Saturday, July 15, 2017

Rain, Rain Go Away. Debbie’s Visit Ends. Bill Returns Home

Today is Friday, July 14th and yesterday the rain and cool winds kept up enough for us to stay indoors for this visit. Until this morning. Debbie, Clemson and I woke up pretty much at 7 am as if it were planned for our inner clocks to sound the alarm. Once she reported that it took a bit to get used to the harder bed, she slept pretty good.

I know I slept well but I did feel bad when at 3:30 Clemson crawled out from under my covers and slipped off the edge of the bed. I encouraged him back up and he snuggled on the other side of me until time to get up. He was disorientated since he usually sleeps with Bill facing the middle of the bed. He probably thought ‘what the heck?’

So, we had our morning hot drink together and I checked for responses to my blog post from yesterday. I texted Bill to say good morning and he called to check up on how us ladies were faring in the Suite. After a little catch up and plan to keep in touch throughout the day, we said goodbye.
It didn't know whether to rain or clear up today
Around 9:30 as Debbie began getting dressed and ready for the day, I started cooking our bacon and eggs. We had breakfast and laughed at Clemson, with every move he went to one area with a piece of clothing either belonging to me or to Debbie. She was kind enough when she packed her suitcase to leave her housecoat out on the bed for him to roll up and cuddle. I’m sure he wished she’d leave it behind.

My housecoat, he's thinking
After dishes, we dressed for a cool wet walk and were surprised when it was so warm and dry as we toured the area. I showed her the bunky and the restroom and then up the hill to my hosta and vegetable gardens. Debbie pointed out the tomatoes and peppers before we walked down the lane way. There was no mail but Clemson and I stood beside the mailbox and posed for a picture.

We sat in the King chairs for a while and talked about birds, chipmunks and the weather. When it started up raining again, we came inside for a drink and shared a cinnamon bun with cream cheese icing. Yummy ooey gooey and it would give her the boost for her drive home.
Debbie's blue jacket on the counter intrigued Clemmy, He tried reaching it over her shoulder
 Debbie pulled out by 3:10 and I suggested she text me when she arrives home. Before too long Donna and Gerry dropped in as they were on their way to the Acreage for the weekend. Her daughter, Joanne, my niece, had ordered some Avon from me and we were exchanging money for product. The weather isn’t very nice for camping but with encouragement for a great day tomorrow, they are getting an early start for the weekend.
She drives a nice Ford Escape, I wouldn't mind upgrading to one of those down the road
Bill arrived home before 6:30 and the decision regarding supper was settled. He hadn’t eaten so after we got him unloaded and groceries were put away I warmed up the leftover spaghetti and sauce. It was just enough with a slice of Italian bread to fill us up.

My tiger lilies are popping out all over

Before he got home I watched a taped recording of a 2-hour program I like to watch alone and after I did the dishes up, we watched a recorded America’s Got Talent from Tuesday evening. We enjoy the ‘good’ talent and we enjoy their antics with Heidi, Mel B, Howie and Simon.
while waiting for Bill, I walked down to check out my apple tree
and picked up the late mail delivery
This was another good day, I didn’t get out and about much over the last couple of days so need to get my groove on this weekend. I hope you’ve enjoyed some nicer weather, apparently London had sunshine both days.
And my sweetie arrives right on time
Thank you for reading today. If you’d like to comment, please feel free.


  1. Sounds like a lovely visit. Doesn't spaghetti always taste better the second day?..Yum! Cream cheese bun sounds wonderful too..gee think i'm hungry?! haha..have a great day!

    1. We had a nice visit for sure. Deb is much quieter and not as outwardly expressive of her feelings as I am so I hope me NOT pulling back on some of my silliness didn't scare her off! :)

  2. Too bad about your weather there, was pretty decent here in the afternoon. Nice that you had company while Bill was gone.

    1. Crappy weather here for sure, oh well, it didn't upset our visit. We've learned to enjoy it as it comes inside or out. She was great company for Clem and I.