Friday, September 22, 2017

One of his Last Few Working Days, Beach Time with my Sister

I woke up on Thursday, Sept. 21st to the sound of Bill in the shower at 5:15 or so. I didn’t look at the clock because I did hear his phone alarm go off in my sub-conscious brain. I had my window beside me open all night, as were many others in the Suite so I also heard the loud rumbling of our little hotrod as Bill was loading it. He crawled across the bed to kiss me goodbye and I snuggled down in the covers.

Here comes the sun do be do do
 I seldom can drop back off after he leaves but I do rest comfortable thinking of my days, past and present. I don’t dwell too much on the future because there are still some unanswered questions regarding a few things before we leave for the southwest. I’m planning a small family gathering for Bill on his birthday and that one question alone will depend on weather. How many I can invite so that in case of rain or cold temps, we have room inside.

I opened the blinds when I got up and wasn’t surprised that Clem didn’t have to go out. Bill informed me that he was out at 4 am. Oh-oh, this is what I worry about when Clemson stays overnight at our friends in October. I would feel bad even though as a rule, 9 times out of 10, he sleeps through from 10 to 6 or 7 am. I made my tea and decided to sit and wait for the sun before walking.

I took this to show the fallen leaves but I rather like
the fence shadows instead

Here are the leaves
Clemson made no move off the couch when I put my runners on or when I suggested a walk. Nope, he wasn’t having any of it this morning. So, off I went. I crossed Baptist Church Road instead of turning onto it and walked further west on North Line. This is gravel but very serene with roadside trees on each side. I wouldn’t do this in the very early morning or later evening but in daylight I don’t mind.

The problem with going down unknown roads for me is more the farm dogs people own. Most are fenced in or at least well-trained not to run out onto the road but how do I know that? When I saw a house just ahead, I slowed and turned around. I don’t think they had a dog but until I am more familiar with the area, I’ll play the safe card. 

There is a property that was sold along there recently and when I saw a Port-a-Pot at the entrance to a field I wasn’t surprised to see a foundation poured for a new dwelling.
A couple of pictures for my "Purple-loving" gals

Pat and MaryBeth, for you
One section on my walk was very shaded when the sun was hidden

There was no sky performance this morning but just glorious blue sky with wispy clouds. The wind was up a bit which will be much needed in the heat of this 30C day coming. My sister, Donna, and I have made plans to meet in Durham this afternoon for a couple of hours at the beach. It will be quiet and possibly all to ourselves now that summer holidays are over for the children. Yay! Just the way we like it!

So, at a pre-arranged time of 1:30 I left the Suite and drove to Riverside Fish & Chips to meet Donna. She wasn’t sure of where the entrance was to this Day Use Area so this way she could follow me the hop, skip and jump up the hill off Hwy 6. I told her east of the chip place but it is actually north on 6 and east (behind) the dam. We got a chuckle out of my directions and her understanding of them.
Donna enjoying the sun

And we all know I love it!
 No one was there which was perfect. We carried our cooler bags, chairs, towels and blanket down the many stairs to the beach. The water was c-c-cold when we walked out into it up to our calves so we decided to sit in the sun until we really wanted to get cooled off. It didn’t take long and I was thinking “I’m ready”.

With our fantastic fan sucking out hot air
The flies get caught up in the updraft
About 30 minutes and we both took the plunge, literally. I took a pool noodle because I like to float around on it and was quite enjoying the water. Donna felt the coolness of the water first and started getting out so I joined her. We chatted non-stop, something about sisters and good friends that is common. Within approximately 2 hours we thought we should pack up. Donna had other commitments and I had a pooch at home waiting for me.
My 'tree stump' pot worked perfectly this summer
 It was wonderful and I may go back tomorrow on my own. When I got home I fed Clemson and continued my search for boondocking sites online for our travels this fall. Bill and I have a few ideas of our route stops and this part I usually try and figure out for each day’s travel. How long do we want to drive and how many miles do we want to cover? Walmart’s and Sam’s Clubs are good choices for a quick overnight so I began looking for those.

I ate the front half of the squash and my heart/mushroom mix
Yummy with butter, salt and pepper
For supper, it was an easy decision for me. I had a half of a spaghetti squash in the fridge that needed to be cooked at least, although they do last an incredibly long time! Plus, I had another pack of 10 or 12 chicken hearts in the freezer I could fry up with mushrooms. I needed to plug in so I could use the microwave so did that and made my little meal.
And the sun starts to say goodbye behind the trees
With a glass of red wine that was left over from what Kathy and Derrick brought, it was a delicious dinner. There is enough squash leftover for tomorrow night and since Bill won’t be home on time, that will work just fine. After cleaning up the dishes I popped the tv up and watched a bit while working online again. The memories of last winter sweep in close when I’m doing this, we enjoyed it very much our first year.

and to the north, the clouds are pretty too
 Clemson and I curled up in the chair and around 7:30 we went for a walk down the lane. Our way. Me, in the lead by a ‘mile’ and putter bum got half way before I snapped my sunset photos and turned around. He is actually slowing down even more, not running back up as quick as he used to. Our little guy is getting older too, just like us.
So, we walked down the lane to capture tonight's act
At 8:30 it was pitch black out there and my nerves act up a bit knowing I’ll have to let him out once more before bed. I try to calm myself and not fret about it and when Bill called he helps with his ‘you can do it, turn all the scare lights on, put him on a leash if you’re worried’ pep talk. And at 10 when Clem jumped off my chair to go out, I was fine. No leash and I did take a peek under the trailer while he did his business. No animals, just hurry up. Wimp.
Love how it sneaks below the horizon beside the church

This has been a really nice day and I enjoyed myself. I hope you can say the same where ever you are.

Goodnight from The Ridge
Thank you for popping in! All of your comments are appreciated, I love getting them.


  1. I enjoyed myself at the beach Pat. It was nice to sit and chat and the dip was refreshing! I love the picture with the church silhouetted against the red sky. Very nice.

    1. I enjoyed our beach time too, thanks for going with me.
      Thank you, worth walking to the end of the road for!

  2. Great pictures of the sun setting behind the church.

  3. Love the sunset pics once again! That one is perfect silhouetting the chuch..beautiful! The beach looked really nice for you and Donna! Good days!

    1. thanks, that picture did turn out really nice.
      We had a great time at the beach.

  4. This is really our kinda weather for sure, love that little beach in Durham nice and close to you as well.
    Glad you enjoy you winter in the south , we are looking forward to winter number 12 and exploring a few new places along the way. We have tentative plans but nothing carved in stone, just the way we love it. Now you can enjoy even a few hotter days as we will.

    1. I was happy to find the beach so close and when the weather is nice after school is in, all the better!
      We are looking forward to the winter travel and will find many new places to go and see.

  5. You're getting a continuing stream of great sunrise and sunset pictures!