Sunday, September 10, 2017

Word of the Day = Glorious! Visitors Go Home, Lazy Afternoon

Today is Sunday, Sept. 10th. I had a night full of dreams, or at least this morning I was dreaming. Dreaming crazy, I might add. Where do they come from? Fear of things, I suppose. Obviously, one of my biggest fears is being lost and not able to find Bill, it is a recurring one for me.
The lingering moon 
 I heard Bill get up at 6 or 6:30 to let Clemson out and then they both came back to bed. I dropped off until 8 o’clock. When Bill got up around 7:30 he said I was dreaming another ‘bad’ one and he rubbed my leg to soothe me. I joined him downstairs after making the bed and getting dressed. It looked like we were coming upon a gorgeous day!

The temperature gauge inside was 20C and outside 6C and that sun was doing its magic. Today I can say again ‘not a cloud in sight’ and think later today I can repeat the same phrase. Bill made my tea and his coffee and we sat together at our laptops. I needed to finish my Saturday post by adding pictures and publishing. We caught up on our blogger posts too.
I uncovered my tomatoes and didn't notice frost today
When the day warmed up to 8C I got dressed in my hoody and wind breaker and went down the road to the turbines again. Today I went a bit further because I was on a mission. I was gathering fresh wildflowers for in the Restroom. I found this beautiful one that I hadn’t seen before and it is plentiful, mostly off in the ditch where I didn’t want to venture. I found some along the roadway and gathered some.
I don't know what these are but they are beautiful

Peeking into the water I see a small painted turtle

But he saw me and slipped into the pond
I was just about to our first gate when I saw Bill and Clemson coming to meet me. The only down thing about Jess and Matt’s visit with Domi was that if Domi ran free, Clemson had to stay in our arms or inside. If Clemson wanted to run free, Domi needed to be tied up. At least we could put him on a long enough rope with his leash that he had a fair sized area to move.
Because he has horns he feels brave as he watches me go by

This weed brought back childhood memories for me

As a child, I used to pull these off the stems

Do you remember doing this?
Jess and Matt got up around 9:30 and we started breakfast. Jess said they were warm enough with all the blankets so they didn't turn the heater on. Bill cooked the bacon on the Weber and I made scrambled eggs and toast inside. 
It was all good and filling and we cleaned up dishes and moved on outside. We sure didn’t need to bundle up today and for that I am grateful. We sat for a bit and just before noon they had packed up and were ready to hit the road. 
another memory, we used to have a cow on our farm
with a spot on his eye
We called him Buttercup
Donna, you will remember
It was a great visit and next year they will plan to come earlier in the summer to experience warmer weather……we can only hope. It would be nice to get them out in the paddle boat or kayaks. Funny how even when you are very relaxed with company, how you relax even more when they are gone. Taking nothing away from having friends or family visit, we love it, there is just a calm afterwards.

The afternoon was a quiet one, not determined yet what I want to do. A book in the sun sounds good. I’m reading Burn by James Patterson but not too far into it yet. This one is a Michael Bennett thriller and starting out with a hook and I’m snagged.
Bill checking out Jess's suv

Bye guys!
I knew Bill wanted to have a snooze, sporting a headache for some reason, so I changed into capris, tank and took my book outside. With the hammock in the sun, it drew me to it. That sun is gorgeous and our daily temperature of 19C was reached easily. I’m sure I dozed off too, dreamless, thank goodness!

As the turkey vultures fly overhead, 5 very respectful 4 x 4 runners
went by
Church was on so they drove very slow
When the sun slid far enough below the bunky that my arm was in the shade, I moved to my lounge chair. Following the sun, that’s what I do best. I don’t want to sit in the shade at the best of times. I read a few chapters and then needed to stretch my legs and walked down the lane. We had a text from Donna earlier that they had booked their flight to Las Vegas in November so that was great news.

I know how to relax
Bill went ahead and booked us into our ROD campground at Bullhead City, Az a few days in advance of their arrival and a few days after. They will stay with us in the Suite for 9 days so being in a full-service park will be wonderful for all of us. Now we just need to nice weather to follow us. We are excited that this is working out.
Sunset from our viewpoint on The Ridge
When I came inside, Bill was up and his headache relieved. We sat down to start talking about the route we want to think about taking in October. We have a couple of ideas and a couple of places we want to see on the way down, so we both feel better about getting that process under way.

Since it is our second year, we don’t feel it is necessary to book as many campgrounds as we did last year. No regrets about last year, we felt better having a planned route than winging it, but this year will be different. I can’t believe that it is only about 42 days before we pull out of here. Wow!
the cows were gathered in the field but weren't paying me much mind
I went outside again to sit and read, it has been that kind of an afternoon. I do have things to do out there in the garden but I have a week of nice weather to do those things in. When the sun got too warm, I went inside where Bill was watching tv before supper. Just another position, another chair in which to read and I got a few more chapters done before pouring 2 bowls of my homemade tomato soup into a pan for reheating.

We had small croissant buns from The Bread Store that are great to eat with soup and enough that we were filled. The bonus was that Bill liked the soup and that is encouraging. We cleaned up the dishes together and while a couple of older movies played, first The Mask and then Speed, I took one more walk down the lane before calling it a night.

The sun set on Sunday and it was a perfect day. I hope you had a good one as well.
And the sunset from the end of the lane way

Thank you for reading today. Your comments are always welcome. 


  1. It really was a gorgeous day - tho' we worked too hard! Obviously you're not allergic to the Ragweed.

    1. Yes, gorgeous. Ha ha, yah obviously. ha ha

  2. I read an interesting story today in the Fall 2017 issue of Homestead magazine about "poison gardens". It told of common everyday plants that can be harmful. Here is a link to the Smithsonian article which has some of the same information.

    Don in Okla.

    1. oh oh, I'll have to check that link out. I hope they show pictures!

  3. It was a wonderful summer day, no complaints here either. Nice that you got the chance to spend some time with Jesse and Matt. More wonderful weather ago on the way.

    1. Beautiful yes! We had a nice visit and the weather is going to be nice for our next visitors too

  4. How nice you're getting visitors again! Your breakfast looked delicious gotta say. Nice that you had good weather, even if it was a little chilly for your company! It'll be interesting to see what route you take South.