Friday, July 7, 2017

Smiles All Around, More Reading, Less Working, Tons of Relaxing

On Thursday, July 6th I woke up a couple of times and then kept dropping off. The last time I looked at the clock it was 7:55 am! What? We both slept really well with the windows open. At one point Bill asked me to either open the blind beside me completely or pull it right down. Halfway it was flapping against the window. No problem, the breeze all night was wonderful.
Cows are back in the field this morning
So, we had our tea and coffee and then Clemson and I took our 2 ½ mile walk down the road. It was around 8:30 and at 19C we sure worked up a sweat. When I got back I washed up quickly and Bill and I drove into Hanover to check out firepits at Rona and Canadian Tire. One sale started today and they were out of stock, the other sale didn’t start until tomorrow and they had one on the shelf.
Junior Yertle out alongside the road playing shy
I didn't have to move him since he wasn't headed across
We’ll either come back tomorrow or drive to Owen Sound and check them out. Hopefully, the closer store will have one left when we get there. Our current fire pit is a tire rim but without a screen to keep sparks contained, we don’t use it as often because of our wind. It would be nice to have another one without spending an arm and a leg.
Here's looking at you, kid
When we got back home, we found my dining chair tipped over on its side. It didn’t take long to figure out what had happened. I’ve mentioned before that Clemson sometimes looks after the house for us when we go places. Often, I will toss one of our shirts onto the recliner or the bed for him to lay on. Today, I didn’t think of it and yet had left my hoodie on the back of my chair. There you have it. In trying to get it off, the chair tipped over. I’m just glad he didn’t get hurt.
this is a big thistle with a pretty flower
We hadn’t eaten yet so I made us bacon and eggs, kind of brunch I guess. It was around 11 so it seemed fitting. The rest of the afternoon was uneventful for me and Bill managed to keep busy with his planes. I was doing more chair hopping, following the shade and the breeze with my book.

Clouds were disappearing by the end of my walk
 As it became more difficult to focus on the pages of my book, it was time for a snooze. I don’t know, it seems the less I do the more I need one. I took another walk down the lane before making the decision to lay down. Informing Bill what Clemson and I were about to do, he soon joined us.

There was a nice breeze coming in the window, such a breeze that Bill brought the awning in while we slept. Just in case. Clemson was up and off the bed first about an hour later because it was soon time to inform his Daddy that suppertime was fast approaching.
Nobody chair hops like our buddy here, love the floppy ear blowing in the breeze
The Suite had warmed up inside to a steamy 30C easily matching the outdoor temperature. Okay, now that is a little much! We’ll ride it out for a bit and see whether we need the a/c. The breeze was a funny one today, not constant and certainly not strong although there were occasional gusts that made one wonder.

Supper will be another easy decision with toasted bacon and tomato sandwiches. I think with fries in our little deep fryer. There is preparation though so I won’t say an easy meal. I peeled and diced two medium potatoes and melted the lard and olive oil in our Bella deep fryer.
these are another marsh plant, I couldn't get close to them
While Bill was heating up the Weber I sliced tomatoes and got out the lettuce, mayo and cheese. Timing half of the taters in the fryer for 7 minutes, the bacon went on the grill. Our fryer is just a little one and I’ve figured out how to cook them in 2 easy batches. Yay! It was delicious and done just in time!
Our apple tree down at the road is looking healthier this year after me trimming branches
From out of nowhere at 6:30 or so the sky started looking black with a stretch of pink following it. And it was coming our way. Bill put his planes and our chairs away and I closed the bunky doors and gathered our sign and bird feeders. Within minutes of doing that a strong wind picked up coming from the west. We don’t know where that came from, it wasn’t mentioned on the news cast.

Our Bella fryer
Immediately it seemed to pass. I gathered a few things from our recycle bin that had blown across the lot. It was funny, two hummers chose this time to try and drink from the feeder. It was blowing like crazy and they were having a ball. I suppose it was like a humming bird roller coaster. So cute!
It was so good, I almost forgot to stop and take a picture
The cooler air followed (from 29C to 21C) which saves us from turning the a/c on tonight. I think we will be getting a couple more storms through the course of the evening, late ones though. Not a drop of rain fell but at least this gave our neighbor time to finish mowing his lawn and the farmer across the road to bale the field of hay that was cut earlier.

Our eastern sky this morning before the clouds moved on
I hope your day has been a good one and you were able to manage in the humidity of the day. The wind must have knocked something as blogger wouldn't let me download my pictures. such is the reason for delay in posting. How boring without pictures!

Thank you for reading today. 


  1. Now that is the way to enjoy retirement, reading, relaxing, walkabouts and and just enjoying the day. We are pretty good at that.
    We have a Fry Daddy that does a wonderful job, don't use it as much as we used to though, love homemade fries.

  2. It was a much better day than originally forecast anyway!