Sunday, January 22, 2017

Friday, Wet, Windy and Cool and Saturday Checking out the Big Tent

Friday, Jan. 20th was a test of our love for Quartzsite. When Thursday brought us a few rain spatters off and on throughout the day we all hoped, out here in the desert, that would be it for the clouds. Since by supper hour it was mostly presenting us with blue overhead. Overnight the skies had cleared and we remained hopeful.

However, when I opened my peepers at 5 am this morning and peered out my bedside window, the blackness was more than a delaying of daylight. The big gray clouds were over us once again. Not only was it cloudy with the threat of rain, it was also very windy with pretty constant gusts.

The early wake up at 5 left me lying in wait for daylight to arrive and I mulled many things over and over in my mind instead of dropping off again. I did manage to get a peek at the sunrise, but it disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

the brief sun over the Western mountain ranges

Oh well, such as it is we rose and got about our day. Internet is slow here now and I can’t help but wonder If it is because of the influx of rv’ers who have arrived in the desert. I mean we all like to browse with our morning coffee or tea, right? I’m not sure if that is the cause and effect but what else could it be? It was quick and fulfilling up until a few days ago, hmmm.

Bill had to top up the genny with oil as it was giving us grief occasionally over the last couple of nights by shutting off. He knew last night that he wanted to check it over today and that seemed to be the problem. Good. Unfortunately, our friend, Gerry, is having some trouble with his generator as well so the two of them worked on that.

I decided to bundle up good and proper and go for my walk to see how full La Posa South is getting. The rain hadn’t started yet so it was a brisk walk to warm me up. 
Lots of  new arrivals
Way back off the road it is filling up

but still plenty of room

Bring your rig in and park here!

Although a lot of areas are packed to the gills, you can see by my pictures that there are still tons of empty spaces wherever you look. That walk did the trick and I came back in time to catch Bill putting the 45 gal. water bladder in the back of the truck.

It is nice here in the South that we don’t have far to drive to dump tanks, dump garbage or fill tanks. Our fresh water tank was around 50% so we thought we’d fill up before more people come in and line-ups cause delays. I’m sure we’ve mentioned how easy this process is for us. It doesn’t take long at all and we’re topped up for another couple of weeks.

Since Bill was still helping Gerry with his generator, while topping up our tank, I started making up lunch. A few ham bits, some bacon, onion and green pepper with eggs and sprinkled with cheese made for a tasty, filling omelet.

The day was cool, mostly due to the wind and no sun and 57F tells me it is another inside day. I wrote up a few postcards for mailing back home and figured I will get out my needlepoint. Since I’d finished my book “Hour Game” by David Baldacci last night I decided to start a new one today. This one was James Patterson’s Honeymoon so guaranteed to be a quick read.

We stayed inside for the most part as the rain soon started and the gusts of wind peaked out around 40 mph. It takes me a while to get organized with my needlepoint because I’m not at it every day or every week for that matter. Once I find my place I’m good to go for a while. It is a counted cross stitch so I need to finish it soon before my eyesight fails me!
Don't boycott my blog if you don't like him
Just an 'out with the old and in with the new' President pix
While doing that for a couple of hours, we watched Trumps Inauguration on tv. I’m not into Politics but Bill wanted to watch it for awhile. Interesting speech I must say, he sure knows how to shock a nation. Basically, it is what it is, I hope it doesn’t hurt us Canadians AND I hope he DOES fix things that need fixing. Don’t we all want to believe in better things? Since Trump is in power now I figure it is best to put faith (hope and prayers?) that he can follow through on some of the things he is promising.

The rest of the day was quiet, which we like sometimes, other than the rain on the roof and the driving wind over our panels and through our flags. The Suite even rocked a bit without any help from us inside! Soon it was bedtime so I finished my book and headed on up around 10. We knew we wanted to get up early to go to the Big Tent Show.
Outside the gate we see the entrance
 Saturday, Jan. 21st was definitely an improvement. The sun came up as it should and the sky was clear and blue with nary a cloud in sight. The gusty 12 mph winds gusting to 20 mph winds were keeping the temperature around 60 to 64F for the day. I was up and in the shower by 6:30 and Bill soon after. We had a bite to eat and by 8 am we were sitting just outside the tent in a perfect parking spot.
Not too busy yet 
This was our first time for this show and we had heard so much about it. I was bundled appropriately for the walk through, most everything was undercover. It put me in mind of our RV and Motorcycle shows in the London Fair Grounds. Lots  of people, lots of vendors and even some giveaways.
But soon walking space was minimal
I was particular what I stood in line for when it was a “spin the wheel” for a giveaway vendor.

 I scrawled an undecipherable email address on more than one if I didn’t want to be pestered down the road. I just wanted the free item.
Bill has his eye on this Viair portable compressor

comes with it's only handy carrying bag
Next year!
We met George and Suzie there without planning it and saw Rob and Pat fighting the crowds also. I recognized Barb from Me and My Dog and My RV and we were surprised when we were standing beside Don at the booth for the rv tank controls. 
Steve and Don

We met Don in London in July at Can Am when we were having work done on the Suite. He is here in La Posa South along with Steve in their Airstreams. How cool!
And Champion has come out with a quiet generator
with inverter and remote start so we will have to check these
out back home

Now this would be a fun ride!
 We left the show around 11:15 and made our way back to the truck. With a quick drive through L.P.S. we located where Steve was parked but his truck was not around. We’ll look him up later, he is parked relatively close to us.
Too chilly for ice cream today
Back home for lunch and probably a siesta. It was a great morning and I’m sure we’ll venture back on another day, just as early. I don’t mind walking for miles in a flea market, but when I’m done I like to have my ride really close by and ours was.

