Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wet Morning, Wet Day, Wet Clothes!! Company Arrives to Brighten the Day

On Tuesday, Sept. 19th we were up around our normal time and once more griping about the sky. Now, clouds all day, 90% rain and possible thunderstorms. Good grief! If I had my own washer, I would put them through a spin cycle and dry them but you can’t do that in the washing machines in town and they are too wet to throw in a dryer.

Here I am, playing it by ear (or eye) at this point. Our friends are expected shortly after lunch so hopefully it clears a bit by then. If not, we know how to make the best of our visit. We had our coffee and tea and caught up on our friend’s news on blogs. Bill went out and cut the grass on the hill, carefully avoiding the hanging clothes. He is skilled, let me tell you!

I had inside things to do as well as a sweep in the Ridge Roost once more and light a candle in there. I freshened up the wild flowers in the Restroom and swept that floor. While I did that, Bill also got my small mower out and tidied up closer to the Suite and down the slope to the driveway. It looks spiffy without the sunshine! I did the floors inside, folded the blankets on our sofa and recliners, then pulled the folding chairs out from under the bed.
We made another cup of ‘java’ before having our showers. In my head, the meals are planned but there isn’t much to prep. Nails need freshening as well so I set to work doing that tedious job. Toes and fingers are crying for attention. Footloose and fancy finger free now! The fingernails are already marked up, 2 hours later but not for lack of trying to keep them neat but my toes look lovely!
Squawking geese fly over
We’ve had 3 hours of overcast skies but dry until 10:30 the light mist has started. My clothes are onto their 8th rinse, I think. This last one is called "Rain Fresh". Bill has gone out to his project under the car shelter, out of the rain. He really could use another shed to work in but I can’t swing that for his birthday. At least this way he is out in the fresh air.

Inside, I sliced mushrooms, washed the mini spuds, cut the broccoli and husked the corn before picking today’s harvest of tomatoes and chives from my gardens. The more prep that is done ahead of time, the more visiting we’ll have. Kathy and Derrick arrived from the busy city of London around 1:30. It is always so nice to see them.
Our guests arrive
You can see the vehicle through the fence rails
The light showers didn’t allow us to hang around outside for long so we moved inside the Suite. Catching up with these two is always fun, sharing stories, pictures and dreams for the future. Over a few glasses of wine, the time passed quickly and soon enough it was time for Bill to light the Weber Q. The potatoes went on first over the grill mat for 45 minutes and then he the steak. I steamed some broccoli inside and boiled the corn.

Derrick's new Lincoln sneaks in
Cozy inside, we enjoyed our meal and loaded the dishwasher before 8 just on time so we could sit and watch America’s Got Talent together. We were both caught up in the show and ooh’ed and aah’ed over our favourite performers. We have to wait until Wednesday night to see who wins.

When 10 o’clock rolled around we were all yawning and ready for bed. Bill took them out to show them how to close the outside doors on the Roost once they are inside and we watched a bit of tv before crawling into our own bed. It was a great day!
Clemson is quite happy, cozied up beside Derrick

I hope you had fun too. Thank you for popping in today. I love reading your comments if you choose to leave one.


  1. One of these days you clothes will dry. Nice to spend time with your friends.
    Gonna be a wonderful week ahead for us and hopefully you as well.

    1. So glad the weather returned to dry them!
      Awesome visit with these guys, as always.
      The sun and heat has returned and should stay for a week or so!

  2. The pink toenails really highlights how tan you are! Getting cold here for a few days and may have to have our first fire of the year inside. Nice visiting with friends Sounds like a great dinner!

    1. Thank you, fingernails never turn out well, I always mark them up soon after :)
      We've still got a week of this warm stuff. Yay! finally!

  3. I love your flip flops! Your toes look great as well :-)

  4. Not only is Bill skilled, I personally would say he is a smart man for avoiding the "Rain fresh" is good hopefully by the time you read this you have dry clothes.
    When we cross paths this winter you will have to try the nail polish I have. It dries almost instantly and is "tough".

    1. Bill is skilled and I actually found him at 8 yesterday morning wringing the bottom of his tshirt out! They did dry though by 3 pm or so. :)
      I'd love to try it! I sell and therefore buy Avon but even their 'quick dry' seems to always let me down. Discouraging!