Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lake Havasu Saunter, Calm Day, Pool Time

We were awakened at 4:30 am on Monday, Nov. 13th with the sound of Clemson throwing up. Sorry, no other way to say it. Not a sound you enjoy waking up to. Not like the chirping of birds or chimes. Anyway, he’s fine. We cleaned it up tossed a towel on the damp sheets rather than changing them in our half-sleep state and we all dropped right back into sleep. He is getting old and sometimes things he used to eat seem to upset his tummy now.

Officially, we were up shortly after 7 and Bill and I decided to walk together this morning. We left Clemson sleeping and will take him for a shorter one later today where it is all about him and his sniffing. I’m glad people don’t do that or we’d never get any exercise in! We walked the perimeter of the park again and admired the sites where people have really taken the care to look after them, especially the seasonal or yearly ones.
We saw this Mobile Suite just down our row
Bill likes the rig he pulls it with
Of course he does!
We crossed the road into the west park and did the same over there with our last stop at the clubhouse so I could show Bill where the puzzle and billiards room is. The air was so calm and the sun was out but again I’m thinking the forecast was calling for clouds to appear for the most part today again. We didn’t get to the pool yesterday so hopefully today we’ll take advantage.
The sun rises - I just don't have the best view here
We had our coffee and tea when we returned and quickly caught up on what our friends did yesterday and where they are on their blogs. I had a shower first while Bill ate his cereal and then it was his turn. I’d had a banana earlier and that would do me until lunch. We drove down L.B.Rd. to the Walmart plaza. Bill wanted to get a haircut at Great Clips and I wanted to browse Sally’s right next door.
Okay, this might be fun until we hit the water
I'd be freaking out at that point
You can rent these at $130 for 30 minutes, I think
I found a few things that I wanted and was checking out when Bill came in. Wow, that was fast! His hair looked great for so little. There is a brand of body powder, after shave and cologne that Bill has loved for years and we have not been able to find it in Ontario. He thought maybe Sally’s Beauty Store would have it and he was right so he stocked up on a few things.

Model your haircut, dear
I wanted to keep shopping so wandered around the corner to J.C. Penney’s while he went to get Clemson’s dog food at Pet Smart. J.C. had some really nice sales on and I tried on a few things, which is what I like to do. I found a top marked on a pink tag for $10.49. Great price! When I got to the counter, she informed me that all pink tags are 50% off. LOL good thing I didn’t know that! I walked out of there after spending $5.65 and a happy lady.

The sign for the infamous London Bridge
We came back and had some lunch. Bill made a sandwich and I had an egg with meat, lettuce and tomatoes in a folded wrap. Then he sat to read and have a cat nap, er, dog nap and at 1:15 I walked up to the pool. That sun is not consistent today but when it is out, is it ever hot! The pool was empty and I swam a couple of laps before hopping on my pool noodle.  I got out after 15 minutes and sat to read my book.
Stubby, the old water tower
When others started to arrive, quite a few who I recognized, I was ready to get back into the pool. I texted to see if my sweetie was going to join me and he was on his way. I’m glad because Steve and Kathy were also at the pool. The four of us (and others) swam (floated) around together trying to get a lifetime of conversation into an afternoon. They were leaving tomorrow and you just never know if you’ll see your friends again.

I talked about pool noodles so here ya go
Even though they all have them, only 2 are visible
Bill, Steve, Kathy and I were soon after floating on ours
It was almost 4:30 when we walked back home and hung our damp swimsuits on the hitch, the mirror and the chair. They don’t allow clothes lines in the parks, per say, but usually swim stuff is acceptable. We sat for a while and Bill lit the Weber Q around 5. We prepared cubed potatoes, squash and corn. You can probably guess by now what my veggie of choice is and Bill’s too. This was a meal totally prepared on the bbq so less dishes. Yay!

The pork chop for Bill and my chicken breast were timed out perfectly and we were eating by 5:35. It was a yummy meal and it went fast enough that I missed a picture. I meant to get a picture of Steve and Kathy before they left but that just didn’t work out so unless see them before they leave tomorrow, we just have to meet up again.
Our site looks like this after a pool day
Hung suits and towels and we're sitting outside watching tv or reading
Clemson wonders where I'm going without him
After dishes, we put The Voice on. 6 MT and 8 EST so we’re watching it at the same time as our family and friends but…………..not really. Ha! Figure that out! This has been a great day. I know there is another day of shopping in our future, we have a couple of things on our list to pick up if the price is right. Not tomorrow, but soon.

The sunset sky tonight shows a lamp post smoking

I hope your day has been a good one. Thank you for stopping in. All of your comments are read and appreciated. By the way, I intentionally left my post until this morning (Tuesday) to publish. I wanted to check out the free wifi in the park so I'm at the WEST clubhouse and got on immediately. Yay!


  1. You two have definitely been busy but I'm surprised not to read of Bill going to Harbor Freight. It's not far from the London Bridge. You never know what tools he might need. LOL
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. don't kid yourself, Rick. ha ha Of course, Bill has been to Harbor Freight but just came home with a couple of little things. So far. :)

  2. Nice haircut, Bill.
    Sounds like you two have been spending some wonderfully relaxing days.
    How nice that the park sponsors an event to honor veterans. It must have been a special moment having Bill read,
    In Flanders Field. Like your sunset picture.

    1. Bill looks pretty good with lower ears. :)
      We sure know how to relax!
      It was very touching for everyone, especially me to hear Bill read.

  3. Sounds like a great day. Nice making new friends, always so much to talk about and learn about each other. Got the 'at the same time' comment. Very cute!! Enjoyed the sunset pics.

    1. We are really enjoy the laid back life here.
      Hope we meet up with those friends again. We exchanged cards so fingers crossed.

  4. Just enjoying the good life and warm temps, love your sunset.

  5. As I've said before, hold onto that warm weather for a few more weeks! The pool time looks appealing as we sit here in negative c temps.

    1. You will love the pool, I'm doing my best to hold the temps!

  6. Love that area of Lake Havasu
    Having too much fun

    1. It is nice and that is without too much touring at all.

  7. We've only overnighted twice at Lake Havasu and still haven't been in to the town. I look forward to that eventually, especially The London Bridge.

    1. We like this area but not necessarily for the touring. We are on a close budget so only look for things that won't break us. Ha ha. We've seen the London Bridge and will bring my sister here when they arrive so no need to revisit this time.