Sunday, July 23, 2017

Waking Up in a Sticks and Bricks Home, Birthday Celebration


Sunday, July 23rd we woke up in some strange bed and different surroundings. Oh yeah, we are in London. Probably those 7 hours of sleep were the most comforting for Clemson since we arrived. He was snug under the covers beside his Daddy and really nothing could be better. He woke up at 7 to go out and then Bill and I dropped off until 8 before getting moving.
Back on the couch wondering what today brings
Kathy was downstairs emptying the dishwasher, waking up about the same time, I think. We slept well. Their house is lovely and large with all the beautiful amenities of a sticks and brick home but I didn’t once think “I wish we had this space”. I admire their tastes and Kathy’s personal touches throughout their home yet I know when we arrive home to the Suite, I will remain happy with our choices.
Great pond and fishies
We had morning coffee/tea while continuing the conversation about anything that came to mind. Some more chatting about our past winter trip was shared as well as vague future plans for the upcoming winter. All we know right now is when we plan to head out. Last night was great but this morning with just the four of us was more personal, I think.

Back yard
 Derrick offered Bill his Fitbit Charge HR since he had received a new one as a gift in May and didn’t need it. The condition of it compared to Bill’s old one was mint and a very generous ‘gift’. Saved him some money too. He will set it up when we get home.
Kathy explains to Clemson about the little bridge to the backyard
Stretching our legs before breakfast
Kathy was checking for Japanese beetles

We had quiche with egg, bacon and spinach for breakfast and were on the road by 11 or soon after. We drove as far as Stratford Toyota and picked up the car. I like following Bill on the highway. I like the view. Ha ha. Our truck is a beauty in my eyes so would follow it anywhere. Oh, and Bill too, of course!
Clouds leading the way
At Durham, I cut off the main street and avoided the traffic light. I knew I’d get a red and wanted to see if I could sneak ahead of Bill. I pulled out of Rock St. onto #4 just in time to see him coming from the centre of town. We arrived home at 1:30 to cloudy skies but still very warm.
Coming up to the lights in Stratford
Erie and Waterloo Streets
I missed the belly dancer this time but Bill didn't
I’d forgotten that we were going out to eat later but since we had such a filling breakfast, we knew we could last without eating. We lounged around inside for a while, I took a couple of short walks when my Fitbit told me to move and then I sat outside with my book for a while.

We got cleaned up and headed into Walkerton to meet 4 sisters and their husbands for Donna’s birthday supper. The rain came down in buckets as we were driving through Allan Park on Highway 4 with the wipers going at full force. Driving into Hanover we could tell they’d had a steady rain for a while by the puddles of water along the sides of main street.
Derrick and Kathy - check out the sign at this travel agency
in Walkerton
By the time we got to the Old Joe's Cabin in Walkerton, the rain had stopped and the sun was visible in the sky, however briefly. My sister, Cathy and her hubby, Bill were already there. They came from their cottage on the Quebec border this morning to their house in Teeswater. A long drive and they were pretty tired. Nice that they were able to meet us all tonight.

Gayle, John (from Chatsworth), Donna (the birthday girl), Gerry, Audrey and Tom (who drove from Montreal today) all showed up by or shortly after 6. We ordered drinks and our meals and celebrated the special event. Lots of food, good service and fair prices. Tonight, I had Panko Fried Chicken stuffed with brie cheese and spinach sauce and veggies. My side dish was a chicken with rice soup so I’ve had my fill of chicken for a few days. Actually, that doesn’t bother me, each one was prepared differently. No room for dessert!
Happy Birthday, Sis!
Most of us stopped around at Donna and Gerry’s in Hanover for a drink or just social time for an hour before splitting off and heading home around 9:30. I felt exhausted and didn’t plan on another late night. I jotted more in my post and sat down to read until my eyes betrayed me. It has been a great couple of days and evenings.

I hope your day went well also. Another late post means life is good!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Nice to see that the bunch of you could get together for Donna's Birthday celebration, sounds like you had a couple of busy days.

    1. Sure didn't mean to post it last night without pictures. LOL maybe my caesar was stronger than I thought! sorry, George!

  2. Bet Clemson was glad to get home to his very own bed. Talk about busy, you've had a few of those days, but certainly makes you appreciate the slow ones, when you get them. Of course can't wait to hear about Sister's week..I need to do that with mine, love that idea!

    1. Clem is very happy to be home. He'll be confused all over with me leaving him home with Dad for 4 days instead of Dad leaving. Poor little head!
      We have good times together that is for sure.