Thursday, October 5, 2017

Sunny Thursday, A Project Finished, Trans’plant’, Jello Jiggles but Settles

On Thursday, Oct. 5th we were up together when Clemson decided it was time. He had been tucked down under the covers between us for most of the night. We didn’t turn any heat on last night even though we knew it was going down to 8C. Under the covers, it was toasty for all of us but cool when we came downstairs. It was 14C inside. First thing for a couple of hours we put the Blue Flame heater on to warm things up.

I got carried away when I slipped outside to get morning sky pictures. So not to bore you all at once, I've spread them throughout my post.

Awesome the way the rising sun lights up our neighbours home
 With our first java downed, Bill brought a ¾ finished project inside so we could do the finishing touches before putting it away. This required me to bring my sewing machine out and put my no-so wonderful skills to work. That done, Bill got the vacuum out to suck up the dead flies from the window ledges. Seems to be a never-ending chore this summer/fall.
Removing one board to wrap the chain through

And Bill does what he loves to do - pull things
Today, I’m going to get my hands dirty and try to clean up the gardens. I have pulled up some of the geraniums that have exploded this summer and they are going down to the area I cultivated earlier in August. Doing this now will give them a good start at getting their roots into the ground before spring. I’m being really positive here. At least the weather is going to co-operate with outside work.
My wagon full of uprooted plants

Prepping the ground again

All planted in between the tiger lilies

After having a yogourt at 10 I went into town to pick up a few things for Sunday and dropped some empties at the Beer Store. When I got back, I changed and went out to start playing in the dirt. Bill drove the truck down to the dock area and hooked one section up to the truck by chain. He dragged it up to our parking area and began dismantling it. I walked back after retrieving the mail. The box was jammed full with our flyers as well as our new ROD directory. These are our membership campgrounds.

Plants all along the fence line now
With my wagon loaded I walked down to the end of the lane and loosened the earth again, where I want to plant. Positioning the geranium plants along the edge I made a trench to place their tangled roots in. It’s funny because with all of these that you see here, the original plants in the garden do not even look disturbed. It is an easy plant to transplant for sure.
I finished my job and came back up to find that Bill had pretty much finished cutting the old deck boards into ‘firepit’ size pieces. I came inside feeling peckish around 2 and read emails. I needed a snack so cut some cheese and munched on that with a few chips.


My sister, Cathy, was having doubts about our decision NOT to take Mom to the funeral tomorrow. That isn’t good since I firmly believe we are doing what is best for Mom. Instead of waiting to hear what my other 4 sisters came back with, Bill suggested I go to Rockwood and see if I could chat with someone there about it. Great idea! If they thought she would be fine, maybe I’d reconsider. I found Amanda, a staff member who spends a lot of time with our Mom.

After explaining our dilemma, she very quickly, without any hesitation opined that we should not be taking Mom out for such a long confusing day. We chit chatted a bit more about how Mom would have difficulty handling it IF she ever thought of it again. Big ‘if’. So, the relief melted off my shoulders and I thanked her for her opinion and walked down the hall to see the lady of the hour.
Mom wasn’t in her room but I found her in exercise class. I wasn’t going to tell her about her brother’s passing until after the funeral, just to simplify the explanation, so didn’t disturb her today. I’ll see her on Saturday to choose clothes for Thanksgiving at her granddaughters and then on Sunday to pick her up for dinner. This an outing she will enjoy even if she does not remember it later on.

Back home I sent an email to family about my visit in the hope that everyone agrees with a professional. Now I need to decide what to wear tomorrow, I have many options! The clouds have moved in but it has still been a lovely day out there. Bill had all the wood cut and stacked by the fence so another thing off the list. I’m so happy to see the old dock cleaned up, one down, one to go. We’re deciding what to do with the other piece.

I wanted to walk down and water my plants so filled the watering can and took care of that. Brr, the wind is cool on bare arms. Deceiving since the sun is so warm.  Inside, Bill fed Clemson and we sat together in our recliners. Me with my book and Bill with NCIS. We caught up last night on some of our recorded programs and enjoyed them all. The Good Doctor was good on its second night and we watched the first episode of Brave. Another one we need to follow.

I didn't find Mom in her room but I did see
all her dolls bagged up in a pillow case
We had supper, cleaned up and I clarified details of what time to leave in the morning to go to Hanover. Donna has offered to drive from there for the 2 ½ trip to Glencoe for the funeral and we’ll pick Cathy up on the way at Teeswater. At least it will be a bit of fun on an otherwise sad day.
And the late afternoon sky gave us this

We settled in to watch the second episode of Brave we’d recorded and the sun set without me even paying attention. How’d that happen? This has been a mixed-up day but we still managed to get things done. I hope yours went well also.

Thank you for following along today. Your comments are welcome!


  1. I'm beginning to think of you as Patsy the Gardener!

  2. Think that was a good decision about your mother. Drive safely to Gloncoe and back.

  3. I love those perennial geraniums. They do tend to try to take over though. They look great along the fence line and will fill in nicely. We also watched the second episode of Brave last night and decided it is a keeper. It will be a nice 'chatty' drive to Glencoe this morning and a good day to lay Uncle Harold to rest.

    1. I love them too! They are easy to contain.
      We are loving brave and Dalton isn't hard to look at.
      Should be a good day.