Monday, October 2, 2017

Productive Day, Relaxing Too, Garbage and Laundry Day - Bessie

Bill and I were up and at ‘em on Monday, Oct. 2nd shortly after 7 again. This seems to be the norm for us and that works well. We had our first morning java and he loaded the car after I sorted the 3 loads of clothes. When I left around 8 Bill hopped on the riding mower once more and cut the back field. When I returned around 9:45 he was just finishing up.
Garbage Day and only one more to go before we leave
We both had another drink and sat for some breakfast. Bill likes his cold cereal with dried craisins and I prefer my oatmeal so we ate before we got back at it. I hung the clothes knowing that they would be dry in no time with that sun and breeze. I had another bit of staining to do, it seems Bill builds things and I stain them but that works for us. While I did that he did some of the weed trimming around the area.

I moved on to cutting the grass here in our sitting area and put the blade on the lowest setting. Since the grass won’t burn now if it is shorter and isn’t growing as fast, hopefully I won’t have to cut it more than once, if that. We finished up about the same time and sat on the ‘patio’ to relax. I knew the Sanitation Engineers had been so I walked down to collect the bins and check for mail at the same time. I’m so happy to be getting a few more days of this glorious weather.
Turning onto Baptist Church Road - a nice drive
Bill and Clemson moved inside and we treated ourselves to a piece of carrot cake before Bill called our restaurant in London to make reservations for the family dinner. With fingers crossed, we were pleased that the date worked for the venue as well and they could accommodate 22 of us. Knowing that, I sent an email to all of the kids again firming up the details. I took my book outside and the boys had a snooze in the recliner. 
Nice sky today and it only got better

The laundry doesn't take long to dry today
 Sitting there reading, my Fitbit buzzed and ‘said’ that I should take 193 steps so I did. I grabbed Bill’s little camera and down the laneway I went. When I got to the end I looked to the northeast and noticed a cow up the road on the wrong side of the fence. Hmm, obviously there is a hole in the fence somewhere. I turned around and came back to the Suite and exchanged cameras. I wanted to go up on our hill and see if I could get a better look with my zoom.

today I planted 3 Jack in the Pulpits
and wanted to be sure to remember exactly where

I also wanted to mark where my 3 poppies were planted
Up by my clothes line I saw that she was walking down the road towards our place. When she meandered to our driveway’s end, Bill and I decided we should alert the farmer. By the time we got to the end of the driveway with the truck, ‘Bessie’ was under our apple tree. I almost didn’t see her. Mrs. Farmer and her Mom were driving towards us, already alerted of their runaway but we all spooked her and she took off to the ditch towards Baptist Church Road.
The corral is looking good all cut and trimmed
We stepped back out of sight and they drove past her in an effort to get her turned around towards the now open gate into the field. Poor thing was probably quite scared by now. It worked, she came back and casually walked into familiar territory. Bill and Mrs. Farmer closed and locked the gate. 
Can you see what I see?

Our pond in the forefront, Bessie on the road, her family on the other side of the fence

At our driveway she realizes where she should be

Mrs. Farmer's mom tells her where to go
Notice the finger?

Bessie didn't like that idea
See how close to the corner she is?
Mrs. Farmer drives further and turns around

they got her back and she walked into the gate on her own

Here, she is mooing "I'm home!"
We chatted briefly and said goodbye before driving down the road to see if we could find the hole or gap in the fence. I’m sure Mr. Farmer will be doing the same thing before too long. We watched for a while but Bessie seemed confused why she was alone in one field and her family were on the other. She soon laid down to rest.
She was tired out from her long walk
When we came back I went up the hill and started folding clothes off the line. Bill put a few things away and helped me bring them in. Everything dried so nicely, smelling fresh.  Inside we each put our own things away and we relaxed again. Seems like we do that a lot but that is why this life is so good. We work, we rest, we putter, we relax, at exactly our own pace.
Tonight's supper (mine) Yummy

and I emptied another bottle of wine
thanks Gayle and John for leaving it behind, it was very good!
 After reading outside for a while longer, I closed up the bunky and put the outside chairs away. Bill cut up potatoes for homemade fries and I got out the fryer to heat the oil. We still had a left-over pork chop and enough roast beef for one and gravy. It will be another hot meal out of the fridge and it helps clean things up at the same time. We are at the stage where it is important to know what is in the freezer and be careful how much we buy.

I'm amazed at my potted flower choice this year
If I keep dead heading the daisies, they keep smiling for me
Dinner was great and dishes soon out of the way. Time again to relax. I sat at my laptop and Bill put NCIS on. They are reruns but we love it when nothing else is on. At 8 we watched The Voice and recorded The Good Doctor at 10 and The Brave at 11. I can’t keep up with all the times and channels but Bill has a head for this kind of thing. 

It is nice to have some shows recorded for those nights when nothing good is on.
It has been a wonderful summer-like day in the neighbourhood and we have NO complaints about this 23C day. I hope you can say the same about yours.
And the finger points to the moon

Another conference at the north pond
Good night all
Thanks for reading today. I love to read your comments.


  1. We had to deal with many run away cows at the farm for years, but they will come home eventually if you get them in time.
    It was a wonderful day here as well and tomorrow looks even warmer, we will enjoy it while we can just like you guys.

    1. Bessie seemed very confused and with the fence not visible from the road where she came through, i don't know how far she'd wander.
      Beauty of a day!

  2. Such excitement! Those cattle have a way of going exploring. I once saw an entire herd of about 20 run out of a field, across the road and into another field. Who knows where those ones ended up.

    1. A little bit of excitement in an otherwise normal day. You never know what will send me running for my camera!

  3. Gotta say "The Ridge" looks beautiful! So did your dinner. Looks like Bessie just wanted to check out the grass that's always greener haha..Beautiful picture of the moon and love "the finger"

    1. Thank you! Dinner didn't fit the old 4H standard of a colourful meal but it was good all the same. :)
      Yes, that must have been what Bessie was doing!

  4. It was a beautiful day here, also, still in the 60's after the sun went down. We had a pretty tame day compared to your'
    Great moon and finger pointing picture.