Friday, September 22, 2017

Hot, Humid, Visits with the Ladies, Another Perfect Beach Day, Bill Returns in the Dark

When I woke up and checked the clock on Friday, Sept. 22 it was 6:30 so I had another good night’s sleep. I peeked out under my blind to another gorgeous day coming up roses. Last taste of summer and first of fall. Hrrmmppff! Have they got it mixed up! These have been the best days in a row since June. I’m just glad to be here in mid-western Ontario to enjoy it.

Another great day coming
I got up at 7ish and made my tea while opening blinds and texting Bill ‘Good Morning’. When he called, he was packed up inside the motor home that he stayed in last night and I was settled at my laptop. I have a few things going on today but nothing pressing, all good things. First, after my tea, Clemson and I went for our walk. Different direction this time, down past the Baptist Church to the hill and back. It was already warming up at 9 and not a cloud in the sky.
Are you walking with me today?
I started searching again online at information for our trip and threw in a search in the area for parks around here. Curiosity. One day, this good thing up here on the Ridge is going to come to an end and it would be nice to know what our options are. It will also depend on whether Mom is still with us or not as to where we would go. Anyway, as I say, just curiosity.
Yup, he was up for a walk today

Love to know what he is thinking when he has to wait for me
It probably is something like "SHE was the wanted who wanted to walk,
what is taking her so long?"

And again, he waits
I cleaned up a bit and packed a beach bag again. At 10:45 I drove to Durham for the day, leaving Clemson instructions and a treat to look after the house. I went first to see Aunt Mary and she looked lovely with her hair freshly done this morning. After showing me a couple more albums of her photos, I had to mosey on down the hall to see Mom.
These trees are laden with berries

Have to look up the name of this tree
She was just coming out of her room, looking spiffy and fresh in blue and pink. We walked down to the end of her hall and back when we noticed a jigsaw puzzle in one of the sitting rooms. That is where we landed. 

It was 1000 pieces and all about classic cars so it was a challenge. We managed to enter a few pieces before it was time for her lunch. We walked down together and said our goodbyes.
Mom always asks where I am parked or if I'm walking
I drove from there to the beach and once more was the only one there. Perfect! It was almost an hour when a young Mom, her Mom and 3 yr. old son arrived. Nice people, offered to move further down so as not to disturb my reading. They were expecting two more Moms and 2 more little ones so even though I said it wasn’t necessary, they did.
She says she isn't good at these things anymore
but she still found a few pieces
It wasn’t long after that 5 pre-teens came with another adult and disrupted the peacefulness anyway. It was okay, it isn’t ‘my’ beach alone I put my book away and lie back in my lounge chair enjoying the sun. The other ladies and I couldn’t understand why at 2 pm on a Friday afternoon these kids were out of school but I’m sure there was a reason. They were gone half an hour later and I opened my book and we shared a smile across the sand.
Donna brought her water bottle in a sock yesterday
Something we learned from our friend, Pat
So, today I did, worked like a charm!
From the time, I walked in the Suite I was frustrated. We have been invaded with houseflies once more. If it is cool outside they are trying to get in and manage to squeeze in the screens, we think If it is hot outside they are trying to get in. They were driving me crazy. I killed all I could see before I’d left this morning and now the bedroom window was crazy with them.
Some nice homes on the other side of the river
What's missing? My girlfriend, Brenda!
We used to do a beach day once a year
I miss those
I sprayed the window edges, even though it leaves another mess for me to clean, and chased them around the ceiling in all rooms. I’d just get comfy and I’d hear them hitting the ceiling or buzzing in the window ledges. Grrr. Since it was 30C outside and 29C inside, I decided to combat two birds with one stone. I closed all windows, sprayed and killed flies, then turned the a/c on. We need to get to the root of the problem for sure, besides going to the southwest where they do not live.

I got the word that Bill was leaving CanAm at 6 so I went about making my own supper. Actually, I was already frying up a couple of wieners with spaghetti squash (!!) for me. By that time, I knew he’d need to grab a bite on the way home for himself. I’m expecting him by 8:30 or so.

You see my frustration? These were from our bedroom window
The screen needs to be examined
Bill and I have planned to go away tomorrow for the day so I will need to put a few things together. Like our lawn chairs Clem’s stool & bed, food and dish and a cooler with drinks for us. I’ll shower after dishes so that is done and begin gathering stuff up. It looks like a lovely evening so maybe we won’t need the air conditioner on through the night, we’ll see.

I missed the sun dropping tonight

I’ve had a good day only coming to a head over the frustrating flies! Tomorrow maybe we’ll close things up before we leave and spray it good in here with Black Flag and hope that takes care of them. I think Sunday I’ll be washing my inside windows again.

Still a pretty horizon
I hope you’ve had a great day today. Thank you for stopping by. I love reading your comments.


  1. Another nice day at the beach and a wonderful warm sunny day. Good luck with the flies we have them as well ,but not as bad as when we stayed at the farm for a few years. Have fun tomorrow with Bill and Clem.

    1. thanks George, another great day and more coming!

  2. I believe that tree is a Mountain Ash. Enjoy your day tomorrow.

    1. thanks Janet! I knew I should know the name of it, they are all around us.

  3. If you look near the base of the slides most times there are large openings that insects can easily enter through. Using a package of sponges to block off those openings will make the trailer easier to cool in the summer and waste less heat in the cooler weather.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Those cluster flies are really annoying at this time of year. We used to have a MAJOR problem with them before we got this place all sealed up tight. Now we hardly ever see them. At one stage we found that a rechargeable hand-held vaccuum was the best thing. Just walk around and vaccuum them off all the windows.