Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Another Fun Day, Keady Market and a Special Guy's Birthday Celebration

Tuesday, August 1st when we woke up around 6:45 it was another welcoming sunny sky. A wee bit of fog off to the east but that burned off really quickly. Bill plugged us into the power outlet and I popped my first pie in the convection oven. We poured our tea and coffee and sat together at our laptops. This is our little morning routine and it is funny how it just fell into place when we moved into the Suite.
Tucker uses the Restroom before everyone else gets up
This morning I noticed my sister, Donna’s, email invitation to their Civic Holiday weekend celebration. They open the Acreage up to family and close friends from Friday to Monday to camp or just visit on a daily basis. We don’t take our rv in anymore, it is too tight to get through the trees but we usually pop over for a meal together and their big campfire. This year it will be even more sporadic as we have a wedding on Saturday.
Chit chatting over morning coffee
We noticed our neighbours out and about before 8. It is such a gorgeous morning that we all want to get moving! After we all got cleaned up we loaded into Gerry’s truck and he drove us to Keady Farmers Market. It isn’t the place I’ve been before, it is all brand new to me. We split up for an hour and wandered our own ways.
I'll soon be picking peppers
Bill found the same bamboo sheets we bought in Quartzsite and the same price so we bought another set, without the US exchange. We also wanted to replace our pillows so bought two bamboo ones as well. We noticed many things, similar to the Big Tent experience in the southwest so didn’t dawdle. I checked out the fresh fruits and finally found a small basket of cherries that fit my taste and budget.

 Further down the line we bought Bill a pair of the Crocs that he is in need of. These are not the knock offs that he has been wearing so they will be much comfier. Whether good for his feet or not, he prefers them up here for working around in. Easy to slip on and off. Picture overload here with some of the booths at Keady market.

Crazy crowds and crazy heat

Loved these birdhouses, the one on this end "cracked" me up!

Tutus anyone?

Ball caps
Beautiful nautical display

Dinky toys

These buskers were very good!
Wendy and Bridgette, a lot like Pokey's sound
From there we went to Bulk Barn for George to get his soup stuff and then to Princess Auto. Bill and I have talked about another solar light for inside our Restroom and found one at a good price. Small things that will make a big difference here on a dark night.
Gerry and Tucker relax in the hammock
We were all fading, the heat was wearing us down so we headed home with Bill showing Gerry the quickest way back home to The Ridge. We had some lunch and settled in our recliners before our company was to arrive at 3 ish. I know for a fact that a few campers had a snooze. I managed to stay upright and awake, making sure things were ready for the birthday boy’s visit.
Rob and Pat arrive before the storm
Our friends, Rob and Pat, were invited to join us for Happy Hour and then dinner. It is Rob’s birthday and sometime in the last month I promised him a strawberry rhubarb pie for his special day. George cooked up some pasties that he bought at the Grand Bend Scottish Bakery. Melinda prepared a garden salad.
Hail, but I couldn't capture it too well

Visibility was poor with the wind and rain

Tree branch down in the corral
Shortly after they arrived, around 3, we were all forced inside the Suite while thunder roared and lightning crashed (not a fairy tale and not a song). The sky opened up and we got wind, rain and even hail over the period of a couple of hours. The worst of it was for about 30 minutes with such strong blowing rain that we couldn’t see outside.

Add caption

We were all dry inside the Suite for Happy Hour
At 5, it all stopped. The winds died to nothing, no more rain and the sky seemed to brighten up and promise sunshine again. We slowly moved outside to find most of our folded chairs were too wet to sit on. We wandered around and that is when we started to notice the damage to top of the driveway. My oh my, we have some work ahead of us before Gerry and Melinda pull out tomorrow.
Damage to our driveway

Rob's promised pie
George provided the pasties and gravy
Melinda made the salad

And I provided dessert
Bill, Rob, Pat and I took a walk around the property into the back field, the front field, the corral and down the lane. It was then that we truly realized just how forceful that rain was and high it actually rose. It left remnants of mulch-like grass from the cornfield behind us in a trail across the field. Wow! It was high!
Happy Birthday, Rob!
Looking over the fence to Don’s property, he had a full front yard of water. He won’t be cutting grass there for a while. When we got back, I set up my tripod so I could get a group photo of us Rock Glen Norths. After a few trials, I had success. Rob and Pat packed up their chairs and cooler and said goodnight. They enjoyed the day and evening as well. By this time the mosquitoes dropped by for an unwelcome visit and scattered us all inside our respective homes.
I love this picture of Pat at the gate
Bill was disappointed that for some reason the pictures he took with the drone didn’t take. Here he thought he had some good shots of us all from up above.

The Rock Glen North gang at the Ridge
I downloaded today’s pictures from my 3 sources and set about finishing this post. My eyes are heavy and that tells me that I have had a busy, fantastic day. The sky was beautiful again showing a gorgeous sunset. I hope you all had a great day as well.

Thank you for stopping in today. 


  1. Thanks so much Pat and Bill
    For the great day and birthday get together with awesome friends . Specially thanks Pat for the pie as always very good . Too bad it rained but we still had a good time .

  2. Love the picture of the eight of us .
    The return of the happy gang.

  3. Good morning from Wisconsin. Great group picture. Great smiles!

  4. Looks like the fun just keeps on going! The market looks like a fun time, but there sure is a lot of people there! Pies look amazing along with the rest of the dinner! The group picture turned out wonderful, shows how much you all like each fun!

  5. Looks like you all had an Enjoyable Day.
    The picture of the driveway damage shows how destructive nature can be. Reminds us to stay away from the Washes in the Desert.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. It sure was a busy fun day we all had and getting us all together was fun as always. Thanks for the awesome pies . The weather even cleared up for us just make it a perfect day again.

  7. Interesting to know that Keady Market is like the big tent in Quartzite - both crazy places I guess.