Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Foggy Start Again, Sunshine Brings Heat, Company Arrives

Tuesday, July 18th I was up with the birds at 6:30 and when I opened the blinds it seemed a useless endeavor. I couldn’t see too far, that fog was heavy and very damp. Our 2 lawn chairs were out and seemed rained upon although it didn’t rain. The day’s forecast was for 27C, feeling like 31C, so knew this would clear up soon.

 I had my tea and morning read and Bill got up an hour later for his coffee. The sun broke through by 8:30. Yay! We puttered around this morning a bit before driving into Durham to the bank for a deposit. Bill and I both had purchased lotto tickets and had a $5 winner each. At the Becker’s beside the RBC we cashed them in and picked up a couple of other winning tickets (we hope).

We stopped in at the Sander’s Men’s Wear store to talk to the man at the Service Ontario counter. Small town, dual business in one shop. Makes you chuckle. When we got home, I swept up the floors in the Suite, which never takes long and then settled down to relax for a bit. It wasn’t long before we noticed a white Journey coming up the drive.

Charlotte and the girls arrived around 11
It was only 11 o’clock so we were surprised and pleased that Charlotte, Bill’s second daughter and her girls had arrived. They made good time, having gotten away from home earlier than expected. It was so nice to see them! The day was a perfect one for company as we were able to sit under the awnings and still get a lovely breeze.
The girls had a ball in the hammock
 The girls, Chelsea and Olivia, found the hammock after plugging in their Ipads for recharging. These are great entertainers for the drive, the Ipads I mean, not the girls. Charlotte will have to find a good radio station since she won’t be able to watch the movies they were caught up in.

I caught them at a calm moment although a giggly one
After a catch up and the girls were tumbling for awhile on the hammock, we lit the barbecue for lunch. Bill grilled up hotdogs and I made up a quick lettuce/chard salad with cukes, onions, cheese, tomatoes and peppers. We don’t usually eat outside on the patio table because of the annoyance of pesky insects but it seemed appropriate today since it was cooler outside than in. We didn’t really notice the bugs but Olivia was sure they were after her.
I actually enjoyed eating outside today
Bill gets goofy when kids are around
We cleared the table and brought things inside and Bill invited our 3 guests to join him as he went to fill the water bladder at the Acreage. I stayed behind and cleaned up dishes while they were gone. Olivia, especially, was interested and kept a close eye on Grandpa’s process. Maybe she was just being polite, bless her heart.

Charlotte had brought some Little Janes from Anna Mae’s in Milverton for dessert so they enjoyed one of those while sitting in the shade. I was still quite full from lunch so passed on the gooey, yummy looking treats. 

Olivia, the youngest

The girls managed to entertain themselves for the most part with their whiz spinners or whatever they called them and the hammock.
Bike rides

Hide and Seek, come and find me, Liv!

Are you around there, Chelsea?
At one point, they rode their bikes down the lane way to the end and back a couple of times. Chelsea is an athlete in every way and made it up the steep part of the hill both times. She has the long legs for it and proudly announced that she and her Dad completed a 12km ride in the past. Cory had to work today so he was in London while the girls ventured off.
Bill shows the girls how he gets water into our tank

Olivia watches every move
 I’m always impressed with the vocabulary of these young girls. Now that they have accepted us more readily and easily, they are not shy around us and we get to see their true personalities. We truly enjoyed their visit today. Chelsea is going into Grade 5 and Olivia into Grade 3 at a London school. But first they will enjoy this summertime with their Mom and Dad when he gets his vacation.

Charlotte and her Dad
They packed up after we set up the camera and tripod for a group picture. I tried a couple of poses hoping we weren’t too shaded. I think it turned out pretty nice. They pulled out of the Ridge around 3:30 heading to Millbank for dinner with more family. It was a wonderful visit, next time maybe we’ll have them bring life jackets and we’ll get the paddle boat and kayaks out. Hopefully, their Dad will be able to come too.

Bill and Clemson moved inside with a drink to watch NCIS reruns and I sat out with my book. This is the type of day and I have the type of book that I could get lost in for what’s left of the afternoon. I sat in the shade of the awning for a while and then moved to the hammock and stretched out in the sun. The breeze was refreshing and I was able to remain comfy enough to read a few more chapters.

I could hear noises from the Suite and realized that Bill had given in to Mr. Sandman. He tried hard earlier not to drop off but when you’re tired, you’re tired. We weren’t too hungry for supper what with having a couple of hot dogs and salad around 12:30 so opted for toasted tomato sandwiches instead of a regular meal. Bill had sandwiches to make for his lunches tomorrow and Thursday. Yes, you know that means he will be heading into London for a couple of days.
The date is correct, we had a blast

This time he has leftover lasagna for his supper and he should be home Thursday night to eat with me. Bill cleaned up the dishes and I made up a grocery list from Costco. Not too much this time, just a very few items. Before we know it, we’ll be headed into London for an overnighter! That will be fun this weekend.
The stillness of the evening at 7:30 was so peaceful. I wanted to move outside for more reading, but AGT is on and it is a program Bill and I like to watch together. My plan is that this book will be done tonight, that is to be seen. Another reason for us to install a tv in the ‘garage’ of our Suite.

The entrance to the base where Michael worked in 2011
 We got the news the other day that my little brother, Michael, who lives in Cold Lake, AB has returned to a job working on the CF-18 jet fighters. This makes us proud. It is a position he held for 22 years with the CAF and then as a civilian for a few years. When Bill and I visited Mike and his family in 2011, it was just before he retired. We were thrilled to have a chance to sit in one of these popular flying machines.
Bill was a wee bit in his glory
As the sun did its disappearing act and we watched a few spectacular acts on America’s Got Talent I’m ready to close this for the night. It has been a really nice day with company from London. I can’t believe tomorrow is Wednesday already!

Thank you for reading! I hope your day was a great one too.


  1. Amazing how time flies when you are having fun. Always fun to have visitors.

  2. Well, today isn't foggy, so enjoy your day!

    1. I will indeed and I hope you do as well F.G. :)

  3. Bill has some beautiful girls! Looks like an awesome time with them all..we always have hot dogs on hand when we have grandkids, funny how something so simple can taste so good. Enjoy your day!

    1. Yes, he does. We had a good afternoon. i don't usually have hot dogs on hand but knew it would go over well with the granddaughters. They went down really nicely!