Friday, August 4, 2017

Let’s Start with a Sunny Morning, Storms, Hair Day

I woke up at 6 am on Friday, August 4th and tossed and turned until 6:30 before I got up. Bill and Clemson were still sound asleep. There were a few indications of brief sunshine this morning in the otherwise cloud-filled sky. This was encouraging; however, I knew from the forecast that after 8 we were going to have a wet day. That’s okay as long as it isn’t too ‘powerful’. I have some inside things I can do on a rainy day.
Pretty sky with some promise
I made my tea and after finishing my own post for yesterday, caught up on the others. Not everyone writes every day but a lot of our blogger friends do. Sometimes we don’t have a lot to say but the pictures speak volumes. Sometimes I skim, as I’m sure my posts get skimmed as well, yet it is always a great way to keep in touch from a distance.

Bill was up by 7:30 and after his reading and coffee he took the truck over to fill the water bladder. When he returned I was on the floor in the Suite pampering my toes and toe nails. With a wedding tomorrow and sandals will be afoot, I like to have pretty feet.
Chicken and barley soup from George
While transferring from the bladder to George and Suzie’s fresh water tank George wandered over and asked if I had any barley for a portion of the chicken soup he was making. He likes to use noodles and my preference is barley. It is kind of him to separate the soup so we can have some for lunch the way we like it.
And then the rain makes an appearance
I tried calling around for a few places where they can refill bottles of reverse osmosis water as we’ve never purchased it. There is nothing closer than Owen Sound and George said the price was very high. I guess the larger the city, the higher the demand and the higher the price. This is from The Water Store so that explains a lot. He should be able to find it closer and at a better price.
Good old bottled water for me and lots of it
 Around 11:30 a tap tap at our door shows George is bringing us a saucepan of his homemade chicken soup with barley! Yum, lunch! We hadn’t eaten yet this morning so we were looking forward to a nice bowl of soup. It was delicious and with a piece or two of our favourite fresh white bread and butter, very filling.  Thanks George!

The rain on our patio table appeared to me like broken glass
At 12:15 the clouds darkened, almost on cue, thunder once again paraded across the sky and a steady light rain kept us indoors. It probably will make more than one appearance today but it has cooled things off around here for sure. I love the heat and would appreciate a bit more sun but I’m not in control. Good thing, it would be difficult to keep everyone happy!

Cattails down at the road around the pond
Bill stretched out on the recliner with Clemson and I settled in to finish my book. I have my bottle of water beside me, making sure to keep hydrated today. I took a walk down the lane around 2 and found that the mail truck had stopped again today. Our Spotlight magazine from West Grey was in the box with some more burning material.
Moo to you too!
I walked across the front field and noticed that the water on our side of the fence line was receding slowly, each day. Peeking out towards the ‘island’ I just missed, by the sounds of the plops, the turtles that were bathing on the tree branch. I felt rain drops so headed at a quick pace back up the drive.
Our water receding in the front field
 Suzie and George were taking advantage of the dry spell too, sitting outside with their e-readers. Before long we were all back inside. It was an in and out kind of day playing tag with the sun and the clouds. Around 3 my sister, Donna and Gerry arrived from Hanover. The weather will determine whether they stay out for the weekend. It sure wasn’t looking good an hour later when they said goodbye.

The turtles all slipped off the tree before I arrived
For more than one reason I am happy that Donna lives in Hanover. They have The Bread Depot for one and often on a Friday I have asked her to pick up bread for me. Today she brought me some 10% cream that was on sale at the Independent grocery store. I know it is only 20 minutes away but if we don’t have to drive there to get things we need, that is a bonus. Thanks sis!
My mint plants are producing these little fluffs
Around 4:30 I remembered that I wanted to colour the gray roots in my hair today so did that before suppertime. It doesn't take more than 45 minutes but I wanted it done today. It turned out good and always seems to change the whole hair colour a bit. My hair is so fine that only a real hairdresser can do it properly. Anyway, it is done and I'm happy about it.

We couldn’t count on the weather for outside cooking so planned an inside meal tonight. We had a large steak in the fridge that had previously been barbecued so I spread sauce on it and heated it in the microwave for a few minutes. Bill cut up a couple of potatoes into cubes and our little deep fryer cooked these up like a pro. Supper was very good and we were cleaned up from eating and dishes by 7.

The sky showed promise around 7:30 but not for long!
It feels cool outside even though it is resting around 20C. Too cool for me to sit out there so I figure we’ll stay put right in here where it is cozy. Can’t believe this is August any more than we could believe the July we had.
Ending with a quick blurred shot of my painted toes
I hope you have had a good day today. Let’s hope the weather improves for the rest of this Civic Holiday weekend. 
Good night from The Ridge

Thank you for stopping in today. I’d love to hear from you.


  1. We had great day as well.Glad you enjoyed the soup for lunch. Never would know you had grey hair uno you told us. Hmm, do e need to keep an eye on it? LOL...

    1. The weather wasn't on our side yesterday nor this morning but hoping it clears up for the bride and groom today.
      The blonde hides it well but I see it creeping in.

  2. Sorry we missed out on some of George'S soup
    We know it's good.
    Have fun at the wedding tomorrow
    Talk to you later

    1. Hey there! He said he had 3 carcasses so made lots. :)
      Hoping the weather clears up, it is wet, windy and chilly this morning.
      take care guys!

  3. Weddings are always fun so here's hoping for a beautiful day! Sometimes indoor days are don't have to feel guilty for not doing much..haha..Still a gorgeous sunset!