Saturday, July 29, 2017

Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

Saturday, July 29th when I woke up at 7, the sun was bursting around the corners of the blinds. This was lovely to see although the temperature outside was only 12.2C. This would be the reason for the heavy dew on the tables and chairs out on the patio. There was also a low-lying fog over the pond which gives everything an eerie look.
Clemson and I take our morning walk
 Bill was up around 7:30 and we had our first hot drink while reading posts. Around 8 we saw our ‘rv neighbour’ taking a drive down the lane. George likes to get up early and get out there either on foot or in his car. It is great that he loves to explore the areas. Bill finished his coffee and went out with the mower to cut the fields. Even though dewy it wouldn’t be a problem with the big mower.

Not a great shot of the chicory but the blue is so pretty
When I finished my tea, Clemson and I went for a walk down the lane, down our road and onto Baptist Church Road to the turbine entrance. It felt good to get out walking a further distance again. It is a gorgeous day quickly rising from 12C to 21C by 10 am.
The corn is doing well, I think, behind this big puddle
A discouraging thing out in the country is when you realize that we still have (and always will) drivers who drink. Or at least their passengers do and then toss their cans on the side of the road. I don’t let it bother me instead look at it as their loss and my gain even if it is minimal. Today I earned 15 cents! I found a plastic water bottle too so brought it back for recycle. I won’t go into long grass to retrieve these things but if they are easily accessible, I’ll pick them up.

George passed me on my home stretch as he returned from his morning venture. Suzie was sitting outside, when we returned, enjoying her book in the shade. Clemson ran over and made himself at home on her lap. This gave me the time I needed to hop in the shower and get ready for the day.
Probably the fellows with the beer did this
I loved the heat of the sun on my skin sitting in the king chairs catching up on all of the local newspaper and flyers. I’ve made a grocery list, a lengthy one, so we will have to find a grocery store after lunch. Bill made himself a peanut butter and cheese sandwich before he went out to finish the weed trimming. I boiled an egg for a wrap and that hit the spot for now. We are planning a joint supper for tonight so that will be nice.
Queen Ann's Lace - aptly named
Once G & S finished their lunch and Bill cleaned up we headed into Hanover to the Bread Depot. There is a fellow who sets up a wagon with farmer’s produce and often has good stuff at reasonable prices but unfortunately he wasn’t there today. We got our bread stuff and drove to Independent. I was able to take advantage of their specials too although the store is not my ‘go to’ store and I get frustrated traipsing back and forth trying to find things on my list.
My 15 cents worth
We finished there and headed out of Hanover a back way so we could show George and Suzie where Ground Effects Landscaping is located. We have a wedding in our future plans being held there. We were home around 3 o’clock, I think and we all found a place in the sun or shade to read our books. The wind is pretty strong today which is too bad but it is a beautiful day in the clear blue sky.
Another one of those weird things
I just spent 4 days in Chatsworth, Ontario and
now I read this in Michael Connelly's book
At 4:30 I saw George had prepped his chicken and was putting them on his Weber Q. He could probably do this with his eyes closed. I am preparing a potato salad to go along with dinner so went inside to start mixing it around 5ish. Dinner was ready and served here in the Suite around 6:30. Perfect! Lots to eat and everything tasted great.
This is quite the thistle patch
Bill cleaned up most of the dishes and we settled down for the evening. The temperature is sitting at a great 24C and I do think the winds have died down considerably now. I feel exhausted and yet I can’t explain why. But, I’m not giving in. I decided to walk down the lane and Bill offered to join me with Clemson. Great way to settle our supper. (Get ready - picture overload)
A walk around my garden flowers

When we got back Bill decided to light a fire for a short while. I finished my post and joined him outside. What a great day we’ve had, some alone time and some friends time. This is the life!
Bill is engrossed in his book in the shade

The chicken goes on the Weber

Clemson in his bed before George brought the chicken in
Supper was delicious

Bill and Clemson walks with me
Thank you for following along today. I welcome any comments if you wish to leave one.


  1. It was a fun day thanks for this wonderful camping spot here and showing around the area today what a great time.

    1. We are having good times with you two as well. More adventures to come.

  2. Another amazing day. The flower pics are beautiful! Dinner looked awesome as well! I love books that incorporate places we've been or are at the time. I remember reading "The Horse Whisperer" and the places in it were places we'd just been or were going to at the same time..gave me goosebumps..

  3. Nice macro of the day lily, Pat.

  4. I can visualize your place so much better now! Great pictures too.