Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bunky Wrap Up, List Update, Inside and Outside Sorting, Decision Made

Nothing new really on Wednesday, Oct. 4th than any other day this week but that is good. It means we are carrying on with our project list of things to do before Oct. 23. I’m pleased to report that our purchase of a second bamboo pillow gave me the results I needed. As I’ve said before, I always sleep well, but when a product is warranted to do something special (like pouf back into shape in this case) I want it to do just that. This morning after I rose, Pouf! Yay!
First on our list was a propane fill up at FS in Durham
After our coffee and tea, we took a quick trip into Durham to get propane and visit the Home Hardware for a couple of curtain rods. Another small project on the go to be detailed later, if it works. We dodged the rain spatters as we went inside and then back home while Bill hooked up the tank. We figure we’ll use enough over the the next 3 weeks (ahem, 18 days) when the weather turns cold again.

Bill covers the big screen tv - um, to keep it warm
We planned what we’d do today and when we got home I started making bacon and eggs for breakfast. It was good. We’ve gotten away from having them every day which works for us even though I fully believe it is the best thing for us. It prevents me from just grabbing something quick like a yogourt and then being starved around 4 in the afternoon. That hearty-type breakfast keeps us full longer and helped keep our weight in check.

After dishes, we synced our Fitbits, killed many more flies and went about our assigned jobs. Ha ha, we work for ourselves now. It is the right pace, the right pay (although an increase would be lovely) and we can take breaks when we want. I went to the bunky and began stripping the sheets and blankets off the futon. Bill had already pulled the plug on the air mattress so it was ready to be folded and packed away.
One of the greatest inventions of all time are the vacuum Space Bags. I have many, purchased back when we had the house and we were packing clothes, blankets, pillows etc. into the Suite. Now that we have a bunky in which to keep the overflow, I can and have sealed bedding for 2 queen beds taking up very little space. The futon is now a couch, uncomfortable as ever really, but a couch all the same where three people can curl up on. Thankyou Friendly Giant!

Bill put the clothing rack together that Rob and Pat gave us and it will hold our excess winter wear and jackets. I’ll cover them in regular plastic bags just as a protection. We didn’t have a problem with mice last winter but who knows, right? We took a break and Bill and Clemson had a snooze while I wandered around, tidied up a few things and then walked down to get the mail. Bill got another birthday card and a new Home Hardware flyer.
On the right, a folded pillow goes in the bag
On the left, after vacuum sucking - tadah!
This is a strange day. Rain and wind but really quite mild out there. Actually, the humidity is quite high, working in the bunky I needed both windows open to be comfortable. We drove into Hanover to take care of a couple more things. Nothing we are doing right now is free. It isn’t just time consuming, it is money consuming too but each one gets us closer to our goal.

We stopped at Walmart on a search for something that they didn’t carry so drove to Shopper’s Drug Mart next. I ordered a double refill of my shingles prescription and then we drove across to Canadian Tire, then Rona still not finding what we wanted, gave up and Bill went into Healthy Computer to pick up his new laptop battery. Cha-ching! (but cheaper than a new laptop by far).

And all of our linens, blankets and pillows flattened and tucked away safely
From there we went to the Bell store to try and drop our turbo hub plan from the 50gb to 10gb, a difference of $50/mth. Because of our contract until June they couldn’t make the change but offered us to buy it out instead. Since that was 1/3 cheaper than what we paid last winter (and not using it) we took it. Cha-ching #2. At least that won’t be billed until nearer the end of the month. Lastly, I picked up my script. Cha-ching #3. You can bet I’m checking out the Purple Pharmacy in Mexico!

and the futon looks like a couch again
More things crossed off our list though with only a couple of expenses left to go. When we got home the rain let go again so we stayed inside. Once it let up, I went to our hall closet to see what can go out to the rack. Bill caught up on the banking from what we did today and I conversed with my sisters by email (Donna in person) about the funeral for Uncle Harold.

The big decision being whether we should/could/would take Mom out of her comfort zone to go to a funeral for her brother, 3 hours there and back and 2 hours for a visitation and service. I don’t care who you are, this isn’t an easy decision. Talking it through, getting everyone’s opinion and feedback, Donna and I opted to tell Mom about his passing and let her remain at home while three of us go on her behalf.
The clothing rack assembled and in place
I believe 100% in attending visitations and funerals of loved ones, my family knows that about me. I attend not for the one passed but the mourning family remaining. This is different. This isn’t about what we ‘should’ do, but it is all about Mom, she comes first. She won’t remember why we’re there, let alone a day later she won’t remember where she was. We feel good about the conclusion.
I folded my bike and tucked it in its bag
The bikes are staying home this winter
I managed to take a few things out of the hall closet and then moved into our walk-in and chose 5 or 6 hangers of things I know won’t be worn this winter. Tomorrow we’ll lift the bed and sort through that under-storage stuff and perhaps start in the ‘garage’ area as well.  The afternoon seemed to zip by and who can complain about the natural order of time passing?
Still a hosta blooming

And my amazing Rose of Sharon still making appearances
For supper, we had just enough lasagna left over from Saturday, a few buns and an added salad. It is always nice to clean things up from the fridge and it made the meal easy. After dishes, we settled in to watch some of the recordings we had on our PVR. Murdoch Mysteries was first.

The air outside cooled down to 14C by 6:30 so things outside were put away and sheds closed up. Hopefully, we can expect a drier day tomorrow. This was a good day here in our neighbourhood.
Good night, at least the day's end gives a spectacular performance
Thank you for reading. I love receiving your comments if you care to leave one.


  1. Will you follow the same route south this winter as you took going home last spring? I think you may have stopped over in Grove, OK if I remember correctly. Not too far from us.

    1. At this point everything is still pretty flexible. We were hoping to stay further north going across this October but the weather plays a huge factor in that. Our plans may change. We did stay at Eagles' Landing on our way down and home last winter.

  2. Nice to get things all wrapped up and enjoy some more wonderful fall weather. At least had some here. Soon you be back on the road again and maybe catch up with you somewhere along the way, We are ready just a few things left to do.

    1. things do come together nicely, once our minds are set on the list.
      I'm sure we'll see you at some point.

  3. I'm glad you "poofed" this morning, we love our bamboo pillows!

  4. We're packing every day too, but for a different reason!

    1. Yes you are! You and Mrs. F.G. must be getting close. You will be and settled before bad weather hits which is great.

  5. two are definitely getting things done! We have the same bicycles and love our "old peoples" bikes. When the grandkids come they like riding ours better than the ones we have here for them. One year Ken forgot the seats so we hauled our bikes everywhere, but couldn't ride them. Oh memories..hahaha..
    Just curious, have you had the shingles shot? They really push it here every time we go to the pharmacy.