Friday, August 4, 2017

Foggy, Cloudy, Cooler but Muggy Day. Small Things Close to Home.

It was a very foggy start to the day on Thursday, Aug. 3rd. We rose about 7 and Bill commented on how much he likes our new bamboo pillows. I pretty much sleep well, no matter what pillow or what bed I’m sleeping in. After our coffee and tea and blog reads, Bill checked our fresh water tank. We knew it was getting down since we’d shared some of our last fill up with Gerry when they arrived.

This is never a problem, water is easily accessible and Bill can go, fill our bladder and return within half an hour. We will go once more before the weekend to top us up and George will need water for their motor home. I felt the cooler air slipping in through the windows as I sit here writing so had to close a few. 18C is a big change from 28C of the previous day! Looks like a few days of storms ahead.
The fog started to clear around 9
I took one look at the dust gathering inside our Suite and on our furnishings and decided now was a good time to take care of that. It smells so good after I’m finished with the cleaner. I poured another tea and pulled my container of the smoothie I made out for breakfast. It will tide me over until noon hour. I see there is a small part bag of rhubarb left in the fridge too so stewed it up on the stove.

George and Suzie headed off to visit family around 10:30 and I left soon after as I had one quick stop in town. After my stop, I dropped in on Mom and got my weekly hugs and kisses. She was adorned in her necklaces and was thrilled to see me. I was happy to see her working on a small jigsaw puzzle by herself. Even though she admits that she is often lonely, she finds things to do to fill the time.

When I left her at her dining table for lunch I stopped to say hello to Aunt Mary. She watched me cross the dining area with Mom and I would never think of leaving the room without stopping. She was dressed in a white blouse and I complimented her on her appearance. I said bye bye to her and waved a few more times to Mom as I made my way to the exit.
"You've got mail!"
I returned home after picking up a couple of greeting cards at Smart Buys. Bill had finished installing the new solar motion light we bought and we sat down to read. We walked to the mailbox after seeing the mail truck stop. Just flyers and our Trailer Life magazine but things we always expect.
Preparing to mount the outside solar panel

The motion sensor light installed inside

Now we'll have light when we walk into the Restroom
Before at dark you needed to carry a flashlight or lantern
I’m still into this Michael Connelly book and finally had a chance to get back at it for a while. It is a great book but I get distracted easily when we have things going on. So today I read a few chapters and relaxed outside until the air cooled even more and the sky was ready to release the rain. We’re a little ‘rain shy’ now after that last storm as there is definitely no room for more damage to the laneway.
Another wonderful page turner
We came inside and watched some tv for a couple of hours before starting the barbecue. I had been stretched out in my recliner watching the shows Bill had on. As I got up to help Bill prepare our food, one of those nasty dizzy spells came over me. Wow, I haven’t had one of those for quite a while and I haven’t missed it, let me tell you.

Anyway, it dawned on me that I had gone all day up until 6 without drinking any water. I should know better. The morning teas don’t seem to be enough some days and even though it was not a hot day with me sitting outside, it affected me. So, I grabbed a bottle from the fridge and drank most of it immediately.
The sky cleared and mugginess returned
Bill was on his own to make our burgers and corn on the cob for supper. I had to lie back down. After getting up a few times to get condiments out and set the table, it passed and I was able to sit with him at the table to enjoy the delicious supper. Weird, thank goodness that is only the 5th spell I’ve had like that over the course of 5 or 6 years.
On our walk to get the mail, I was sad to see these little guys didn't make it
After we cleaned up the dishes, we settled in front of the television again. Not much is on so we watched two episodes of Still Standing with Johnny Harris. If you have never seen him in anything but Murdoch Mysteries, you’re missing out. He is adorable and quite hilarious.
First peppers from my garden and more swiss chard
I put my post together sitting in my chair and downloaded pictures in the morning. I’m not going to push my luck tonight by staring at a computer screen too long. I’ve had a pretty good day, a little quieter, a little cooler and a little more relaxed. I hope you have as well.

Yay, I ended up with $5 from this scratch ticket
$2 profit and 10 minutes of fun
Thank you for reading along today. I love getting your comments!


  1. Glad you had a peaceful relaxing day, hope you feeling better, not good to get dizzy like that,

    1. Thanks George, it passed within about 30 minutes so not as bad as I've had. Phew!

  2. Your garden fare looks lovely...enjoy!

    1. Chard stalks are thicker but the leaves are not as nice now. :) thanks!

  3. I"ve got to say your mom's smile always brings a smile to my face! She is just adorable and you are fortunate to still have her (even though I know it's hard to not still have "her")..Your outhouse is just too cute and I love the light! Something for us to think about when we are able to get ours built. We drink a lot of water here too, and certainly miss it if we don't. I hope that's all it takes to get rid of the dizziness. Hugs..

  4. Congratulations on your win...:)!
    Your mother is so lovely I always enjoy seeing the pictures you share of her. She has such a great smile.
    It is miserable feeling dizzy; glad to read it didn't last to long.
    Sad about the two little turtles. Hope you are seeing others moving around.

    Take care.