Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Squeeze and Hold, Last Extreme Heat Day, Golf Cart Run, Dinner Out

On Tuesday, Sept. 26th Bill and I woke up late, together. I say late but it was probably just 7:20 or so when we got up. I had a strange night’s sleep but according to my Fitbit app I slept lightly (which is the most any of us do) for 5 and a half hours.
My Fitbit recordings

If you've never seen one, this is how it advised me of my sleep times
I was awake 1 hour 30 min. and in deep sleep for 54 min. It just seemed that I woke up a lot more last night but the app shows otherwise. I got 6 hrs. and 54 min. of sleep last night between 10:30 and 6:30. Not much wrong with that! There, don’t you all feel better knowing about my sleep? You’re welcome!

This morning's cloud burst
So, while Bill made his coffee and sat at his laptop, I took a shower. We needed to be in the car and on the road to Hanover before 9. Once I finished getting ready, Bill did the same and we put Clemson in charge of the place. There was no wind but we brought the awnings in and closed the windows up before we left. Bill turned the a/c on so it would be comfortable for our Master.
Arriving at the hospital
By the time we got to Hanover it was already 23C. Bill dropped me at the Emergency entrance to the hospital. I was there for my mammogram. From there he had a couple of errands to do while I was inside. These gals inside the hospital are so kind, very special. I’ve never had an unfortunate experience of all the times I’ve been there with Mom or by myself. Well, maybe once with Donna and I.
As I drove back home,  I followed this truck into Durham
Lara put me right at ease and we fell into a comfortable chatter. I wonder if this is just another example of small-town experience. It doesn’t seem to be ‘quantity’ as much as ‘quality’ when talking about the number of patients they deal with. They are quick without rushing and have time to answer questions without really holding anyone else up.

 Because my last test was done in London, even though this hospital had my information, they did not have the results of that test from 2011. This just meant the Radiologist could not compare and give me my results while I waited. She was so apologetic about the delay but I was quite fine with it. I told her that I don’t plan on hearing from them anyway since she said no news is good news.

I texted Bill and he was there to get me in a matter of minutes, having just left the Bell store. Another nice experience in dealing with Melissa again. She helped us get our phone plans last year and Bill was pleased with the information she gave him. She is quite knowledgeable and that is key with any of this ‘tekky’ stuff. We drove to Gerry’s and I left Bill there while I headed to Walmart. I needed a few things for Saturday before heading home.

Bill and Gerry borrowed Rob’s utility trailer to pick up Gerry’s H.D. golf cart from being repaired. He will be tired when he returns because of driving and the heat. At home, I didn’t even notice that my Avon was dropped up here, snug under the Suite until Clemson walked over and sniffed at it. Such a smart dog! I’m happy my regular UPS driver is back on duty and it wasn’t left at the gate.

So, my birthday present arrived. To me from me. I saw this little garden stool on sale in the book and it is exactly what I need. I have yet to find comfortable knee pads that stay in place and I can’t locate my foam pad from the house. Maybe I didn’t keep it, but this is perfect. With pockets all around the sides and underneath, I have room for garden tools as well as my phone, camera and gloves. Even my sunglasses when I’m not wearing them. Yay!

I sat outside in the shade of the awning and the beautiful breeze. Gerry drove in around 2:45 to drop Bill off after finishing their job today. Not really a job but it was something on Gerry’s list of things to do and he needed help to do it. 
Today's harvest
We agreed to drive over to the Acreage for 5 pm and he left. Bill and Clemson went inside for a nap and I continued reading. Walking down the lane this afternoon produced no results from the mailbox. Still watching for a couple of delayed cards.

Gerry leaves after dropping Bill off
 We are still fighting with the house pests, our windows inside are a disaster but I’m not cleaning them until they are all DEAD! As it is, they are dropping like flies, imagine that. At 4:30 we changed, brushed our ‘toofies’ and headed over to the Acreage as planned. Gerry was treating us to supper. He sure doesn’t need to do this but wants to thank Bill for his help with a couple of teeny things while he was laid up.

The Acreage pond
So, we drove to Kettles on Hwy 6, the north side of Chatsworth and were able to be seated right away. Donna ordered chicken, Gerry and Bill ordered the hot beef and I ordered liver w/bacon and onions. 

A very reasonable family style restaurant
And very popular too!

Oh my, it was a big meal. I knew as soon as it arrived that it was more than I could possibly consume in one sitting but I delved right in. We enjoyed our meals and the conversation flowed. With 2 ‘doggie bags’ we drove back to the Acreage.

Donna and Gerry getting into our car

And a bit of sky performance tonight

After dropping Donna and Gerry off with hugs and thank yous for the lovely meal, we drove home to the Ridge. It was 7:15 and the air had cooled to 25C so we shut the air conditioning off and opened windows. It was going to be a nice night for sleeping we think, dropping down to 16C. We settled in for the evening. This is the night when many of our new shows begin.

NCIS, Bull, 2nd Premiere of The Voice, This is Us all on Tuesday night. This is where PVR and staggered programming comes in handy. We have had a good day and enjoyed the hot weather for one last day. I hope you have too!

Nighty night!
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  1. That liver and onions made my mouth water. It looked delicious !!!

    1. And so it should! It was delicious!! Donna and I order it out a lot because our hubby's don't like it. :)

  2. Liver and onions in Bullhead at the castle is a hit for those silly people like you, mom, dad and Roland. The other menu choices there work better for me. Continue reading your book while you can. ;)

    1. Yay! I'll have to try it this winter perhaps.
      Are you saying I won't have time when I'm south? ha ha

  3. You do have to watch how big a meal you order at Kettles!

    1. At least I can bring left overs home for a meal when I'm alone. :)

  4. Oh yes the yearly mammogram I get to have that fun tomorrow...:)
    Looks like the real fall starts tomorrow though I am not going to complain unless it gets below freezing before we are heading south and west.
    Like your garden stool.

    1. Good luck with the mammo. It didn't seem as bad this time, so far I don't need to go once a year.
      Yes, seasonal temps moving in tonight. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!
      The garden stool should work well for me.

  5. What a nice productive day, and a wonderful meal of liver and onions, making me hungry, think that will be done on our Weber Q pretty soon.

    1. Yes, whether lazy or not, it is productive! ha ha
      Love liver and onions.

  6. Sounds like a great day! Love your license plate :) Ken loves liver and onions, hasn't had it in years because I won't cook it..bleh..but gotta say your dinner looked great, huge portions. Sunset beautiful once more!