Saturday, July 22, 2017

Blue Sky, Some Gardening, Reading and Company at the Firepit

Friday, July 21st and we woke up to sun bursting around the edges of the window blinds. It was 7:30 so we’d slept well with some windows open. The temperature was sitting around 14C but the day promised to be a nice one. We had our morning hot drink, read our blog news and chatted about the day.

My compost bin up on the hill got a feast
Thinned out now to encourage more thickness
Bill had grass cutting as the first thing on his agenda. I didn’t have much on mine at all but did want to thin out my swiss chard in the hopes the stalks will become thicker, more fruitful. It wasn’t long and Bill was off and in the front field.

I had purchased a pair of beautiful Italian leather shoes at the Sally Ann yesterday for $4 so found my leather cleaner and polished them up. They don’t look new but they look better! They are so soft and comfortable and I will continue their life by wearing them a lot.

Clemson raced out the door with Bill thinking he wasn’t about to miss a ride with Daddy, but when the truck door wasn’t opened, he returned to my side instead. Inside he found his little niche with his blankey in the sun on the sofa. This boy knows how to relax.  I poured myself a coffee and will finish it before I start on the garden.
My mint trough

My Fitbit synced this morning after a little messing around. Bill and I don’t have data on our Samsung phones so I may uninstall the app on my phone for it. It doesn’t make sense to use space when I won’t be able to sync away from home. I can use my laptop.

Some mint springs in a new pot and location
Bill finished the front field and moved on to the back one just as I was going out to my garden. First, I thought I would move some mint that I received from Sandra and Bill from the big trough to a free-standing pot in a stand that I got from Rob and Pat. Seemed fitting to me! I hope it continues to survive since most of the dirt around the roots remained with the plant. It sits in a semi-shady spot so that will help too.
If you put your nose to the screen, can you smell it?
Then I weeded around the veggies and pulled out a lot of Swiss chard, the smaller plants. I hope this makes a difference and gives the rest room to get stronger. It looks less crowded now for sure. I am always so tickled when I see how the tomatoes and peppers are growing. Still confused about the multiplier onions, not sure how to pull them yet. LOL

"Let's move"

After that, basically sat and read my book. My new Fitbit has a feature that vibrates gently if I have been idle for too long. Looking at it, it will read “Let’s Move!” That is actually nice, and I’ve found that I’ve responded for the most part today even if it is just a walk down the laneway.
A couple of nice size peppers coming
 Bill went into Durham to Service Ontario (in the men’s clothing store) and Clemson and I took a walk down the lane and to the corner of Baptist Church Road. I tried his harness on him again. If he wasn’t so skinny it would work even better but it remained in place much better than using the leash on his collar. That old way tends to make Clemmy walk kind of sideways. He’s only 12 lb. so it literally changes his balance.
And beefsteak tomatoes too

Again, back to reading until the next time I’m told to move. At 5:15 I started the Weber Q and when heated put potatoes in tinfoil on to roast in butter. Yum. Bill put the steak when they were almost done and I added mushrooms in a pan with butter. Everything cooked great and we were eating by 6.

Clem and I know how to relax real good!
We finished up dishes and Bill took 3 signs that I’d ordered from Amazon out to hang them. I’d ordered these a couple of weeks ago as a surprise to him. Donna and Gerry were coming over for a fire in our new pit so wanted to show them off. I’ll have to check it out, that meant another walk down the lane.

There are little tiny bugs are out, not mosquitoes, but tiny little black bugs that buzz around our faces. I’m going to spray myself (and Bill too) and even though I don’t need it for warmth, put some long sleeves and pants on. It has been a while since we’ve had a fire and we won’t see D & G tomorrow night. Seems like a good time to have one.

They arrived around 7 and Bill had the fire going. It was slow and by the time I was putting my hoodie on I had to nudge him to ‘stir the pit’ to give us more heat. We were all very surprised that the little bugs were gone and the mosquitoes never even came around. Maybe one or two so that was nice for a change.

Clemson loves Gerry

And not to slight Donna, he snuggles with her too
 It was a nice evening, we all had a drink together and called it a night at 11 pm. When Bill and I sit in the king chairs, Clem can't jump up on our laps so he loved them being our company. When I came in I wasn’t feeling tired so actually stayed up until midnight reading my book. It is such a page turner as that is unheard of for me!

My shasta daisies are beautiful and still more to bloom
It was a great day for us and I hope yours was too. Thank you for sharing it with me.


  1. Gotta be loving this weather,,and really like you new signs, Turtle mania there.

  2. Thanks, the weather was great and I love the signs too.

  3. That "Let's Move" on your fitbit is so cute! I love the signs! Your garden is doing wonderful, ours pretty much burnt up and quite growing. We got two little peppers and that's it..guess it's back to the grocery store ..haha..

  4. Your garden is looking really great!