Monday, August 7, 2017

Typically, Another Wet Day in Southwestern Ontario, RV’ers Goodbye, Too Late for the Long Weekend Gathering, Quiet Times at Home

Monday, Civic Holiday, Aug. 7th we were up at 7:30 with the exception of our little munchkin. Clem went out for his piddle at 7 and crawled right back in under the covers until 9 o’clock!! We had to check on him a couple of times to make sure he was breathing! The past weeks excitement has obviously tired him out.
George and Suzie hooking up to get on the road
The day look like the typical response to having 2 fairly decent days. Rain, rain and more rain. We are so disappointed in this summer’s weather, as I’m sure most Ontariens are, and we are looking forward to winter in the south for our heat. It was no pleasure opening the blinds without the sun but enough about that. We are alive and well, with much to be thankful for.
Oh goody, more rain
We had our morning drinks and Bill notified me that George and Suzie were hooking up the car and ready to dump their tank. I went out and sat under the nose of the Suite and then under the car shelter out of the rainy drizzle to watch and wait. We said our final goodbyes and they pulled out about 10 am headed to another spot in Plattsville.
Using Bill's dumping process before pulling out
We poured another coffee/tea and decided to pop over to the Acreage to sit under their shelter for a while with Donna and Gerry. Loading the chairs in the trunk and bundling up a bit more we arrived around 10:45. Unfortunately, they had packed up and the gate was locked so we turned around and headed home. Admittedly, the weather was not conducive to sitting outside this morning, but we wanted to share a bit of the long holiday weekend with them.
Goodbye to our friends
When we got back home I decided to purge once more. I know, I know! Many of you are probably thinking ‘how many times does this girl need to purge clothes? How many clothes does she have?’ Well, just never mind. As responsible as I am when I go shopping (usually second hand) with the 'in with 1 out with 2, in with 4 out with 8' rule, I still have a full wardrobe for any occasion in my ¾’s of the Suite closet.

This is no secret to Bill and one of the reasons I love him and we get along so well. I try to be ruthless when I purge clothing and shoes and I am getting much better BUT I do still find things that I would like. I empty hangers, I fill hangers, fair exchange. Seriously, I need to get tougher on myself and the decisions I make regarding what I will wear and what I probably won’t.
And the sky clears up for a bit toay
So, I went through the closet and made a big dent, in my opinion, until the next time I feel like going at it again. The weather this summer has made it tough because I haven’t had an opportunity to wear many summery things………..therefore will not, let me go back and underline that………will not toss those things into a bag yet.

 I joined Bill in the kitchen and warmed up the last bowl of George’s chicken and barley soup for lunch. I added a teaspoon of butter and a titch of salt and enjoyed that very much. We’ve planned supper already, thinking ahead and decided on using some of the roast beef from Sandra’s wedding. Pat sent some home with us and a few pieces of chicken. 

In saying that, though Bill’s idea of hot roast beef sandwiches sounds yummy, I decided this morning that I need to get back on track with my Paleo diet. That would mean no bread on my plate for starters. Maybe tomorrow is the day to start! I feel that so much food has been consumed over the last couple of weeks. I need to step back and cut out the ‘enemies’ that I know affect my weight. If I don’t, the closet will need a bigger purge!

Bill settle into his recliner and delved into the book he is reading so I decided to sit as well and start The 9th Judgment by James Patterson. It wasn’t hard to get into, the prologue grabbed me. After a bit of reading, I had to go and lie down for a bit as I’m still trying to catch up, I guess.
The sun is making appearances off and on and the temperature has risen to 20C. Once more a bit of dizziness hit me so Bill brought me in some more water and I took a bottle outside, shook it off and stretched out in the hammock. I wandered down to the end of the lane and placed a card in the mailbox for a friend with a birthday next week. On the way back I brought the blue recycle bins and tucked them under our slide-out.

Checking out the vegetable garden earlier, I found quite a few little grape tomatoes ripened so brought those in. My chard is done for the season, I think, with the leaves quite spotty with holes. From this first year gardening, I’ve learned a few things for my next go at it.
Our friends left an empty spot in the corner
Clemson has been outside enough to miss Suzie .......... yet
Looks like we’re not going to get any more of a break in the sky than a couple of hours. As I was sitting outside reading, the black clouds moved in around 5:30 and forced me inside again. What else to do but open my book for another few chapters before dinner. At 6 when Bill turned the news on we started also preparing the potatoes. He cut them into diced pieces and I prepared gravy and the meat.
A nice indoor meal

We were all cleaned up by 7:00 and I went for another walk down the laneway. I couldn’t remember if I put the flag up when I dropped our outgoing mail in the box. I did but with my memory, I trust little when it comes to my mind some days.

This was an odd day. We felt tired although we didn’t do anything.
The pond and its reflections

I particularly like to see the turbine in the water

Beautiful cloud formations tonight holding 'who knows what!'
 Bill finished his book, another good one that he completed in a couple o
f days. Already I’m about half way through mine. I hope you’ve had an enjoyable holiday Monday, if you were lucky enough to have it off work.

Good night!

Thank you for reading along today. I’d love to hear from you!


  1. We had too much fun there with you guys,(thanks for your hospitality) you sure had a busy week, no wonder you just kinda took it easy today. Looks like we brought the sunshine there with us and took it away again SORRY!. We had rain for about 45 minutes this morning then mostly clear skies.
    Hopefully a bit more summer weather yet for you guys.

    1. Looks like, George. We enjoyed having you here too.
      No problem about the sun, we had it mostly while you were here and it is back today.

  2. Posted a map for you tonight Patsy.

  3. I think this was one of the worst civic holiday weekends (weather-wise) since we have been having our campouts. It was nice to have Sunday turn out decent with 17 people showing up, 14 for dinner and a campfire!

  4. I'd say after the week and weekend you had it was time to take it easy. The clouds were beautiful there today and dinner looked awesome. I'd wait to start my "good" eating till tomorrow too!