Sunday, September 10, 2017

Perfect Way to Wake Up, First Frost, Daughter Arrival

On Saturday, Aug. 9th we woke up together around 7 and it was great to see the sun bursting to the east. No clouds were visible and that alone makes me smile from ear to ear. I slipped outside to get a picture of the yellow ball and across the pond at the rising mist. What’s this? Frost on my windshield? Oh no! My first thought upon seeing the frost was my garden.
Mist on the pond 

It got down to 4C last night and I neglected to cover my tomatoes. I recollect when I lived in Rodney, On. years ago and had a garden, someone advised me to spray your plants with water before the sun hit them. This would save them if the frost hit them. 

So, I filled my watering can and sprinkled water on them. They look fine and I picked the ones that were ready. Calling for another cold one tonight, 5C I think so I will take the time and put the old sheets over them.

The sun rises as we like it to do
Brrr, it was a cold morning. Bill made my tea for me and we settled at our laptops and did our morning reading together. I make notes that pop into my head of things I want to search on Google. Often the thoughts are gone before I put the pen to paper but today I remembered 3 things. I googled a couple of things and because of a dream about a reunion with someone I’ve not thought of in years, I searched on Facebook.
So far, these are the only clouds in the sky

Frost on the Corolla
At 8:45 Bill drove into town to fill his gas can and by 9:15 he was out to get some grass cut. Our company isn’t expected until noon hour. The grass up near the Suite hasn’t grown as much but I’d like to cut the flat part of the corral in case we need a spot to play some lawn games. Bill’s daughter, Jess, is bringing her boyfriend and she is going to try and talk her Dad into something.
I love this view

By the time I was out walking, clouds were lifting

So, by 10:30 I was finished doing what I could outside, and thought needed it and Bill has moved to the back field. I noticed a text from jess saying that they left around 9:30 so right on target. It was presumptuous of me to celebrate the ‘no’ clouds so early as they are back. Nothing like yesterday or Thursday so all is well. I swept the bunky and placed another comforter on the bed.
This tanker was bringing liquid manure to the farmer

Drawing the manure to the spreader

All set to go
With Bill almost done cutting I came inside and had my shower so it would be free for him next. No point in having breakfast since I assume we’ll be having sandwich buns with ham, lettuce and cheese when the kids get here. I’m wondering if I should make some up ahead of time, that might be an idea. I poured myself another tea and settled down for a bit.  I’m sitting here admiring the huge beautiful Mums that Megan and Neil brought us. They look as fresh as the day they arrived.
Bush with red leaves and green berries
No clue what it is
It was around 11:45 that Matt and Jess drove in the lane and as many visitors have had to do, they stopped at the point of the corral where the lane divides. Oh-oh, I think someone has spotted Mr. Snapper. Sure enough he was sitting directly in the middle of the lane. Matt was careful to drive the rest of the way. Bill had just finished with the grass on our hill.
This is why I trim the small trees
Don't need Bill poking an eye out!
We met Domi for the first time and what a beautiful bouncing baby he is! Named after a hockey player, Tie Domi who was a winger for the Toronto Maple Leafs. All things I've just learned today. This shepherd, part Dane and part Boxer is only 5 months old. He is as joyful as a kid in a candy store and fun to have around. Reminds me of the playful Ribsy who was here to visit last month. They would get along well.
Company arrives
Clemson basically tried to avoid avoid avoid and Domi just wasn’t in the same frame of mind. We had to keep our old pooch pretty much out of harm’s way, even though no harm was intended. Domi was looking only for a playmate. We showed Jess and Matt the bunky and let them get settled in before we moved inside to have lunch. Bill and I cleaned up the dishes and then joined them outside.
Meet Domi
The wind was cool and temperature only got to 14C today even though the sun was beautiful for most of the day. A cloud, however small, could make the difference between jackets on or off. We gave the game Washer Toss a try with guys against the girls. The game score goes to 21 but none of us were having much luck so we dropped down to 11 instead. Finally, after an hour, I scored the winning point to end the game. That was tough!
Matt and Domi at the hammock
I think he wants Matt to play ball

And then gave up and dutifully relaxed too

Whatcha got, Mom?
We hopped in the truck after 3 o’clock to go visit Donna and Gerry for a while at the Acreage. We caught up on things for an hour and I call it an early Happy Hour even though we weren’t all drinking. We were happy. 

Happy Hour at the Acreage
Domi did some more running around while Clemson sat, protected, on our laps. When the sun dropped behind the trees, the skitters came out and we came back home to The Ridge.

Entertaining us chasing his ball
Bill and Clemson needed a snooze and so did Matt so Jess and I sat outside and read for a bit before it was time to start supper prep. I washed and cut up the potatoes and wrapped them in foil so Bill could put them on the Weber right away. The chicken breasts and sausages went on soon after. We were eating inside at 6:30 and supper was very good. Jess had made a cherry cheesecake so we had a special dessert as well. It was delicious! My favourite dessert.
Playing Washer Toss
After supper, we all decided to bundle up and have a campfire for a couple of hours at least. The wind had died right down. Yes, it was cold but we sat close to the heat and Bill kept it roaring. Domi played for a while with his rope and then settled down beside Matt's chair and slept. We left Clemson inside where it was warm and sat outside until 9:30 or so. Finally, the chill at our backs drove us inside to our own beds. 
Darn! The manure spreader went down our nice graveled road!
While sitting around the fire, we were watching the stars and listening to the coy dogs. They were sure singing tonight at a couple of intervals. As long as I don’t see any yellow eyes peering at me from across the field, I am okay. Otherwise, make way I’m going inside…….quickly. I don’t need to see them because it would be a hard thing to get out of my head for those nights I’m up here alone.

With the barbecue lit, Jess and her Dad spend time together
Covered my plants so the Nomads are back
It was warm in the Suite and Matt had turned the heater up so they would be toasty. Jess doesn’t like to be cold, like me, so hopefully they have a nice warm night. Before the fire, I covered my tomato and pepper plants up once more. It has dropped down to 8C at 10 and will go even lower according to the network. 
Jess was layered up so Domi was trying to help
get her warm

This has been a good day with Bill’s youngest daughter, we’re happy they could make

it up here before we leave.
I hope your day has been just as fulfilling. Warmer days are just around the bend for us.
The fire pit was roaring
Domi thanks you for stopping in too
He gave me a close up in the back of our truck

Thank you for stopping by. I enjoy reading your comments.


  1. Nice that Bill's Daughter Jess was able to get there for a visit, sounds like a fun day.
    Alcohol is not required for Happy Hour, just a nice social time is good.

    1. We were glad they made it up before we headed south. They enjoyed themselves and so did Domi.