Saturday, August 12, 2017

Play Day for Clemson and Patsy, Following Bill Home

Friday, Aug. 11th I woke up a few times through the night. I guess I was excited for the day to start. There was a lovely breeze coming in my side window too so perhaps once in a while my arm would get a chill if it became uncovered. I need something covering me although love the fresh air on my face. Clemson stayed snuggled right close beside me throughout the night, even when I rolled over and back.
Beautiful morning
Sky to the west

The clouds breaking up to the east as well
 I was up at 6:30 and texted Bill that we were mobile. He called and we chatted about our day. After my tea and reading a few posts, I hopped in the shower and started putting things together. I don’t think it will be a pool day, although Laurie extended the invitation if it was hot enough. I’ll throw my swimsuit in just in case, otherwise I don’t need to take much, just need to decide what to wear.

Can you see the moon playing peekaboo this morning?
Clemson will be the only one carrying a bag today, well you know what I mean. He doesn’t even know it at this point. 
Clemson finds a warm and safe place to rest
This will be a shorter post than yesterday, lucky for you! I’m leaving the Suite around 8:30 to first drop our ‘baby’ off in Durham and then head out #6 towards Mt. Forest and so on. It is a nice drive and with my tunes (Oh! I must grab another couple of cds) I can listen to Pokey,(Laurie, you seriously need to Google him!) Blue Rodeo, Johnny Reid, Celine and my guy Willie Nelson.
Clear roads and cloudier skies
Laurie is expecting me by 12 noon so I will have half hour to spare if all goes well. With a lovely day for a drive, I took a route just before Embro that I haven’t traveled for a while, at least on my own. I hoped I remembered all the correct turns but I knew I couldn’t get ‘lost’ at least, being in familiar territory again.
Cobble Hills Road which I drove past and had to go back a few hundred feet

Arriving at the outskirts of Dorchester
I turned onto Medway Road towards Thorndale, left onto Cobble Hills Road to Dundas St. left on Shaw Road to Catherine St. in Dorchester and left at Waubano onto Westchester Bourne to Hamilton Rd. in Nilestown. This road turns into the old familiar Commissioners Road which I traveled daily for 31 years of my employment. Love the memories but glad I’m not doing it anymore.

I arrived at Laurie's beautiful home on Compton Cr. at 11:40. Good timing.
Laurie's pool looks inviting but it wasn't hot enough outside for us to jump in
As always, when Heather and Laurie A arrived we fell into a comfortable familiar setting, talking about children, their employment woes and accomplishments, former staff and our futures. We settled outside in Laurie and Mark’s Tiki Bar setting by the pool and she brought out salads, cheeses, cold meats, fruit and brownies. These went down well with our Girl's Night Out Mimosa’s blended with fruit juices and club soda.
Laurie has a boarder at her house and this is Mac, his beautiful Bermise Mountain dog
He is so adorable and complacent
Sorry, Clemson, I made friends with him
Knowing I had to drive home later, I relaxed on drinking alcohol early and when 4:30 rolled around I made contact with Bill at CanAm. It was planned to hopefully meet up at Costco after his work day and my play day for some food items. 

Great friends forever!
Laurie made us girls a foamy creamy London Fog tea before I left. Bill and I could grab a bite after shopping and head home together. I’ve said it before and it may be odd but there is something romantic about following Bill home. Silly, maybe but I get a warm feeling about it all the same. We met at Costco around 5:45 and picked up our groceries.

Laurie has a butterfly bush but had no visitors yet

Our host under her sign
Laurie's smile is infectious, I consider her a very dear friend

Lo and behold, for the first time this summer, this fellow made an appearance!

He was beautiful and posed gracefully for me
 We stopped at the A & W on Dorchester Road for a bite at 7 and got on the 401 for home by 7:30. We hit some traffic but at Exit 222 we got off the busy highway towards Embro. It wasn’t long after we went through Stratford that we fell under stormy skies with very heavy rain. We slowed down, me keeping a close eye on Bill’s tail lights and the wipers beating a hard rhythm for probably 15 minutes.

Laurie's hibiscus is gorgeous!
At Teviotdale we were pretty much clear and some pretty pink sections of sky were showing through the clouds. Both Bill and I tried to snap photos, with little success. I wish I had a good Bluetooth connection as I’d forgotten to text Rob and Pat about our whereabouts. As hard as I tried to call them on my bluetooth device, I couldn't make a connection with it. Grrr! Time to purchase a new one. With the storms all around and tornado warnings they were starting to get worried about us and I’m sorry to have caused them that concern.
London Fog tea
We arrived in Durham around 9:45 pm and we separated at the intersection. Bill went towards home and I went to pick Clemmy up. He was sitting on the couch in his bed, all snuggled and quite content, I must say. It wasn’t until I peeked around the corner that he lifted his little head up with what appeared to be ‘joy’. (at least in my eyes!) I know he was well looked after and had a good first play day in their lovely home.

It is clear as mud that Clemson missed us LOL
After chatting briefly and me getting a triple face wash from my little guy, I packed up his stuff and drove the dark Baptist Church Road to the Ridge. I’m glad Bill was there with all scare lights shining brightly or I wouldn’t be so brave getting out of the car. Clem ran for the door and was happy to see Bill. It wasn’t until we were snuggled in bed around 11 that he gave Bill’s face the same bath I got.

And after fluffing the pillows to his satisfaction, he sleeps
This was a fantastic day, the drive was totally worth it. I was able to visit my girlfriends for a good 6 hours after not seeing them since last September. I hope you enjoyed your day as much.

I don't like it when someone gets between me and my man!!

quick bite at A & W

Following my sweetie home
The 401 was busy enough

Capturing the sky after the storm
Those clouds could have provided us with a lot worse so we were thankful to be spared the worst
Thank you for stopping in folks! I love hearing your comments if you have the time to leave one.


  1. Sounds like a fun day all the way around, nice to visit everyone and get back home, looks like Clemson settled into his play day pretty good too.

    1. It was a great day, lots of laughs and Clemson and his caregivers had a wonderful day too.

  2. Patsy that looked like an awesome day with friends! Nice that you didn't have to worry about Clemmy as it looks like he was very content and well cared for. I'm sure Rob and pat enjoyed his company as well. Love the cup the London Fog was in..looked delicious! Whenever we take two cars, I always follow Ken and feel just the way you do. We tried one time for him to follow me, and I pulled over and told him I just didn't like it that way..hahah..

  3. I get the same feeling when my husband (*sigh* my hero) follows me home from somewhere! He rarely leads the way but follows close behind me as is his preference. I've been reading your blog since the start of your USA trip last year and scramble to see if you've posted everyday since then. I love what you two have done with the acreage you are now living on! It proves you don't have to have bigger and bigger to make life better and better! Pam in Louisiana

  4. Hi Patsy
    You mentioned your career for 31 years, what line of work were you in? And Bill? I was involved in pipelines and natural gas transportation for 31 years in Okla, Ohio, and S. TX. A great career and I miss it!
    Don in Okla.