Saturday, July 1, 2017

Saturday, July 1st welcomed me a few times early morning but when I actually fully woke up and looked at the clock, it was 8:25! My goodness, that was a good sleep with my window open beside me. I didn’t have to shut it once because of rain and the breeze was wonderful! I've intermixed some of our home pictures for the special day.

Clemson had returned to my side after getting up once already with Bill and the door to the living-room and kitchen was closed. No wonder I slept so soundly. It wasn’t a bright start to the day but it wasn’t raining either, just overcast skies. Such a warm morning though sitting at 19C first thing. This is okay, we’ll play it by ear.

Bill and I would usually be bustling around doing last minute things before our company arrives for the afternoon and Canada Day dinner. It has been our own tradition to invite Bill’s parents, 2 sisters and spouses to come for the day. I’m trying to remember how many years we’ve done this but it has sadly come to an end, as many good things do. At least 10 years, I believe.

My new garage sale stone
 So, for one reason or another, no fault of anyone, we have all called it a success and moved on. It is a good year, I guess, in a way for it to end since there is so much going on around and things to do to celebrate this special birthday. On the other hand, boy, could we have thrown quite the shindig!

Bill wanted to take advantage of the nice day to wash the roof of the Suite so he went out about 9 to start that with the water left in the bladder after filling our tank. Half way through, he made a trip to the Acreage to fill up again. This time he hooked up the pressure washer instead of just using the hose. That made things easier with the extra power.

At 11, he came down as the sky, right on cue, looked black. Soon after he was back up there to finish. I remained inside after sneaking out to take a picture of this beautiful pink bush that I noticed yesterday up on the hill. Talk about a diamond in the rough! 

From a distance

As close as I could get to it in the long wet grass
You can bet I’m going to set about digging the smaller one out and moving it closer so we can appreciate it.
Today's music pleasure
It was a good day to do you know what? Yes, bake! I pulled out the recipe book I’ve put together of favourites and found 4 or 5 possible recipes. After a bit of deliberation (do I have this ingredient? How much room do I have in the freezer? How long does it take?) I decided on 3.

Bill was up and down while determined to complete the washing portion of the roof but when Donna texted me at one point saying they just got dumped on (6 km away) I ran out to warn Bill what was coming in that black cloud. He didn’t hesitate but carried on since he was so close to the finish line! Ten minutes later he climbed down within a couple of minutes of the cloud burst.
Bill gives the Suite a quick spray down after doing the roof
The rain gave it a good final rinse so that is what you call perfect timing, my friends. The windows are quite a mess and now I’m glad I didn’t clean them last week. When the sky clears, Bill did a final spray of the whole Suite for now and clear the windows.
A better picture of my hosta garden
One batch of 4 Ingredient Peanut Butter Bites are done, in the fridge hardening. One dish of Cherry Pudding Cake finished and one apple pie in the convection oven baking. At least these are not all sweet things and will give us something for dessert when we need it. If Donna and Gerry come tomorrow night for a visit, they can check them out.

We’ve had rain off and on over the past few hours but it is a pleasant enough day otherwise. Not a sitting outside day for sure. I turned our Sirius radio off and have been popping CD’s in the stereo. Something I seldom do but should do more often. These are CDs of artists we chose, not someone else. The exception to that is that I have included a couple that my son, Patrick and daughter, Bridgette made for me.  Right now, the Eagles are crooning me into the late afternoon.
Clemson respects the flag and doesn't piddle on the stones today
As Bill finishes washing the slide tops, the sun makes a nice appearance. How would you like a sunny side up with a cloud chaser? Funny day for sure. I settled beside Clemson and read some of my mystery. My baking is done and can now relax. Bill soon joined us inside.
Here he comes at a fast pace
Around 6 pm we lit the Weber Q to barbecue the last 2 Mediterranean style chicken breasts. With specific instructions on how to cook (bbq, fry or bake) whether thawed or frozen, Bill did his best. Remember he isn't much for chicken in the first place. I cooked corn, broccoli and did a couple of baked potatoes as well.

We are both glad this is the last of that pack of breasts. They don’t cook well and the flavor leaves a lot to be desired. So much for Blue Menu, they’ve taken all the fat out of them and the flavor too, in my opinion. The rest of our meal was great and since I baked today, we have dessert for an extra filler if necessary.
Our flag through the trees and across the pond
I was hoping our supper on Canada’s birthday would have been more special but a lesson was learned. I feel a lot was accomplished today, even though Bill did most of the heavy stuff. I did the fun part.

WARNING: Sunset picture overload
I didn't know which one was the best from last night

This one was to the right of the red brightness in other pictures

another one off to the side

Last night was one of the most beautiful displays I've seen
I hope you’ve had a wonderful Canada Day doing the things you love. 

I want to thank you for reading today, feel free to leave a comment.


  1. We had an amazing Canada Day, too bad about your weather, but at least you got things done and a great desert

    1. The off and on rain didn't hamper anything, it was a pretty good Canada Day!

  2. Well, they're all pretty good! Happy Canada Day!

  3. Great sunset pictures! Happy Canada Day 😊