Thursday, July 20, 2017

Three Home Runs with Weather, Car Trouble, Rendezvous with my Sweetie in Stratford

I stirred in bed at 4:30 am and with a grateful glance at what the clock said, shifted my position and went back to sleep. Today is Thursday, July 20th. I couldn’t move much anyway without disturbing my bed mate. Clemson was snuggled right up against my back as they seem to do. When I next woke up it was 7:10 so I opened my window blind and did my stretches. This woke him up too.

Didn’t know what the sky would be doing first thing so snapped this quick shot of the sunrise. I knew it was a forecast for rain at some point today and the white and gray clouds are skimming the sky. I’m thinking baseball this morning only because it seems God has hit three magnificent home runs in a row with weather. He had to strike out sometime.
Love the sun rays early this morning from that hole in the cloud
While I set the Keurig to make my tea, I texted Bill that we were up so he could call. I always put him on speaker and Clemson perks up at the sound of his voice. Where is July going? The 20th already? It has been busy I guess, that must be why it has zipped by. We have some busier times coming up starting this weekend too.

Our friends, Kathy and Derrick, from London have invited us on Saturday afternoon for an evening dinner with friends and overnight. We’ve never stayed at their place before so a new experience and one we’re looking forward to. Seeing Jim, Sharon, Jeff and Lydia will be a lot of fun too.

The ends get scraggy, time for a cut
On Sunday, it is my sister’s birthday so we will be sure to leave London on time to join her and 2 other sisters in Walkerton for a birthday dinner. Not a special one, but wait, all our birthdays are special!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is my time with my sisters in Chatsworth. The 6 of us have a multitude of fun things we squeeze into four days and we all look forward to it every year. Each year we try to do ONE thing that we have never done before as a group. You’ll have to stay tuned for those posts to see what we’re up to this year.
Much better with the touch of 'Brandy'
(you'll get this as you read on)
So, I had my first tea and caught up on blog posts, played my Scrabble and Words with Friends games before firming up plans for the day. Mostly this firming up is done in my head so I don’t lose track of time. Another visit, possibly the last one for this little job, with Aunt Mary this morning and then I’ll head to Hanover to the Bread Depot and The Source.

So, around 9 o’clock the skies darkened considerably and I could hear distant thunder. This was expected at some point today so Clem and I were not surprised. I had initially planned to leave the Suite at 9:30 but once the storm started, the winds increased bim-bam-boom and the rain pelted our home. I wasn’t going anywhere until that settled down.
Keeping it neat
By 10 I was able to run through the puddles and rain to the truck, the worst was over, for now. I went to see Aunt Mary one more time and within an hour and a half we were done what we needed to do. I’m not trying to be mysterious, this is a personal favour for family and Mary was happy to work with me. It has been a part of a few of my days so like to include it for my own memory bank.

When I said goodbye to Aunt Mary I decided not to stop in and see Mom even though it would have been brief. I wanted to get to Hanover and back before the heavy rain hit again. The weather guessers were calling for another bout of storms. I went to the Bread Depot first and decided while there to stop into the Flea Market. I didn’t have to move the truck, just walked around the corner.

I wasn’t in there 10 minutes when Donna texted and said she was coming over to meet me and pick up some online auction items at the same time. We perused the Salvation Army Centre and I found a few things that I liked. Seldom do I dislike what I purchase, if there is any doubt, it remains in the store.
Good deal, saving myself $30
From there I drove to The Source and although the staff left a lot to be desired, I picked out the new Fitbit Alta HR that I had researched. I’m in the process of adding it to my online account to replace my old dead one. First it needed to be charged. It is a slimmer model which is nicer, dressier and I can wear it anywhere. It was on sale and they actually had more than one in stock.

I then went to First Choice and was able to walk right in for a haircut. Well, a trim. I like the length but don’t like the feathery stuff at the ends so want to get better at having it looked after professionally or otherwise. 
Someone missed his Daddy
Brandy, yes don’t you love these names? She was new to this store and this was her first day on the job. I wasn’t worried when she told me she came from a salon in Hamilton. We chit-chatted and she seemed very attentive to what I was trying to do with my hair and didn’t go crazy with the scissors. I liked her and even though it was a simple cut, I hope she is working when I go back in six weeks.
Feelings mutual!
I didn’t have a lot of down time before Bill called at 4:10 to say where he was and that he was having some car trouble. The engine and low battery lights came on  so he hobbled into Stratford to the Toyota dealer on the west side of town. He called again once he got there and suggested I feed Clemson and start making my way to pick him up.
Charging my new Fitbit Alta HR
It is a wake up call after smooth sailing, when you think you are just getting ahead of the game and the dice rolls and you have to go back 4 spaces. So, I drove the hour and a half to meet Bill at the dealer’s and we turned around and made our way home again. The assembly that applies tension to the serpentine belt is in need of replacement which also means the belt is euchred.

Who knows what else they’ll find, what other damage has been done. Anyway, it is what it is and it won’t be ready until Monday. That unexpected expense makes a person grumble but that car certainly doesn’t owe us anything. It is a 2006 Corolla and has done us well for the past 11 years and has low mileage to boot. We’ll try to keep the grumble at a minimum.

It was after 8:15 when we arrived home and we had missed out on supper. Luckily there was some lasagna in the fridge and it was just enough for both of us. With so few dishes, they will wait until morning. Bill caught up on bills and posts and I finished mine from today. Lots of talk, not so many pictures.
Feels like a long day
It was a pretty good day, with a storm, success at Rockwood, shopping time with Donna and then it went downhill. The vehicles we own are necessary so we’ll get this one fixed up and put it behind us. I hope you’ve had a great day.

Thank you for reading.  Comments are always welcome!


  1. How about that!! My birthday too on Sunday!! Happy Birthday wishes to your Sis.
    Don in Okla.

    1. Happy Birthday to you Don! And her name is Donna so another coincidence. :) Have a wonderful day on Sunday.

    2. How about that!! Thank you for the birthday wishes. Much appreciated.
      Don in Okla.

  2. Have a good week. Sounds like you'll be busy!

    1. this will be fun busy too! Thanks F.G.

  3. Happy Birthday Sis. all looks like it is going well, good luck with the car repair, vehicles do need repairs and maintenance too bad it had to break down when Bill was away from home. At least he is making extra money at Can Am to help pay for it.

    1. We're lucky to have the second vehicle for sure and even though we get upset to a certain amount, we look after things that go wrong on them. :)