Sunday, September 17, 2017

Driving to Aylmer, Laughs with Sisters and Great Friends, Clothing!

On Saturday, Sept. 16th I woke up around 6:30 as did Clemson and Bill. Clem needed out so we all satisfied the urge as well. We crawled back in bed for another 45 minutes before rising and shining. This was to be another gorgeous day and we deserve it up here! It’s about time we got many days in a row of great weather!

I donned my runners and a light jacket and headed out for my walk. I can’t say enough about the peacefulness of these morning walks down the country road. After 30-minutes I returned to see Bill readying to go to Hanover. There a few things he needs at Rona. 

I love this view of our place
Notice the flag is just hanging limp

Sorry, another pond reflection picture

Our neighbourhood house of many colours
He has made flower boxes out of pallets

I caught up on a few blog posts of friends with my tea and hopped in the shower. 

Two cobs of field corn per stalk
Bill and I were having a discussion about this so I was curious
Bill returned with his goodies at 9:30 and Donna and Gerry arrived soon after. We loaded Donna's donations into my car and we said our goodbyes to the guys. A fun day is on the way!

These are my contributions to the day
From the Ridge we drove to the Aljoe's home in Durham to pick Pat up with her bag of goodies. Then to Rockwood Terrace where Gayle was parked and waiting with her stuff. She rode in the back with Donna and Pat rode in the front with me. I needed just a bit of help with directions and had given her the Google map printout. 

The Book Wagon
We arrived at Laurie’s place at 12:45 or so. My first priority was to head to the bathroom and bee-lined there immediately. The girls had started unloading our goodies into this beautiful farmhouse home.

Donna and Gayle enjoying lunch
Laurie and Sara were in the kitchen preparing lunch for everyone, what a feast! The general idea is to empty your own bags, placing pants with pants, skirts with skirts and so on. Soon enough, you have more than one pile of everything, as other guests arrived, there wasn’t a clear space to be seen other than the floor. Her chairs, sofas, tables were laden with clothes, purses, jewellery and shoes.

And what a spread it was! Wow!

Bacon wrapped potatoes, yummy

Btw, most of this was claimed
Shoes under the table too
And the fun begins

This is only half of the shoe pile

Sharon's granddaughter entertains herself

Heather, Gayle and Laurie in fine form
We always have a great time

Pat enjoying the goofiness with a refreshing lemonade
this was her first time at one of our Clothing Exchanges
but not her last!

Our fun-loving goofy hostess Laurie!

Darlene and Pat
There is always something going on

How the heck does this dress wrap?

Laurie gets lots of advice on how to wrap it

This was a huge display of ‘joy’ as my sister, Gayle, described something she had read. If it didn’t bring us ‘joy’ in our own closet and when we wore it, we brought it here for someone else to experience.

Soon the aroma of lunch reached us and we took our time filtering into the kitchen sampling her quiches, fruit, cheese balls, chips and dessert goodies. With a lovely space inside and out, we chose our favourite to sit and chat with friends, new and old alike.
Birthday cakes for our birthdays

Soon enough but too soon it was time to pack up and say goodbye. We all managed to find some special ‘new to us’ things to bring home. 
A hug for our hostess
Before we left, our host had two birthday cakes to celebrate our friend, Laurie’s, and my birthdays and the serenade began. Thank you especially, Heather, for your addition to this famous Happy Birthday rendition.
Heather priming up to sing to us

The drive home was uneventful other than I took a wrong turn outside of Stratford. With gps and passenger support, we got straightened out soon enough and made it back to Durham. It was 7:10 when we first did the drop off in the opposite of the pickup. Gayle first, Pat, Donna and I was home at The Ridge at 7:30.
And the gang gathers around the table before we leave

Bill managed to keep busy too giving some help over at the Acreage with Gerry, Mike and John and at home here with his cargo trailer project. He also topped up our fresh water tank while he was there. We all enjoyed ourselves. It was a fabulous day! I’d planned only to have soup and buns for supper and that was perfect for me after having such a great lunch. Bill needed a bit more so had a sandwich to fill him up.

And to join the fun, I donned this Onesie for laughs
I hope you have had a wonderful day too. Thank you for stopping in! Your comments are always welcome!


  1. Sounds like you had a fun day and more amazing weather sure was nice. Great to see the Pat went along with you as well.

    1. Great photos Pat! I didn't even see the onsie. You wear it well, hope it went home with you! Thanks again to you, Donna, Gayle and Pat for making the trip to Aylmer! Say hi to Bill and have a wonderful Sunday!

    2. We had a blast and Pat will go with us as much as she can. We laughed a lot and the weather is perfect!

    3. I know the onesie was silly but that is what the day is all about! We had fun. Btw I didn't bring the onesie home so it should still be there!

  2. It was indeed a fun day. It is the best way to get a (new to you) wardrobe as well as purge your closet of things that you are tired of.