Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Finishing a Job, Applesauce, Flight Times – Maybe and Clouds

On Wednesday, Sept. 6th I was up and out the door by 7:20 am. The day was looking glorious and even though it was only 8C I didn’t want to miss a minute of the morning. I headed out in sunshine and I wasn’t too far down North Line when the ribbon of clouds covered the rising sun. I walk alone along Baptist Church Road as far as the turbine that we call ‘our turbine’. It is the closest one to our place on The Ridge.
the sun rising just before my walk
There was no wind and it made for a lovely walk. When I got back along the lane I snapped a couple of photos of this thistle flower. Two of the same plant with two different shades of purple. 
It is like the Mother and the daughter, you decide which one is the brightest. Anyway, they are both pretty. 
I didn’t see any turtles this morning, no wild life of any kind but a couple of geese did fly overhead to our pond.
And to the west it looks promising
When I was walking, 3 buses passed me, 2 long and 1 short. Sounds like a telephone ring from the 1960’s. Our phone number on the farm was exactly that on our party line. Do you remember those? I came back and Bill and Clemson were still in bed. Once I made my tea the door to upstairs opened and they both joined me. We read posts and chit chatted about our day’s plans.

Bill went to get water and I had work still waiting for me down at the end of the lane. I needed to clean up from the garden ‘purging’ I was doing so set about that. I worked away for about an hour when I could hear the grader coming down our road. I stopped for a break and captured the driver looking my way when he got to our drive. He is just in time, we were starting to notice a few pot holes.
Bill returned after the second pass through and continued up the lane to fill our fresh water tank. I will be good now for the days that he is away in London. The grader went by 6 more times after that and when he finished the road looked great. When I had the weeds and grass from yesterday’s digging tossed over the fence, I decided to dig up my irises around the Private Property sign.
Second pass
As the grader went by for the last time, I had just finished removing the irises and loading them into the wheelbarrow. I had also discovered 4 or 5 scrap metal pieces in the dirt. You never know what you’ll find when you dig. I pushed the barrow up the lane, up the hill and put my tools and equipment away. I’m not sure where to plant the irises but will figure it out before we leave.
Bill returns from getting water
I’ve decided it was too much of a pain trying to keep the grass and weeds from growing up around them down at the post. In the spring, I will plant some annuals there instead. It will look nice and hopefully will fill the space better. When I went inside Bill and Clemson were settled in the recliner. Bill was studying and Clemson was sleeping on his lap.
Those are big tire treads
I made an omelette for our breakfast around 10:30 and made sure there was enough left for Bill to take tomorrow. I hopped in the shower and after relaxing a bit we drove to Hanover to see Donna and Gerry. They are considering a trip in late November/early December to see us in Arizona. We have put the bug in their ear a few times before but no one can be pushed or coerced into something like that. 

After the 3rd pass and still 3 more to go
With Gerry’s surgery, he is very much at Donna’s mercy for many/most everyday things and he'd like to do something nice for her. He has wanted to take her golfing for her birthday since July so this will be a very cool vacation for both of them once he is fully active again. We are only offering advice with flights and suggesting areas to meet up with us. We’d love to have them but time will tell if it works out.

With the irises dug up

See how the grass grows in and around the base?
We left their place a few minutes before 5 because Clemson was being a nuisance. 
What me a nuisance? Nah, impossible
They invited us for supper but going unprepared for our pooch’s meal plus the fact that Bill has some things to get ready for tomorrow had us declining ‘with thanks’.  For obvious reasons, I felt whooped and thought that I would sit and try and read for a bit before we had our own supper.
My tool caddy - so to speak
 I found myself drawn to my laptop instead, realizing that I hadn’t started today’s post yet. I usually get a start on it right after reading other’s posts but today I neglected to do that. I don’t like letting it go too long because I forget what I did and that leads to a very boring, dull posting.

Bill lit the barbecue at 6 and grilled the burgers and bacon strips. There would be one or two left over for his supper Thursday night. I also put the remaining rhubarb crisp into a container for him to take. He doesn’t often get dessert so I hope he remembers to eat it. He brought our Coolatron into the Suite and plugged it in, now he can load it up tonight.

Our supper was good, we have what we call Loaded Burgers with all the fixin’s. Bacon, cheese, mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato for me, onion and dill pickle. With a toasted bun we couldn’t have a better burger. Dishes were cleaned up right away before we got lazy and I typed some more while Bill made his lunches. It seems like a long time that he has been home and I’ve loved every minute. I never enjoy seeing him leave for a 2 day stretch but it always turns out just fine.

                      Cloud overload.........hope you enjoy these as much as I do

I took one more walk down the laneway because my Fitbit was asking me to complete my 4 miles for today. I don’t argue with it, sometimes I ignore it but this time I walked. The sky all day has been performing some pretty amazing jumbles with clouds, sun and more clouds. We missed the rain that seemed to have fallen while we were in Hanover. I’ll try and capture the sunset before signing off tonight.

I finally finished one of the things I was going to cook, using my apples. I decided on apple sauce and even though it is a small batch, a very tasty batch I might add, at least I didn’t waste the apples. Tomorrow, when I am alone I will make some kind of creation out of the tomatoes that will just go bad otherwise. I have a couple of ideas.

That was a great brisk walk, emphasis on brisk. I was in capris and a light jacket so I walked very fast. The clouds make me smile, they are so outrageous! Oh and there is Drake swimming authoritatively in the pond, all by himself. With a loud honk as I came into view, I simple snapped a picture and kept on walking.
Can you see him across the pond?
It has been a nice day here with the things we got into. I hope you can say the same.
Goodnight from the Ridge
Thank you for stopping in to check out my blog. I love reading your comments!


  1. Sounds like you had a busy and productive day. Great pictures today. The sunrise, clouds,pond and sunset ones are wonderful. The thistle flowers are so pretty but the one with the caption about to the west looking promising there is just something special about that one.
    It looks to me that Clemson is pretty sure about his place in life and is ignoring any suggestion that he could possibly be a nuisance...LOL

    1. It was another great day. Thank you, It is hard to refrain from taking pictures of the same things so I'm pleased to hear that you aren't tired of seeing them. :)
      There is no doubt who rules THIS roost, you are correct!
      BTW the west was promising, it was a beautiful day.

  2. Beautiful photos indeed!! You have such a nice place there and now I am thinking about setting up the same type of place.
    Quick question tho, is your Ford truck a diesel or gas rig?
    Don in Okla.

    1. Thank you Don. We don't own this property but it is in the family. We feel very lucky that they offered it to us for our summer home. Nice and simple.
      The Ford is diesel, Bill would not have any other. :)
      Take care! Nice to hear from you.

  3. Another wonderful mostly sunny was, getting things done soon yard clean up for your winter away.

    1. It was a lovely day, great weather really for working in the gardens. As long as the sun shines, it is a great day!

  4. Your pictures of the sunrise and sunset are gorgeous once again :) How nice it would be if Donna and Gerry could join you for a bit. Are they both retired? You definitely had a busy day, 4miles? wow!

  5. Great sky and cloud pix! We did have some dramatic skies today. Are you sure those purple flowers are thistles? Are they prickly? They look so much like New England Asters, which I see a lot of around here at this time of year.