Monday, July 17, 2017

Goodbye for Now, Laundry Gets Done, Crazy Clouds

On Monday, July 17th Bill, Clem and I were up around 6:30. It was a sunless morning. As a matter of fact it was so white up above and all around us, we couldn’t tell what was fog and what was cloud. That black fog my Dad talked about was thick and just sitting there on the horizon.

We sat and had our first morning drink while reading yesterday’s stories. We weren’t expecting to see the bunky door open none too soon. Our guests had an early, long day yesterday and we figured they would sleep in. I’m always concerned that company enjoys themselves and overnight guests especially have a comfortable sleep.

I’m not sure what time it was when Bill saw Lori come out with a packed bag so we went out to wish them a good morning. I think it was around 8:30. Noticing the fog, we knew that we could all relax for a while before they got themselves out there on the roads. We had no knowledge how far the 'pea soup' extended either. It could easily end just as they turn onto Highway 4 as not. 
What a great visit!
Bill and I were fully prepared to make breakfast but the only request was for a couple of black coffees. We came inside and chit chatted some more, carrying on from where we left off last night. Before they left, I had to test my ‘selfie’ skills some more. This time using my selfie stick and a timer. I don’t think it turned out too badly, Clemson was the only one not paying attention in the snapshot.
This was built very quickly while we slept
I asked Bill to check for its creator before I stepped outside
We could see the air clearing outside so Bill refilled their cups and they finished packing up. They have a couple of really nice bikes so I asked Lori if I could sit on hers. I love the low seat position and surprisingly felt quite comfortable sitting on it. Don’t take it off the kick stand please!

Even though I must say I look pretty good sitting on her, this has never been a desire of mine
 Lori and I were looking at the tree next to the bunky, noticing that something is eating the leaves with a passion. Upon close inspection, we saw these bugs as well as lady bugs clinging to them. It didn’t take much for Lori to recognize these as possibly Pin Cherry Trees. I googled it after she left and that is exactly what this tree is. We have 4 of them in various sizes around our seating area. Nice shade trees. Apparently, you can eat the teeny fruit but not the seeds so I think I’ll leave them for the birds. Too much fuss to make a jar of jam or a bottle of wine!
It's like Bill and I are playing 'dressup'
But I know Bill, on occasion, misses this
and all Clemson thinks is "where are you going without me?"
I wasn’t watching the clock much today but I think it was around 10 or 10:30 when they were ready to go. We gave goodbye hugs and said our toodle-oohs until next time. It was great having them come and stay for a nice visit. It was while they were getting ready that I informed them of the Mock Apple Pie we'd eaten the night before. Roland especially was quite surprised about the revelation. Lori had heard of a recipe without actual apples before on AllRecipes.

I'm going to check with a nursery or landscaper about
how to save this tree

Lots of berries soon ready for harvest
We watched them drive off down the lane after setting their destination in Guelph on their gps’. I came inside and set about sorting laundry. 
The 40 year sign was what they were installing last week
The sky was questionable but the forecast convinced me it would be a good drying day. We drove into town and Bill helped load the machines before running a couple of errands. We saw Rob and Pat briefly while in Durham and were happy to hear that they are taking a few days to chill and relax.
Roland and his Indian

Last minute prep

We were back home here around 1 and we made ourselves a sandwich on Foodland’s fresh baked buns. I hung the clothes to dry and Bill was still determined to get his plane running. He had a few things to try and just when he’d decided to dump the gas and refill with new fuel, by golly, he had mastered it. He was pleased that by the time to start the Weber, he had it running to his satisfaction.
So, check out the sky to the east
This nonsense was going on all day long
 It was a nice day  and even though I was no longer concerned that it would rain, one minute we’d get great sun and then the blackest cloud alternatively. I was outside reading and would go from feeling a slight chill to melting into my chair. I want to be able to dress for one temperature, not debating if I should change every 5 minutes. Aah, welcome to Ontario.
The sun was warm
The laundry dried fairly quickly but that sky didn’t work as quickly as it did last week. Our dinner was good but I was disappointed in my swiss chard. I know now why I should have thinned it out in the growing process. The stalks would have been larger, more what I remember swiss chard being. I can still do that.
And this was the sky to the northwest
Bill went back out to his trailer and planes and I tried sitting out after dishes for a little while. Again, in my shorts there just seems to be something constantly flying around my head. So annoying and Clemson and I came inside. The sky has cleared out completely and all clouds are really low on the eastern horizon. I caught the sun going down but the actual sunset was nothing spectacular tonight.
Supper sure looks good!
We were disappointed not to have seen the Northern Lights last night. Once again, the clouds ruled the sky and there was no trace. We are in the perfect location for sightings like that so felt let down. I hope someone out there got a chance to see it and maybe got a picture or two.
These pretty fellows are eating the pin cherries
We are expecting more company tomorrow for a few hours so looking forward to that. You’ll have to stay tuned to see who it is. I’ll bet you had a wonderful day today, it was actually quite gorgeous.
Good night from The Ridge
Thank you for taking the time to read along. I’d love to read your comments if you have time to leave one.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful visit withLori and Roland, they are supper people and really enjoy the good life. Ar least you did get some sunshine and no rain.

    1. We did, great people who took the time to stop for a nice visit.

  2. Sounds like you had a good day once the fog cleared. Same here.

    1. Yes, heavy fog again this morning and chairs very damp.

  3. Looks like a great time with Lori and Roland..can't wait to see who your new visitors were! Dinner looked awesome!!