Saturday, August 12, 2017

No Laundry Today, Cool But Humid, what? Inside Stuff and Still a Great Day

So, we get up around 7 on Saturday, Aug. 12th to one of those ‘what kind of a day will it be’ days. I didn’t think it was supposed to be a washout but it may as well be. We had our coffee and tea while I finished my blog post for yesterday. Needless to say, I was too tired last night to even think about it. We were in bed by 10:45 within 15 minutes of being home.
My left leg was giving me the ‘restless’ feeling I get once in a blue moon so after trying to ignore it for an hour and a half (duh) I got up and tried a suggestion I’d read about. I have kept a jar of dill pickle juice in the fridge and took a couple of tablespoons before crawling back into bed. Who knows if it helped, but I did drop off soon after. I’d heard it would help with cramped legs or Charlie horse type pains.
And the day starts like this
Off and on the rain is sending Bill inside and out again as he is trying to empty the water bladder that he filled this morning into our fresh water tank. He has also used the blue boy to dump our black tank and pulled the valve on our gray as well. We are all cleaned out and topped up nicely now, the life of a full-time rv’er. He has been wet a couple of times and between the two of us, we’ve purged a few more clothes. Impressive!
And switched back and forth to this

Then this
 Yesterday with the girls, Laurie A offered to host our next clothing exchange in her home near Aylmer. Donna and I had discussed it but had made no definite plans so we will make the trek on Oct. 14th there instead. Gerry is having a surgery on his leg near the end of August so probably September wouldn’t have worked as well for her anyway as a host.
And then Clemmy and I got out for a walk
My sister, Gayle, will join us and I have one other person I’d like to invite. I’ll take my car and have one space to fill. Since going full time, each event I go to finds me taking lots of clothes (as per my usual) but bringing less home. I talk about this exchange a lot because it is something I truly enjoy with family and friends. All women and a couple of younger ‘ladies’, we really turn it into a social event.
I made us up a nice Sunday breakfast (on a rainy Saturday) of eggs, mini sausages and toast for Bill and a wrap for me. It was around 11 so should fill us for the remainder of the day until supper time. The weather will help determine what we’ll have at that time. Inside or out? Bill finished the ‘chores’ as mentioned above and vanished inside his cargo trailer. He has a servo to install and wants to finally get more organized so he can ‘close the door and pull it out with very little to no disruption!’ Something like that.
Nice sky again, this bird thinks so too

Do you trust this sky?
 I have a top that I want to re-create or it is also going into the purge bag. My ideas don’t always work but that is okay when I get my clothes free or next to free. I had hopes to dig the holes for my poppies and sunflowers today but I can’t risk starting to dig and then having to run for cover. I did manage a couple of walks down the lane and back and each time, just got inside and it started to rain again.
Or do you trust this one?
The temperature is hovering around 19C so not cold but it feels cooler because of the wind and scant sunny breaks. Bill and Clem had a snooze up on the bed while I surfed on the web at some health videos. Good information for sure and it totally turns everything we’ve been taught in the 80’s and 90’s upside down. I settled in the chair to read a few chapters but soon found I had to close the book as well.
My transplanted Lady's Mantle are doing wonderful down here by the fence
Supper tonight is fish and chips with homemade fries since it has to be an inside meal. I got a couple of Tilapia Loins out of the freezer to thaw while reading a bit more. Bill cut up two potatoes and I started heating the oil in both the fryer and the frying pan. Coating the loins in a flour, salt, pepper and lemon and herb mixture first, the cooking process took over.
So good, that I'm going to move some more from my flower garden to this area
Within 25 minutes we were eating a nice dinner. Bill and I have ketchup on our fries when we go to A & W but when we are home I like to have homemade fries with butter and sour cream. It seems more like a meal for me, I guess. Anyway, this was a nice meal and just the right amount. It doesn’t mean we won’t be having an ice cream later.

We’ve had a couple of rain showers since 5 o’clock and many breaks of beautiful sun in between, typical day/night in midwestern Ontario. I’ll keep watch for a sunset with the hopes there is one sweet enough to post. Once dishes were done we tried to find something to watch on tv. It is spitting out here again so a walk is out for the moment.

And there goes the sky again

I'm watching it as I'm walking back

Reflections in the pond and a whole lot of other stuff floating
 Today Bill found a half hour show on one of those advertising stations, this one is TimeLife and it was half hour of Red Skelton. Oh, my goodness! We both got a kick out of his little skits with Gertrude and Heathcliff, Freddy the Freeloader etc. and all of his special guests. Of course, they were trying to cell dvd’s of all of his shows but that isn’t why we were watching it. Anyway, it was fun to see.

Love Freddy the Freeloader
I know it has been a lazy day with very little progress made on anything but once in a while, these days are good for us. Yesterday was a busy one so we enjoyed the peace and quiet of this one. I hope you have also had a good one.
And the sun doesn't give up
Thank you for reading today. If you wish to leave a comment, I’d love to read it.


  1. Hey, there's a bunny in the sky!

  2. It was really an on-again off-again kind of day as the bands of rain passed over.

    1. I make decisions easier than that!! :) Silly weather couldn't make up its mind.

  3. Those kind if days are nice for a change but not so here, homemade fish and chips are always good.

  4. I love your clothing exchanges..great idea! Even though the day was on/off again rainy it still looks beautiful. We watched one of those specials, just like Red Skelton only it was Laugh In. Like it enough to buy it, but what a hassle that was to get them to leave us alone after that! Lesson learned!! haha

    1. The clothing exchanges are fun and have caught on in our group of friends. We try to do 2 a year, spring and fall.
      We have to change the date but still planning on going to London with my sisters.
      It is so tempting sometimes to get caught in those orders. I have stopped myself before placing an order though thinking how often would I really watch them?