Saturday, July 15, 2017

Of Course, Sunshine, Setting up Bunky Bed, Cutting my Grass

Saturday, July 15th when we woke up at 6:45 there was sun peeking through the blinds. Bill let Clem out and opened things up while I made the bed and joined them downstairs. With our first coffee/tea out of the way, we read blog posts and I actually had to finish my post from yesterday off and publish it. Didn’t take long to download my pictures and hit ‘publish’.
Great looking day from beginning to end
On my sister’s behalf, I contacted Rob and Pat to see if we could take a look at what was left from the sale. Donna was looking for some doilies in particular and of course, they said ‘by all means’. Donna arrived around 10 and we drove into Durham to meet them at the house.

We were surprised that there was so little left, in a good way. Yay! That means less for Rob to clean up before vacating the house at the end of the month. Donna was thrilled with the linens and things that she found and Pat was happy to see the stuff we had in our arms leave the property.
Noticed this beautiful butterfly near my corabelle
Rob and I have had an ongoing joke going with all of the rolling pins they found in cupboards, garage and shed. With each one he finds and saves to show me, he expresses how much I NEED it and I rebuke his offer with a No Thank you, Rob. I do believe that there is a hidden message in there that if I took one, I’d be able to make him a pie or something.
I watched her open and close her wings for a few minutes
 Today, there was one plastic rolling pin left out of about 8. It is the type you fill with water for weight and so without further ado I tucked it under my arm. Before leaving I showed Rob what I was taking and his eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning.  We do have fun together, all of us.

So, after leaving the house Donna and I went to visit Mom for an hour before her lunch. She was in her room, sitting on her bed listening to a cd. At first, she didn’t notice us because she was bending over her walker but tapping her feet to the music. Such a joy to see her enjoying her music. While there I heard one of Daddy’s favourites, Jeannie C. Riley singing Harper Valley P.T.A.

We walked her down to lunch and after a bit of a kerfuffle in the elevator (one staff needs to be chastised, let me tell you!) we got Mom to her table. She watched as we left and I took the time to stop and say hello to Aunt Mary. She appeared happy to see me and set her glass down so she could take my hand in hers. Sweet lady. I don’t understand 97% of what she says but said I’ll see her another day and we both said bye bye.
My selfies of other people are always good.........of me, not so much!
I think it is because I am focusing on getting everyone in and not on smiling
Mom Donna and I in the elevator
Donna dropped me off at The Ridge and I set about cutting the grass. The two big fields, the berm and the corral were done on Tuesday so this little bit cleaned things up nicely. It still took me about an hour. I was so hot when I finished that I had to sit for 15 minutes to cool down and drink my water before making myself some chicken salad on lettuce and chard. Well, that hit the spot.

Bill and Clemson went up to the bedroom for a snooze and I took myself outside. I had the chairs and hammock moved out of the way which meant the king chairs were against the bunky partially in the shade. Good place to sit with my book. Except, the flies agreed with me. Man, oh man, those little tiny house (?) flies wouldn’t leave me alone. I persevered for about 25 minutes and went inside to read.
When I came inside to read to avoid the flies, Clem joined me
After the boys got up we all went back outside. This time I sprayed myself with Deep Woods Off and voila! No more flies! Bill had a job to do with replacing the 15 amp outlet on the outside of the bunky. He figures the little ants had made a nest in there and somehow created the problem.

While he worked at that I started pulling things down out of the overhead storage IN the bunky. Air mattress, sheets, pillows and then I opened up the futon. The good news of the day is that we are getting visitors tomorrow at some point. Woohoo!
Today, we watched this heron fly in

No wait, there are two

Um, well would you believe three?
I’ve been in communication with the Denzler’s from Dryden for a couple of days. They are on a motorcycle trip and are coming this way and staying overnight. We are excited to see them again. We first met Lori and Roland down south at Bullhead City, Az in Ridgeview RV Resort. How coincidental to back our Suite into a site right beside their parents, Oscar and Judy, with these two almost directly across the road. Cheers to Ontariens!
And a visit from a ruby throated humming bird too
As seems the norm with most full-timers, from the first meeting we hit it off and kept up communication from then on. The bunky bed is made now and I will just do a quick sweep and dust in the morning to make sure everything is ship-shape or should I say bunky-shape?

Bill fixes the outlet
Bill and I sat in the shade for a while enjoying this beautiful afternoon. This is the type of day we wish for. Not too hot, not too cold and like Goldilock’s bowl of porridge and bed, just right. Tonight is burger night so I took them out of the freezer at noon hour so they would be partially thawed by 6. Our brunch was around 1:30 so no rush for supper.

I read outside for a bit, my James Patterson book has me enthralled and so far I’m not recalling too many details from the movie. I’ll continue reading it. Bill went to his cargo trailer to work on one of his big planes. He got some assistance from Bobby at AVF in London yesterday, with a tip on how to fix an issue. By 6:30 we had the barbecue lit and burgers on the grill.
Burgers were good, even on Italian bread
And the bunky is ready

 Oh-oh, we realized that we didn’t have any burger buns. Hmm, improvise time. Bill lightly toasted some of the good bread we have for his burger and 2 slices of Italian bread for me. Once we piled all of the fixings on them, other than being messy, they tasted very good! Really, almost better in my opinion.

Dishes were cleaned up by 7:30 and we settled inside for the evening. I worked on this post and Bill watched some tv. Next door it seems to be a big camping weekend with tents, a tent trailer and a travel trailer. Lots of kids seeming to have a great time on the trampoline and in the above ground pool. I’m glad they had a sunny warm day, it was probably planned for a while.
Cozy, I hope
This has been a good day; the weather was perfect and we did things we wanted to do. We are looking forward to company tomorrow afternoon and into Monday. I hope you have enjoyed this day as well.

lots of fun next door

and the sky begins its evening performance

to the west

to the east there was a rainbow but too faint to capture

to the west again
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  1. So glad that your hooked up with Rob and Pat they are supper people and a visit from Lori and Roland will be wonderful as well more amazing full-time rv'ers as they make their way east across Canada. Say hi to them for us and wish them safe travels.

    1. We are glad we have that close connection too with Rob and Pat. It will be great to see the bikers today and glad they can bunk here for the night. She'll want a Clemson fix, missing Shatzi.

  2. THAT BUNKY LOOKS PRETTY COZY. We are looking forward to seeing the 3 of you. :) Less than24 hours...countdown is on. :) good night...see you in the morning! thank you againg for the read. ;)

    1. The bunky is small but should be cozy. See you soon! yay!

  3. Nice day here to, a lot of work in the garden got done. Your bunky really does look pretty posh! I think that butterfly is one of the Fritillaries by the way.

    1. Glad you got some work done too F.G. A pretty comfy dog house is what the bunky is. :) Thank you, I don't know my butterflies at all. I'll look it up!