Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Warm Day, Hard Job, Friends Leave, Family for Happy Hour

On Wednesday, August 2nd I woke up around 7 to find Bill had just recently got up. What did I do? I rolled over and tried to catch a few more winks. Instead I just rested for a few minutes and then joined him. It looked like another great day so I didn’t want to miss it anyway.
The guys are working hard at 8 am before the REAL heat hit

Bill and Gerry started with the rakes and wheelbarrow trying to clean up the mess on the upper driveway. This would not be fun work and even though I offered to assist, Bill declined and said to go have my shower instead. I had an appointment in town at 11 so I didn’t argue. Us ladies sat and chatted for a bit with our coffee and tea.

I'm hurting for them but they finished by 9.
The shirts came off soon before I checked on their progress. The only bonus was that some of the shoveling was done in the shade of our tree but there were a couple of glistening backs out there. I took Bill water, Gerry didn’t want any, and did what a supervisor does. Advised them to take it easy and lots of breaks in that heat. Oh, and I snapped a couple of photos.
After dumping, Gerry is ready to pull out

See you guys!
 They managed to even it out for the most part and cleaned up what had poured down onto the grass area. What a nasty job! Bill hopped in the shower after the tools were put away and sat for a cuppa as well. Gerry and Melinda were pulling out around 1 instead of 3 because of another storm forecast to come our way.

They're on the road again
I headed into Durham and after my appointment stopped at the bank, Foodland and the Liquor Store. I needed to top up my drink supply for the next couple of weeks. Rob and Pat texted to invite us to a shady spot on their deck for Happy Hour but we all declined only because the day had been a busy one already. We enjoy their company and look forward to seeing these good people on Saturday.
Lunch, yummy and good for me
sorry for the blur, I was hungry
 Soon after deciding to forgo Happy Hour altogether, my sister Gayle and her husband John texted asking if they could stop in to have a drink together. They wanted to say hello to George and Suzie while they were here at the Ridge. So, we huddled under the neighbour’s awning in the shade (for the most part) and shared more stories of travels south and rv’s.
This fellow hopped across in front of me
We had a great couple of hours catching up and they said goodbye to head home for supper. Gayle has a cute little Chevy Cruise hatchback but I missed catching a photo when she drove out. Well, I guess they both own it. 😊 We came inside, even after a snooze that heat takes a toll on everyone so we weren’t quite prepared for supper yet.
Happy Hour with my sister, Gayle and John
I had taken a huge butt chop out of the freezer earlier so added some spice and it was ready when to put on the Weber. Tonight, we’ll just have a salad on the side, I have enough fresh veggies to toss together and even a few shrimps left thanks to Pat. The pork chop was the best we’ve had in a while. I never say that about chops but Bill does and I must say I enjoyed it too.

We finished supper and clean up by 7:15 and decided to watch a bit of the telly for once. I will sit with my book but we have some pre-recorded programs to catch up on. As tired as we feel, it is a night when we may not get them all watched. We’ve truly had a lot of great days in a row, and I don’t just mean weather. It is great to see friends and family so often. To make the week complete I’m just missing a visit with Mom so need to stop in there over the next couple of days.

I hope you have enjoyed this wonderful day. They are calling for more rain this evening but the sky is absolutely gorgeous now at 7:30. There are a few low-lying white fluffy clouds so they probably know what they are talking about. We just hope to NOT have another repeat of last night, too much rain.
Bill captures ours and the neighbour's front fields (there shouldn't be any water here

These two drone pictures are from approximately 80-100' up

From the road (northwesterly) looking back to the Ridge (southeast)

Thank you for stopping in for a peek. If you would like to comment, I’d love to hear from you.


  1. Nice that you all had a chance to visit even though you had to deal with the Storm Damage.
    Next project might be to build an Ark. LOL
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We'll just hop in our kayaks or go for a swim! Glad to have Gerry's help with the clean up.

  2. It was a wonderful day, and sorry I missed the reconstruction of the driveway, I had planned to be back much sooner, But the guys did and amazing job.
    So nice to see Gayle and John again such soupier people, glad we met them last winter.

    1. It was a great day for sure even though busy. When Bill has a work project he's up early and at it. :) They did a great job for sure.
      Nice that my sister and hubby came around!

  3. Talk about a busy social week! Neat aerial shots too.

    1. Really! Almost like our winter! :) Thanks, Bill's drone takes great photos.

  4. Replies
    1. ha ha absolutely! Good thing we both cut the grass before the storm.

  5. Nice driveway work, they did a great job! Just the visiting seems like so much the way you all have your together time and then your own time. It seems nobody feels the need to be together 24/7 which is what we like too. Your dinner looked so good! Did you get your tooth fixed?

    1. The guys worked hard in an hour to try to recreate the drive.
      Us 4 couples really know how to have a good time together, yes, and we respect each others privacy even when we're camped so close.
      I didn't get my tooth fixed (too bad it didn't slow my eating!) but I filed the sharp edges with an emery board. My dentist is in London and it isn't worth it to drive there just for this.

  6. So I have been reading and catching the Shasta Daisies. Great Poppy painting, I am impressed and you were having adult beverages...:) How nice to be able to get together with your sisters.

    I really could relate when you mentioned what a nice sticks and bricks home your friends have but you are happy with the choices you have made and where you are now. I really disliked moving back into the house this year the Stinger B is more like home, I enjoy its size, where it takes us, and the opportunity to meet such nice people like the two of you.

    The first picture you posted on July 29th...the first thing I though of was the bottle Frangelico comes in and it is my favorite after dinner drink...:)

    I have really enjoyed reading about the fun times you are having with all your recent company parked there at the Ridge. How nice to get to spend time together.

    Sounds like that was quite a rainstorm to wash our part of your driveway. Speaking of rain that is what is doing here presently.

    Hope the sun is shining on you all today!

    1. What lovely comments, thank you so much for taking the time! I've missed you. :)
      My sisters and I had a wonderful time, as always. I'm hoping soon you will be in your Stinger B permanently, it is such a freeing feeling and I can tell you are ready for that stage.
      I think you mean the white bottle of my sister's cream rum drink. I didn't try it but I know I'll buy it one day. Looked yummy.
      Our friends are great people, including you two, too bad you are so far away.
      The rain was nasty and it looks like maybe more on its way today. As long as it is gentle, we don't mind. thank you!

  7. Wonderful 'drone' shots Pat! It's hard to believe it could rain that much in that short a time. Good job on the drive, I'm afraid my Gerry would be no use what so ever with the repair job.

    1. Bill's drone takes fantastic photos! The guys did good work on the drive although it still is very rough and big stones are apparent now. They couldn't retrieve all of the gravel that washed to the sides. Gerry may only need to assist by bringing more gravel in sometime.