Sunday, July 16, 2017

Showers, Sun, Humidity, Riders in the Rain

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. Does that also apply to those of us who are retired and rested yesterday and the day before? That is what is great about this lifestyle. We can rest, work and play whenever we feel like it. We are totally in control of our day, for the most part. It wasn’t that long ago that Bill and I could not even imagine what this would be like. Our children are feeling that way now.

Well, it is wonderful and if you continue to plug away at those careers, you will get here and love it just as much. Don’t rush life though, take each day and enjoy it to the fullest. The trick is to look after yourself in the meantime. Stay healthy and don’t take risks if your jobs are physical.

Pretty sky this morning
Bill and I were up at 6:30 this morning and Clem went out for his nature call. It was quite mild at 17C. I like those temps in the morning. I was able to take my camera out and capture a sunrise, something I haven’t done in a long time. Mostly because we’ve had clouds while it was rising.

I’ve put my 1927 Eaton’s catalogue in our Restroom and I am intrigued by the black and white pictures and the prices. Want a dress? You can buy one for $5.99 and you have a choice of maybe 3 colours. Black, gray or chartreuse. Interesting. Ladies dress shoes are $2.99 and men’s suits $11.99. I’ve already got my $2 purchase price out of it. We won’t even talk about the price of tires. Two kinds, one for Ford and one for Chev. Simple living.

We had our morning drink and read what our fellow bloggers did yesterday. By 8:30 the dark clouds and light showers moved in from the west and thunder dunders broke the silence just before 9. We saw a picture on FB of Lori and Roland lined up with their bikes to get onto the Chi-Chi-Man ferry at SouthBay Mouth, Manitoulin Island.

I sure hope they don’t have this weather to ride in. We will be here tomorrow and Tuesday if they chose to delay for a day. Safe travels you two! We went into Durham to Foodland to pick up a few things for supper. It is best to plan for a couple of options weather dependent.

So, we’re driving down Baptist Church Road, almost to Highway 4 and Bill says “there is a garter snake up there”. I’m looking on the road in front of us, figuring I’d miss it as we are still moving. Then he raises the wipers and there he is. 

Mr. Garter Snake
On the hood of the car! He was tucked down in that groove. Oh my! We stopped and I snapped this picture. Bill encouraged (!) him to slide off the front of the car and motivated him to get off the road into the grass. He says “well, he is a long way from home now”.
Bill shows them the way

There is something about motorcycles following each other
that i really like
 Of course, we got caught in the rain going into the grocery store, coming out and once again when we got home. Nasty feeling, wet cool rain on bare arms. On the way home, I thought it would be funny to see Mr. Garter on the side of the road with a little hobo bag over his ……….um, back. One less snake on the Ridge doesn’t hurt my feelings even though I know they are harmless. Not going to miss having one slither (oooh) across my foot, thank you very much.

The sky did a bit of a clear up after we had put groceries away and we made another hot drink. Donna texted at 10:30 and said they were packing up and heading home to Hanover. The rain and storms scared them off. We teased, of course, that they aren’t made of the tough stuff we are. Mind you, they DO have a choice.
There seems to be a black theme going on here
We really are so used to being inside when the weather isn’t suitable for being out. It doesn’t bother us at all. Donna and Gerry come to the Acreage as their ‘outing’ hence being inside a trailer is not in the plan. If he chooses, Bill has a cargo trailer with planes that he can work in and did that after we had a bite to eat. I can watch movies or whatever but need to sweep and dust the tv in the bunky first. If I really wanted a vacation from the Suite, I could go out to the bunky and watch tv out there!

Within 10 minutes of chatting with Donna, blue sky appeared to the west and clouds moved out of the way. I hope it keeps coming and sticks around but my expectations are not high. I’m going to make up a pan of lasagna as a backup for supper. If the weather cooperates we will have strip loin steak and potatoes though. The lasagna would be good for another night and will give us leftovers for Bill’s next trip to London.
Lori on her Victory, Roland on his Indian
 I got in contact with Lori around 10:30 to see how the ChiChiMan trip was. We were expecting them around 2:30 or 3 so were quite surprised when she texted at 1:30 to say they had bypassed Owen Sound and were sitting at the Timmy’s in Durham. This was no problem, we were ready for company so Bill hopped in the truck to go meet them. Last minute, I remembered to ask him to pick up a lasagna pan for me.

I could hear the two bikes and the truck on the road before I saw them so I readied myself at the head of the lane with my camera. It was so nice to see Lori’s hand wave as she followed Bill up the hill. The humidity that was apparent when they pulled in and stopped was oppressive to say the least. We had no breeze and if you have read my blog much, you know that is highly unusual.
Happy Hour at The Ridge
Bill offered up a couple of sturdy boards for their bike stands and we showed them their overnight accommodations.  They had come through some rain but nothing heavy and nothing to make them pull off the road. It was a pretty good drive and that was evident in the good time they’d made.

We settled on the ‘patio’ and caught up with each other. We always have a good time and conversation flowed. Clemson doesn’t miss an opportunity and he was soon up on Lori’s lap and then Roland’s. After a while, Rob and Pat stopped in on their way home from Barrie. Yay! We have a new gang! Introductions were made and as is usual for fellow rv’ers, there was no lull in chit chat.
Bill tells a story
With the awnings out, we noticed that it was about 5C cooler under them. We experienced some rain, some thunder and we huddled really close to keep dry. The decision for supper was made when at 6 pm, the sky was black enough it was obvious that there would be“no barbecue tonight”.

While inside I made up a salad and sliced some Italian bread as the lasagna was cooking. We were eating by 7:30 and supper tasted pretty good. We topped it off with the Mock Apple Pie and cheese. Neither Lori or Roland knew it didn’t contain real apples. Bingo! Fooled two more.
The story continues but Clemson has lost interest
We showed them a few things in the bunky that would be helpful to them and said goodnight. They had a long day today, up and on the road by 7 am. I hope they sleep well. Bill and I settled inside, me finishing this post and Bill watching a recorded program on the PVR. We’re hoping the day tomorrow is a much brighter one.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your day. We’ve had a great one. Thank you for reading today. Your comments are welcome!


  1. We enjoyed your open arms and hospitality. Dinner was amazing, and the guest quarters are adorable. Thank you so much for the invitation to spend the night. We feel so blessed to of met you this past winter and build a friendship like we have instantly.

    1. We also enjoyed having you and feel the great friendship as well. You are welcome any time!

  2. P.S. thank you once again for the read. ;)

    1. You're very welcome! Too bad I forgot to put the picture of the snake in the first publish but he is there now!

  3. So nice that they arrived there safe and sound and you had a wonderful visit, nice to hookup with fellow rv'ers even when they are with out their rv.

    1. We're so happy that they'd planned to do this way back in the spring before we left. We just didn't know when.

  4. Thanks for the great visit . and the introduction to new RV friends . Nice to meet new RV people . Hope they love the apple pie as much as we did , lol. You're going to have to make that pie for George and Suzie When they come to visit . Enjoy your visit with Lori & Roland .

  5. You probably have the same fog we do this morning. Hope we get back to sunshine fast!

  6. Oh I hate they good or bad..Luckily it didn't crawl down the windshield wiper area and into the you see on tv or social media..ohhh gives me chills just thinking that..back to better subjects like friends stopping by..happy hour and beautiful sunrises and sunsets..have a wonderful day!