Monday, July 10, 2017

Another Run at Laundry, Overnight Shower, Mail Delivery

I woke up at 2:30 in the morning on Monday, July 10th. Duh! It seemed like I’d been sleeping for many hours and in retrospect, I was since I’d gone to bed at 9:30. Finally, dropping back off after half hour of tossing, I woke again at 6:30 and rose a few minutes later. We all did, Clemson needed out.
cute little Waterworks building in Durham
Bill made my tea and his coffee and we sat for a minute at our laptops, catching up with friends. I’d received a lot of positive comments from family and friends on my Facebook post so I’m very glad I posted as many pictures as I did. Family that can’t attend for one reason or another get a sneak peek that way. We piled the 2 recycle bins on the back of the truck and the 2 garbage bags and drove them to the road for pick up.

I sorted the laundry and Bill helped load it in the car. I can do it myself but it is nice when he helps. I had to stop at Foodland to pick up some bleach and Resolve spray and wash. There are always a few things that need some pre-wash assistance.
Tiger lilies decorating the laneway
When I arrived at the laundromat around 8:30, Stan and Dorothy, the owners were installing a sign on the east side of the building over their regular sign “Durham Laundromat”. The new sign was “1977 – 2017” so I rolled down my window and was the first to congratulate them on 40 years. Meant to get a picture when I left.

I loaded 2 washers and could tell that Stan wanted to wash the floors so told him I’d go for a walk and get out of his way. He gave me ‘thumbs up’ to that. He is a man of few words but a very sweet man. When I returned 20 minutes later, my wash was almost done and he was just ready to leave.

 While I was gone, Bill had his shower and when I returned I had my second tea before taking the clothes up the hill to the clothesline. Looks like a great morning to get them out there, the predicted storms aren’t due until 4 ish. The sun is hot and there is a nice breeze.
Away from the fence might work
Within an hour of being home, I heard the Sanitation truck stop to pick up our refuse donations. Must be more people with garbage out since he was an hour or so behind schedule. My turn for a shower now while Bill is sitting here writing another post.

I see things outside that should be done, some more weed trimming down the driveway and a couple of branches on the trees in the back field need to come off before Bill pokes an eye out. Tree trimming is my job and one I enjoy, they look so much neater when I’m finished getting rid of the stragglies. (the word of the day)
I've got mail!!
But not today, I did the laundry! Let’s not go overboard. One thing I did want to do is move my iron bird feeder hanger from the corner of the corral. I have resituated (again) the new yellow finch feeder in still trying to encourage the wee birds. Hanging on this iron pole (which is probably a plant hanger in reality) should be the best spot for it, I hope.

I’ve moved the pole with some elbow grease of my own and finally managed to get it into the ground straight enough. There is some wobble to it because of its height and the feeders aren’t heavy enough to hold it still. I've put some large rocks at the base to help it remain stable. The hummingbird feeder that hangs on it is just for looks since it is old and leaks like a sieve.

Around 12:30 I was pleased to be able to bring all the clothes in off the line. That must be a record! 2 hours for drying, perfect day! Clothes are put away and there is really nothing pressing to do so I’ll move outside and start a new book. I finished The Collector’s last 8 chapters last night and it was excellent, right to the bitter end.
Finally caught a regular visitor
Now, back to James Patterson and Along Came a Spider. I’m sure I’ve seen this movie many moons ago but I'm not sure I recall how it ends. I think another nail biter story is in my hands though and I can’t wait to get into it. If it comes back to me, I may not read it, I don't like knowing how it ends. Oh, first I need to walk to the Restroom and then down the lane. I never noticed if the mail lady stopped.
A bird on the bell, at the feeder and a squirrel on the fence
Yay! I got a notice in the mail box for a parcel so drove over to Priceville P.O. to pick it up. The building was SOLD last time we were there so called to confirm the pick up location. I’ll be really sad if the postmaster is no longer the person to deal with at the new location, he is such a witty fellow and a pleasure to deal with.
Pssst! Can you see that chipmunk watching us?

Yeah, but why are you still eating? Did you see where he went? 
 I mentioned waiting for 3 parcels so didn’t know which one this would be until I got handed the box. It is from Blurb which indicates another book I’d created has arrived. This one is full of photos of Mom, Daddy and her family. I’d like to leave the book with her at Rockwood so she can look at it when she wants.

Oh, there he is down there
I soon discovered that I’m not as smart as the chipmunks around here when I noticed the bird seed was going down and the critters were going up the pole. Only one way to fix that so I spread Vaseline on their climbing service and stood back to see the result.

This fellow, here at the base, must have realized that he had no chance so was eating off the ground droppings while the goldfinches ate their meal over his head. I love the chipmunks, they are cute and fun to watch but I don’t want them eating ALL of the seed I put out, and they will in one sitting.

I took another walk down the lane before moving inside with my book. The forecast was for a storm to approach at 4 pm but nowhere in the distance of every horizon did the storm clouds appear. We got a nice bit of rain overnight, at least 2” was added to our rain barrel and the pails are full from the runoff of the Suite eaves but no rain today at all.
King of the castle
Today was a full day of sunshine with the occasional clouds, exactly what the doctor ordered. There has been a nice breeze all day and the temperature reached 25C here on the Ridge. This has been a beautiful summer day.

Not knowing what weather we should expect at dinner hour, I planned early on frying the mini sausages up for supper, inside. There is leftover tuna macaroni salad to eat and I opened a can of brown beans because they always go good with these sausages. It was quick, easy and quite filling.

After dishes were cleaned up, we relaxed inside. Clemson was lazy today, maybe feeling all of his 13 years, and didn’t budge to walk down the lane with me once. Maybe I’ll try again tonight. Maybe not.

While walking this afternoon I happened to spot this little guy. He played hide and seek with me when I approached and just peeked out at me when I looked into his face. Now, he isn’t a new baby, he has been around for a while. So cute! I set him back down as I found him so he could make his own decision on which way to go.

 Bill has set up a couple of days’ work with Phil for later on this week so will need to get back into meal planning over the next couple of days. It has been nice having him home, for us and he has actually completed a few projects for himself. 

I hope you’ve had a wonderful day.
Eyeball to eyeball

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  1. it was a wonderful day for us as well. moving on down the road and a enjoying nice anniversary meal out. A bit of rain but still very warm.
    Sounds like you had an awesome day too.

    1. I'm sure you had a nice anniversary, all the best to you both.
      Glad to hear you are settled at Camp Awesome. We assume we'll be seeing you as planned?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks F.G. It's mostly pictures for Mom but might help her to remember us. :)