Sunday, July 9, 2017

Saturday, Just as Promised! Helping Hand, Preparing for Reunion, Rhubarb Treat

We woke up on Saturday morning, July 8th by 7 am but the little bum, after being out once at 5:30 was not having any part of it. He was snuggled under the covers, you can hardly see him in the picture, just a wee lump. He didn’t get up until 8 o’clock after Bill and I had our first hot drinks and read blogs. It was a look of "where did everybody go?" Lazy little pooch.
He's under there sound asleep
Bill had promised to give Rob a hand today moving a large piece of furniture so headed over there for 9 am. I swept the Suite out and did some research online for a variation recipe of tuna salad. Found one that looks good and I’ll improvise a bit too. Then the dessert, well, that was easy I’ll just make up what is commonly known as Dump Cake. Three ingredients and we’re done.

When Bill got back he went out to work on another plane. The project is to check them over and make sure he can get them all running, since it has been awhile. I think he is down to one more left, of the bigger models. While he was out there, Clemson and I took ourselves out the road and went for a nice walk. This time we turned to the north on Baptist Church Road instead of south for a change.
Mr. Snapper's other brother, Darryl

Each one has had different markings

We walked around the Baptist Church parking lot and admired their flowers. I didn’t pull back quick enough on the leash so missed getting a picture. They are pretty along the south side with hollyhocks in bloom. I’ll get one next time because now Clemson will turn that way like an automatic turn signal. I did get a picture of this field of very healthy looking grain.
winter wheat?
We went past the next two houses and turned around and came up the hill. Let me tell you, it is good for me walking with him, once he is done all his sniffing and marking territory, he moves along at a good clip. Sometimes we even jog just so I can tire him out. It works for me too! On our way back home, Gerry was heading to the Acreage from another wheelin' and dealin' real estate deal and pulled over to chat for a bit.

Carrying on we hit the front field, came through the gate and I let him free, as usual. I should time him crossing that field,, he is racing to beat his own record.
Fly over
By the time ole slow poke me gets to the lane I see he has stopped half way up to wait for me. One more stop after he sees me and I soon find out what he was sniffing at. Geesh! Another snapper, yes, a different one again. Clem is lucky he didn’t get his nose nipped if he even got that close.

Bill was tightening some of the trim screws around one of the slides on the Suite. He noticed that a few were seeming to be loosening up. Hmm, that shouldn’t be! Anyway, preventative maintenance which we all seem to talk a lot about since in most cases, these are our homes and need to be looked after in the same manner as a sticks and brick house.

Hello, up there!
The wind is fairly strong today but we still haven’t got any rain. I’m sure tonight we’ll see something, hopefully overnight when we are sleeping. The white fluffy clouds are keeping the day cool enough but still enjoyable. The sun is hot but perfect for me. At 20C, I sure have no complaints.

I set about my salad prep, now that I had everything gathered. The macaroni is prepped with celery, tuna, green onions, chives and my special ingredient, black olives. It called for tomatoes but that didn’t sound good to me. I have a dish of Italian dressing mixed with mayo and mustard to add tomorrow before I head out.
Just need to mix and blend before I leave
Then, I dumped a can of fruit cocktail into my glass baking dish and evenly spread a white cake mix on top. Melted butter drizzled over that and it is ready to bake in the morning as well. It won’t be as good cold but if I do it soon before leaving, it will still have some warmth to the dish.
Dump cake for the renuion
Next was to do something with the last 4 cups of rhubarb that I kept aside. I haven’t forgot about Rob so decided to make a special dessert that we will all enjoy. I didn’t feel up to making a regular pie crust so Rhubarb Cheesecake with graham cracker crust it is! The crust is cooling in the fridge as we speak and everything else is ready to drop in for the final baking time of 30 minutes. That can also wait until later tonight when we are plugged in.

We want to head over to the Acreage and fill our water bladder. We are getting low on fresh water and Mike needs some assistance with setting up his satellite. I can visit with Donna while the guys do that. We have the new farmers sausage from the butcher to eat tonight with a salad on the side.
Almost missed this tree decorated for Canada Day in Durham
I haven’t many taken pictures today so may insert some from past days. Being inside playing Patsy Homemaker didn’t help. I had to include more foodie pics. We are back from getting water and Bill was able to help set up the satellite dish for Mike. The clouds have cleared out completely but I still need to plug us in for a 30 minutes.
Add caption

Bill lit the barbecue for the sausage and I turned the convection oven on to bake dessert. We received a text invite for an evening with Rob and Pat so will be able to pay him back for the rhubarb and have a nice drink and visit at the same time. Bonus! With a sausage on a bun each and dessert later, we won’t need a salad. I was able to sit and catch up on the day on here instead of prepping that.

What a great day we’ve had, each of us doing our own thing again and a night out with friends makes it that much nicer. My rhubarb cheesecake was a hit, it was so good! I brought the remainder home for another couple of nights. I hope you have had a wonderful day too.
Full moon sitting in the southern sky last night
Thank you for reading. You are welcome to leave a comment if you wish.


  1. Just another wonderful day both inside and out, gotta love fresh rhubarb anything sounds yummy.

  2. Rhubarb cheesecake sounds excellent!