Sunday, July 2, 2017

Laundry, Rain or Shine? Just blink and it will change.

I woke up on Sunday, July 2nd to a solid blue sky with no clouds. It was around 6:30 and within minutes decided to get up and enjoy it. I was surprised that it was cooler at 13C outside compared to the past few nights. No worries, the clothes would dry regardless.

Great start to the day
  By the time I’d made my tea, Bill got up and joined me with his coffee. By 8:30 the car was loaded and I was on my way to Durham. Bill loads the car with detergents and dirty clothes and I wash and hang them. Fair exchange. I was the only one there and town was quiet at that time on a Sunday morning.

I stopped at the bank machine and then to Beckers and cashed in my lotto tickets on the way home. What a surprise! I thought I’d only one 2 free tickets but I’d won 2 free tickets plus $5. Yay! So, I picked up another 649 ticket. Who knows, it just takes one to win!

When I got back Bill was up on the roof again, lowering the solar panels from his wash job yesterday and giving the air conditioner covers and vents a good cleaning too. I set about hanging the clothes. How much nicer now that he has raised my umbrella line.
I had a second tea and a nibble of my peanut butter cookies. Good stuff in those, oatmeal, peanut butter, flax seed and honey. Kind of breakfast things.

to the southwest at one point
Clemson was inside shivering, we can’t understand it. I guess the cool air comes inside from the open door and even though it says it is 21C in the Suite, little Mr. Hardly Any Hair is still cool. So, I offered that he come outside with me in the sunshine, which he did gratefully. The shivering stopped immediately.

I’m so involved in this book that I’m surprised anything is getting done around here. I hate putting it down but know that I have to keep up with things. I used to think I was lazy when I sat around reading but now that I think of it, I only sit around when there aren’t other things to do. Justified!

and within minutes it is followed by clearing
A big black cloud rose up from the southwest, threatening yet again. We should have known. Within 20 minutes Bill, Clemson and I were scrambling inside to avoid getting wet. It wasn’t a hard rain but enough to be uncomfortable. So, inside now watching my clothes get a second rinse. Grrr.

All things will pass, if you just wait a few minutes. Such is the life up here on The Ridge and believe it or not, we are getting used to it. The winds pick up and die down, the sun shines for most of the day and then a dark cloud hovers. We had a pretty great day really, with all of that going on.
These clouds were sporadic and didn't spoil our day
They moved quickly and painlessly
Bill asking Mr. Snapper if he was lost
My clothes dried in record time and were put away by 12 noon. That is awesome! Bill got out the weed eater and did the trimming around the upper Ridge and the corral with just the field fence line to do another day, if he chooses. It looks so nice. I got my lightweight trimmer out and did around the patio table just as he was finishing up.

The entertainment of the day was this fellow. Bill noticed him crawling up from the east pond while trimming down there and called for me to bring my camera. The rest of the afternoon, I was intrigued and kept an eye on Mr. Snapper. He proceeded to make his way up the grass driveway until he ended up here by our patio table. Where is he headed?

He must be old or sick, he'd take 3 steps forward and drop for a rest
Bill felt  sorry for him and washed the grass off his back
Not sure if this will play, but let's try
Bill, at one point, felt sorry for covering him in grass trimmings so used our watering can to wash him off. I think that cemented their friendship for good. At one point, after taking numerous videos on my phone, Mr. S. took 5 steps and dropped. Bill found me outside with tears running down my cheeks. We both thought he expired after all of that travelling.
Don't know where he was headed
To Clemson's water dish perhaps?
As we were about to read him his last rights, he lifted his head and motored forward. My oh my! I googled how to move a snapper before he crawled under the Suite where we couldn’t reach him. 
Eyeball to eyeball - eyes open

Eyes closed
As it was, Clemson was banned indoors for the moment. Bill and I got him into a rain pail and carried him to the dock area of the pond and released him. Silly fellow, just turned around and tried to head across the road.

Walking down the lane with Mr. S. this fellow was crossing to the other side
I swept the bunky out today, hoping for some visitors soon. Donna and Gerry arrived soon after and had to stop the car until Bill moved Mr. S. out of the way again. 

Anyway, we had a nice visit with our company and showed them around the property. They hadn’t been over for a while. I treated them with a peanut butter bite, hmm, never got a yay or nay come to think of it.
My worker bee today

With a dark cloud again to the northwest, they left for the Acreage to start supper and I headed inside to make up our burgers. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that dinner might have to wait until the sky cleared. When all was clear, Bill lit the Weber and we had a couple of burgers, with bacon and cheese.

to the west at 6 pm
We watched the news, weather and I’m determined for some reading time tonight. I’ve been spit reading all day and very involved with all of the happenings in the book. Wow! I recommend it and I’m not even finished. It has been a great day, we got a lot accomplished and some great relaxing time too.
The little fellow who likes my peanuts
He wasn't sure whether I was danger or provider at this point

One stuffs them in, this one takes time to sample first
 Lots of nature today and I've enjoyed every minute.
Donna and Gerry and Clemson
Thank you for sticking in and reading. All comments are welcome.


  1. Gotta love the good books we read, but like you we can put it down for a while and carry on later, Enjoy the nice weather when it happens, too bad about your cloud cover today.
    Glad Mr Snapper is doing well still.

    1. These books are great and I've got a few new authors from your recommendations too! We take the weather as it comes, and enjoy it as much as possible. Looks like clearning weather now for a few days. Yay!

  2. Grey Highlands weather - wait five minutes and it will change.

    1. Its crazy, isn't it? Oh well, keeps things interesting!

  3. Beautiful pictures again! Love how the skies change so here in NV the saying is "Don't like the weather, wait 5 min and it'll change" nice your little feeder is getting visitors!

    1. thank you. The skies are a mystery for sure and nothing we can do about it. We like being here in one spot so take it as it comes.
      I was so tickled with the chipmunks, wish my video had worked though. :)