Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Mom Gets X-Rays, Keady, Sad News

When I woke up on Tuesday, Oct. 3rd my mind was buzzing with things. I can think of 5 things that were going through my head and I don’t want to dwell on any one of them. I believe it is those things that causes my shingles to stir. So, at 7 I got up and satisfied some of the thoughts but searching online for the answers I was looking for.
Our sleepy head
 It was a nice morning at 12C outside but only 15C inside and it felt cool. I turned the Blue Flame heater on for a quick burst of warmth before running out up the hill to snap my sunset photo. Bill wasn’t long getting up after me but this little lazy bum stayed right where he was after going out for a piddle. I love how he tucks himself down in the covers. It wasn’t until I was having my shower that Bill disturbed him to make the bed.

I heard through the Messenger grapevine that my oldest relation, Uncle Harold, passed away last night. Yesterday he was enduring stomach pains and my cousin, Ellen, took him to emerge. He had returned home to his room in Watford so my hopes were that he was going to be okay. Uncle Harold has gone downhill over the last year, always amazing us with his sharp mind, outstanding memory and good health for most of his 94 years.

At 10 Bill and I drove to Durham to pick Mom up. She has been complaining of lower back pain for a couple of months now, off and on, so Rockwood got her set up for an X-ray today. I saw Aunt Mary coming out of her room when I was picking up paperwork at the desk so said hello and re-introduced her to Bill. She reached out and shook his hand in recognition.
R.I.P. Uncle Harold
We arrived in Mom’s room to find her in full Legion attire, right down to the tie, matching skirt and jacket with her medals. I love how proud she looked and yet it was all for naught as we thought she would have to undress at the hospital. When I was trying to decide what to do, my sister, Cathy, arrived for a visit, not knowing about the appointment.
dressed to the nines and very proud
Among the three of us, we decided these clothes would be a nuisance to her when we weren’t there to help her change. Bill left the room and Cathy and I helped her slip into something much easier to switch in and out of. We arrived at Durham Hospital and Cathy followed us there. I was grateful to have an extra pair of hands since Bill wasn’t planning on coming inside with me. Cathy was able to take Mom to the washroom while I got her registered, since our time was limited.

Keady Market
  As much as Mom is quite mobile, she moves slowly and it isn’t fair to rush her. There isn’t a person that she comes near who she doesn’t feel she needs to chat with. Staff and other residents at Rockwood, the EMT’s at Emergency and on our way out, the Durham policemen at the door. She is a social butterfly and most often a true Hallmark.

A whole lot more room to park
Not much in the way of fall colours today but
I had to comment on Canada's
great roads
 She was immediately taken in for her Imaging (awesome! you’d never get this treatment in a big city!) and the nurse, Becky had her out within 10 minutes tops. I know it was a short visit for Cathy, after driving so far, but she was pleased to see Mom for however long. Bill and I dropped Mom back at R.T. and when I left I thought it was special to see a young staff member singing “You Are My Sunshine” to Aunt Mary. Mary said bye bye to me and we were on our way at 11:35.

Chapman's at Markdale
We wanted to visit Keady again in the hopes to find the Can Bedding booth again. In August when we went with George, Suzie, Gerry and Melinda we bought some sheets and two bamboo pillows. Bill loves his but mine has not met the standard. It should react like a memory foam pillow and mine fails to do that. So, even though the vendor did not offer to exchange it but he did give me a break on a new one. This time he has vowed to exchange it if I don’t like it.

We drove home from there via a different route and thought we’d tour through Markdale, since we’d never been, and back home through Flesherton and Priceville. It was a nice drive but I was starving and we were both tired. We arrived at The Ridge around 2 ish and I made myself a chicken, lettuce, celery and tomato salad. That hit the spot and soon after we crashed. No point in even trying to open a book at that stage.

I love this weather but these house flies are making me bonkers. I sit for a while and the buzzing has ME flitting around insanely swatting here and there. For sure when the cooler temps arrive, these windows need a good cleaning AGAIN. Our nap did the trick although it kind of took the ‘will’ to do much for the rest of the day. I found my spot in the sun with my book and was quite content. This book is Split Second by David Baldacci.
We all walked down the lane before dinner
For supper we had a bacon cheeseburger with all the fixings each and a salad on the side. These burgers from West Grey Butchers are sooo good. After supper we cleaned up dishes before having a piece of carrot cake. I know I know! But I don’t want to throw it out. A small piece it is.
Today, we noticed Bessie's footprints from yesterday
Before the sun disappeared completely, I took another walk down the lane way. The air is cooling down so it was a fast walk in my shorts and tank top. If you remember seeing a picture of the setting sun beside the church, you’ll appreciate this one. Interesting how in a couple of weeks the sun has moved a certain degree to the south. Guess it is soon time for us to follow it.
I’ve enjoyed this day as I usually do after spending time with Mom and my sweetie. I hope you’ve taken advantage of this summer-in-fall day too.

Thank you for popping around today. I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Sorry i hear about Uncle Harold may he RIP, Nice that you got back to Keady market again and visited your mom, once again this weather was amazing .

    1. Thank you George and Suzie. The Keady market was about 1/3 the size with many vendors not being there in the fall but still good.

  2. Sun has been moving south fast here! Glad your uncle lived a long and mostly healthy life!

    1. Yes, that's what we say! Yes Uncle Harold certainly would have no regrets in his long life!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. Thank you, if we all could only be so lucky in life as he was.

  4. So sorry about your uncle..very handsome man! No matter how much time we have with loved ones, it's never enough. Your Mom is so adorable! You are blessed. Sunrise, Sunset beautiful once again!

    1. Thank you both. He was a sweetheart for sure with a heart of gold.
      Mom was so charming yesterday, with everyone and I was trying to rush her. She kept me normal. :)