, I didn't
want to show her up
It was a warm night and part way through I opened my side window. Most of the other windows were open in the living room. We had our tea and coffee and I got my late post published. The rain started at 8:45 and is due to stick around for the biggest part of the day. We don’t mind so much since we are packing up and heading to London early afternoon.

Around 9:30 when we realized we couldn’t work outside on the grass and trimming I made us breakfast. Bacon and eggs went down well. 

We’ll probably need a small bite mid-afternoon since dinner won’t be until later than usual for us. We cleaned up dishes and heard that Donna and Gerry were also giving up on the weather for the weekend. They packed up around 12:30 and headed for home.

I decided what to take for overnight and packed a small bag for the two of us. After my shower, I swept the kitchen floor. Clemson is fully aware that something is going on. We close the door up to the bathroom/bedroom when we shower and this puts Clem out of sorts. He can’t hop up onto the bed and get comfy on the clothes we’ve set out. If he saw the suitcase, he’d be even more upset.
Bill got in the shower after me and we were ready to head out at 1:30. First stop, Durham Liquor Store for a couple of bottles of wine. The four of us agreed long ago that a dinner invite between us means you don’t have to bring anything but we also understand manners and take a bottle of wine to the host. I’ll go back on Monday to get whatever I want to drink for my 3 days with the girls. I never really know until I get in the store.
Stratford Toyota
We got a call yesterday afternoon around 4:30 that our car is ready for pick up. The Toyota dealership closes up shop at 4:30 today so we headed there first, paid our bill and picked up the keys. We left it sitting in the lot and took the truck to London. Nothing would look out of place, the Corolla fits right in.
Stoneybrook Heights, where we turn to go to Kathy and Derrick's street
Before leaving Stratford, we stopped in to see Dad for a small visit. He was in good spirits and he and I spent some time on his My Heritage site. Planning it pretty close to ‘just right’, we arrived at Kathy and Derrick’s around 6. How great to see Kathy after the winter! We’d popped in on Derrick at the store a couple of times since our return this spring.
Their beautiful home
We were shown our room at the top of the stairs and tried to make sure Clemson was settling in. He is a real character when it comes to hardwood or floors. Plain and simple, he doesn’t like them. Kathy and Derrick got a kick out of his avoidance performances as he scooted from one carpet to another. Bill set about feeding our entertainer his supper, an hour late.

Our Guest suite
Jeff and Lydia as well as Jim and Sharon joined us closer to 7 and the ‘party’ began. It is always a ‘party’ when the 8 of us get together. Bill caught them up on our winter adventures and Derrick relayed the interesting experiences they had in China. My, goodness it sounds like a wonderful trip!
The girls were having a good time
After appetizers around the kitchen while our hosts prepared dinner, we moved into the dining room. Kathy and Derrick had prepared enough food fit for a king! We had roasted beer can chicken, roasted baby potatoes, a blended carrot mixture, string beans, potato salad, caesar salad and devilled eggs. Yup, lots of food.
3 beer can chickens roasted to perfection
Derrick has the chickens cut up

Jeff pitches in pouring the Swiss Chalet dipping sauce
which we all love with our chicken

Kathy stirs the veggies
Lydia had the perfect addition to this meal when she brought this amazing loaf of homemade bread. I wish I'd taken a picture, it was an awesome loaf of bread! With the first two courses under our belts and stretching our belts, Kathy served strawberry rhubarb pie with ice cream with coffee. I stuck with the Rose wine that Sharon and I were consuming. Such a wonderful meal, company and stories.
And Clemson behaves on the sofa
We hung around their front room continuing the chatter after Lydia and Jeff left at 11 and before we knew it, midnight stage coaches were turning into pumpkins. We said goodbye to Jim and Sharon and it felt really nice not to have to drive anywhere.
OMG this meal was so delicious!

Strawberry Rhubarb pie and ice cream about 20 minutes later

After dinner, Lydia gives Kathy a lesson (and a lecture?) on
their stove. Sharon and I couldn't contain the laughter
I can’t believe I have stayed up until midnight two nights in a row! No doubt I’ll be sleeping in. This was an absolutely fun evening.
And this is who we all are
Derrick, Kathy, Jim, Sharon, Jeff, Lydia and you know Bill and I
Thank you for reading, please leave a comment if you wish to. I apologize for the lateness of this post. Our wonderful life got in the way!


  1. Yeah we missed you this morning..haha..Looks like a wonderful time great friends and food! Wow..they do have a beautiful home. Love beer can chicken, haven't had it in awhile though.

    1. thank you, my loyals. :) We had a great time but I had to wait until I got home to post. We won't be making beer can chicken in our small Weber Q so it was wonderful!

  2. What a fun time you guys had with friends and really nothing like chicken on the BBQ and enjoying the time together. Nice that your call iOS good to go again and now you heading out to party with the ladies. Just keep having too much fun.

    1. July is zipping by with all the fun we're having. That's okay, that is what it is all about. The chicken was delicious!

  3. Such a nice reunion! You're so happy in the photo. it doesn't seems that it is difficult for you to stay up until midnight two nights in a row. And, your roasted beer can chicken looks so delicious.