Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Clear Blue Sky, Shiny, Fresh Vehicles, Going to the Dogs

Tuesday, July 4th arrives and this is what I’m talking about. Even though after a late night for me (11:00!) I slept in until 8 am, I couldn’t ask for a better start to the day. Not a cloud in sight. Yesterday was beautiful but today is what I live for. I poured my tea after opening blinds to let the sun in and immediately took my book outside to the King chairs. Bliss.

Clemson and Bill had been up for a quick nature call at 6:15 but didn’t arise the second time until 9 o’clock! Bill couldn’t believe he slept so late. He must have been very comfortable. Good for him, he seldom does that! He joined me outside with his coffee and a cinnamon bun that Pat brought him yesterday. I’m not the only one who spoils our men.

The farmer sprays his corn field behind us
He tried to make contact again with CanAm this morning after not hearing back yesterday about work this week. We figure they can’t need him too badly or he’d have heard. That is okay, they must be busy for no call backs. Bill totally understands from working there. Phil, our main contact, is off on vacation this week and seems to have all the orientations taken care of. Enjoy the week, Phil!

So, knowing he didn’t have to go anywhere today, Bill drove over to the Acreage for a bladder of water. The plan today is to wash the vehicles, which need it very badly. I’ve poured a second tea and with a plan to go take Mom to a dog show this afternoon, my morning is free too.
The water goes from the bladder to the pressure washer to the vehicle
Bill set up the pressure washer and proceeded to wash the truck and I found some more irises that needed to be weeded around, over by the Restroom. Just grass but again too hard to do with a weed eater. It didn’t take long so I drove the Toyota down to a shady spot in the lane to clean the inside.
I spent the most time on the console
and it is like new now!
Do you know where you're going today?

 Lo and behold, who do I see further down but Mr. Snapper! He is making his way across this time but Bill walked down just to be sure. 
Hopefully, he will stay down at that end of the property. 

I finished my cleaning and brought the car up to the shelter by the cargo trailer to vacuum it out before parking it in a spot where Bill can wash the outside.

He also had the barbecue apart to give it a much-needed cleaning. I did it last year and so whined that I wasn’t going to do it this year. I can help a bit by filling the green tub with hot water and detergent to scrub the grill but that isn’t a grime I care to get into right now.
Cleaning the Weber Q
Bill put the awnings out, it is a very warm 22C so we are thankful, believe it or not, for the shade, the few clouds and the slight breeze. Never thought you’d hear me say that, I bet! Anyway, it is a wonderful day, no complaints. We just need to take breaks more often.
Both vehicles getting a class A job

At 2:30 I cleaned up and drove into Durham to see Mom. The dog show started at 3 pm outside on the front lawn. I knew she’d get a kick out of it even though I had never been to one of these before. When I arrived the dog course was already set up and many of the residents were situated around the perimeter.

Our supervisor, asleep on the job
I was surprised and happy that it was out in the open on such a beautiful day. As I walked up a lady was ushering Mom to the bench and I slipped in beside her. She was excited to see me after such a long time. Well, in her defense, it has been a week this time. I was seeing her everyday there for a while so took a bit of a break. I knew she’d had other visitors over the last few days.
Not sure if I moved to get this blur
A nice crowd
The children from the Day Care at Rockwood came to watch as well
Soon, a camp group from the school beside the home joined them
There was only one young lady with 5 dogs and what a treat it was to see the care and attention she took with each performer. The dogs were beautiful, different sizes and ages and all very well trained. They jumped hurdles, caught frisbees, ran through tunnels and wove through obstacles. I was very impressed. When she finished her show 35 minutes later, she brought the dogs around for the residents to pet, if they wished to.
This lady was very caring and had Mom laughing
Of course, Mom did, along with many others. I thought the staff at Rockwood were very attentive to the residents and attendees. They brought each of us glasses and ice water to drink while watching. Even though it was hot for the dogs, Jannell, the owner, had her vehicle by the curb with the a/c running. The dogs took turns coming in and out when she needed them.
smart dogs, good trainer
Look at Fiesty doing a hand stand!
We all applauded the great show and residents were walked or wheeled back to their rooms. The elevators are so slow at Rockwood that Mom gets impatient and forgets why we are standing there and where we’re going. So many people know her in there and are so kind with their answers and that makes me feel good.
This command is simply "Weave"

She'd toss the frisbee and after caught say "drop" and then "catch"

She never lost her footing once
We sat in her room for about an hour before I said I was going home. She wanted to walk me to the corner “but no farther because I don’t want to get lost”. As we walked, Aunt Mary was at the staff counter and I introduced them to each other. Mom is a charmer and told Mary she had a lovely name. She surprises me all the time. Waving goodbye to both ladies, I hopped on the elevator.

Fiesty jumps over the top
The little platform behind the hurdle gives her a boost but still, that is a major jump!

Mom pets this spaniel
 When I got home, Bill was just finishing wiping down Black Beauty. He hasn’t stopped all day, even his snooze turned into a dud and he was up 10 minutes later. I know I was done for the day and when Bill went inside I crashed in the hammock watching the hummers. Each time I tried to get a photo, they outsmarted me.

Applause for Janell and three of her dogs
The vehicles are cleaned inside and out, the barbecue is cleaned, I had a nice visit with Mom and we had a delicious striploin steak for supper. We baked a potato on the Weber to share along with mushrooms so it has made up for all our other silly meals this week.
Yum good steak!
This has been a gorgeous day with very few fluffy cumulus clouds floating across the blue. If I could photocopy this day at 23C, I would, over and over and over again. Sounds like the man upstairs is going to do it for me with tomorrow promising to be a duplicate plus a few degrees.
Good night from The Ridge

Sleep Tight!
I have no doubt you enjoyed your day as well. Thank you for reading. Feel free to comment if you wish.


  1. It sure was a wonderful day clear blue sunny skies and very warm temps. Looks like you enjoyed yours as well.

  2. Enjoy your nice weather. We have had a week of low 30's but are heading into high 30's tomorrow for the next week ... all perfectly normal for an Okanagan summer šŸ˜Š

    1. Thank you, I believe we are finally there! Sounds warm but also expected where you are. Enjoy!

  3. These are perfect days, as good as it gets!