Thursday, July 13, 2017

Auction Day, Storms Threatening, Preparing for Bill to Leave and a Friend to Visit

Wednesday, July 12th we woke and got up between 6:30 and 7 to a warm start. I actually think it was probably 18C throughout the night. I had a nice refreshing sleep with windows open in the Suite. After our tea and coffee, Bill took the truck to the Acreage and filled the bladder for our fresh water tank. Looking out for me again.

Today is the day of the auction sale at Aunt Mary’s place and the weather isn’t looking to cooperate. Storms are being forecast from 12 noon until later this evening. We’re not giving up hope that a miracle may happen, the sale goes on Rain or Shine! We’ll putter around home until noon and go over to assist with more set up where needed. Because of the humidity and Clemson being left home, we turned the a/c on in the Suite and set it around 22C.
Nice sky during the morning hours
 I’ve been on line googling directions for my friend, Debbie. She is coming to spend from Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon with me, while Bill is gone. This was her suggestion and I think it will be a fun time. Debbie is a former secretary at the School Board where we worked in London. Our real friendship began in the latter years of employment after talking on the phone to her for years and we hit it off. I’m looking forward to her visit!

Calm to no winds
Around 11:30 Bill had finished emptying the fresh water into our Suite tank. I cooked up an egg and bacon concoction so Bill could have a toasted western and I could have an omelette. After filling our tummies, we headed into Durham to see if we could assist with the final set up for the auction. We worked away together for a couple of hours and with things covered in tarps we came home while the first of the storms passed.

We got thunder, rain and winds up here on The Ridge right around 3 pm and Rob reported that they had just had it in town. It was short-lived, stopping by 3:10. I know from the radar that another one looks to be coming through around 5:30. At least by then we’ll be into about an hour of selling.
I had some kind of effect on these first few pictures on my phone camera
These tables are in the back yard
 We fed Clemmy before 4 and went back in to finish with preparations. We were ready with rain gear, hats and hopes that we wouldn’t need them for too long. One thing about auctions sales, from my experience, people come regardless of the weather trying to get that good deal. It could be a ‘one table at a time’ type of deal for a while as we lift the tarps for the auctioneer to do his thing.
This old wood extension ladder was so heavy!
The weather was great around 4:15 and Rob, Bill, Wilf, Glen and I uncovered tables and folded the tarps, keeping them nearby in case we needed to grab and cover again. Lavern, the auctioneer had the ladies set up in the kitchen for registering and Lorna Eckhardt and helpers were set up on the front porch with a barbecue and food and drinks on offer. I didn’t get a picture of these gals, my neglect. Great job with the food!
$2/box or bundle

I loved this solid old rocker

This motor was the highest priced item
 Things started hopping a few minutes early, taking advantage of the weather and the auctioneer wasted no time on the first couple of tables. When there was no interest, he moved on leaving an open $2/bundle or box for late arrivals. That seemed to work as potential buyers would put together their own bundles and be happy to pay $2 for their choice.
this beautiful old cabinet was full of small tools in the garage
As we moved nearer the back, the men became more interested and items were sold more by piece and then a clear out for the whole table. I love the thrill of an auction so stayed close offering assistance to find boxes where I could. I even tried auctioning off the boxes to a couple and believe it or not, they were quite willing to pay me!
Sealer jars anyone?
Bill, Wilf and Glen were a big help to Lavern, holding items up and helping people carry away their purchases. It was a good day. At 6:30 the sky opened up and Rob, Pat and Sandra hustled to remove items that hadn’t sold up front to the cover of the garage. Clearing tables that were for sale and covering those that weren’t.
Nice crowd
Old camera gear brings back memories

Very cool antiques brought a nice profit
All in all, it was a great turn out and although interest and participants had faded by the time we’d moved inside for the furniture, the main items sold. It was nice to see a young Mennonite family buy the sofa and bedroom sets. Although the prices didn’t go as high as we’d all hoped, we know someone young is going to get good use of them.
Wilf and Bill holding up antique oil and gas cans

This is where the bidding got heavier
The sale was over by 7:30 so it was a fast 3 hours. I walked away after raising my arm only 3 times to bid and lost out on only one thing I wanted. I’m quite tickled with what I did get for $2 each. When we arrived home at 9 we settled in to read for a bit. I think Bill had a couple of pieces of toast, I had a few veggie strings and by 9:30 we were falling asleep in our chairs. Even though we thought it was too early went to bed. Bill would have an early start Thursday with his drive to London.
Rob and Pat keeping a distance from the selling process
It isn't an easy thing seeing what people bid on personal items
I hope you had an awesome day too. 

On our home break, I noticed this beautiful guy drinking from the hummer feeder
My first thought was a bobolink, but with the longer beak, a downy woodpecker?
Thank you for reading. Comments are always welcome!


  1. How nice your hubby takes care of you..sure reminds me of mine..we are blessed! Gosh, wish I could have been at that sale! Saw lots of things I would want..probably better I wasn't there..hahaha..Have a wonderful day and enjoy your friend's visit!

  2. Auctions are a lot of fun and will keep you busy. Glad that it went well, but sadly these never really raise a lot of good money, but they do find new homes for many items.
    Nice that you were there to help and enjoy the day.

  3. Glad the auction was successful in spite of the rain. Hard-working day on projects here.