Before long I decided to take a walk up to the office and read the bulletin board and see how many new rv’s were coming in. That was the hot spot for sure, almost as busy as the Big Tent! At least 6 motor coaches were checking in and one worker was running around trying to read license plates to put stickers on the vehicles. I would have taken a picture but forgot Bill’s Canon.

Bill and Clemson had a snooze and when I came back we decided to host Happy Hour. When the sun is shining we know to check out and see who might be hosting. The wind was cool and coming from the north/northwest and Bill moving the truck to shelter it didn’t help much. However, that glorious sun was awesome!
Happy Hour with neighbours
When the sun is shining, join us!
At 4:45 the group split up and Bill bbq’d our T-bone steak and I prepared a salad. Yum, that was delicious! The night passed mostly without us having to turn the genny on with Bill reading and me cross-stitching. 
One of my many hobbies

it is getting there and I enjoy doing it

About 8 we turned the tv on to watch a movie until 10. 

Thank you for reading along, I love your comments.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hump Day is What We Called This Back Home and Cloudy, Rainy Day, Trip to Blythe and Comfy, Cozy Inside with our Books

Wednesday, Jan. 18th brought us another sunny day, full blue sky. Are you getting tired of this yet? I know I’m not!! I can’t believe we are over half way through January already! I used to dislike these first two months of the year in Ontario, they seemed to drag. Now they are rushing on by, good thing we are getting the most out of every day. Today would be Hump Day if we were still working.

 I got up at 6:45 am but must have jumped up too quickly as I had a wee bit of a nose bleed. It doesn’t happen often but once in a while and it isn’t anything of concern.

I opted not to walk first thing instead had a tea while Bill and I topped up our Verizon account and read blog posts. Then around 9:30 we cleaned up and headed into town to do a bit of walking around. There is my morning walk taken care of!

Today was just for fun with the exception of visiting the place where we bought our led lights for outside the Suite. For some reason or other they would turn on but not do the blinking and colour changing or turn off. Bill tried everything he could think of and finally we wondered if the remote was working properly.
there are some pretty neat things to see in Quartzsite
It was fairly busy already, no parking spots on Keuhn St. but that was fine as we were able to find a spot in behind the vendors with close access.

We poked around a bit first, those Gadget vendors sure catch your interest. Anything you would ever need in the kitchen, garden or tool shed. A lot of duplications but that makes it easy to skip through. The prices are really hard to resist for that one thing you need.
You want Gadgets? They got Gadgets!
Want rocks? Oh my goodness, every type of rock you can imagine but I’m not interested in stones, gems or jewelry, thank you. Nothing caught my eye but Bill found a few things for under $8 that he can use for his hobby or around the rv.

This little guy was hard at it modelling Dog Hats
And his staff were just as busy...yes, they are real
Before we left town, we visited the led tent and the owner tested our remote. Hmm, no problem there. He gave us a few suggestions to try and we left feeling very positive that something would work rather than having to remove them from the Suite.

One more stop please. Beside the Bakery on Main St. is a Thrift Shop and I wanted to see what it was like.  I thought I would come back in by myself or with Pat one day but since we were there Bill said I should check it out now.
Across from the thrift shop was this display
I’m glad I did and so is he as he visited the Bakery next door for a donut. It has been a long time since he has indulged. I don’t ask for much in a Thrift Store but it does have to appear clean, nice staff and fairly organized. This one fit the bill and was staffed by a pleasant lady so I poked around. Her prices were good and I managed to find a cute little skort (skirt with shorts attached) for the right price.
this was the $500,000 unit we toured
Home again home again, Bill managed to get the light problem figured out without too much brain-naggling so that makes us quite happy. They are finicky to put up to say the least.

And this is the beautiful unit we'll keep, thank you
With a little more relaxing catching the rays with my book Rob suggested we ride with them into town for the group dinner at Silly Als’. At 2:40 we were dressed and driving to Quartzsite for PIZZA!
Let's go for Pizza!
Ours is on top with the leftover pcs.
We had a great time, all 10 of us. I enjoyed the meat lovers and Bill enjoyed his Hawaiian portion of our large pizza with leftovers to spare.

Gerry and Melinda

Rob and Pat

Mike and Dee

Suzie and George

Patsy and Bill
We were home by 4:30 which was really good considering how busy they were. It is a hot spot and I don’t mean jalapeno hot (although that was an option)!

The Suite was quite warm inside even with a couple of windows open, a toasty 79F so we settled outside for a bit to digest the food and to continue to enjoy the sun. Before we went inside Bill and I took Clemson for a walk to stretch his legs. He has a tough job looking after things when we’re gone.

My book is so good that I almost finished it but with still a few chapters to go, I called it a night at 10:15 and dropped off pretty quick, as usual. Tomorrow they are calling for a bit of a cool down and possible rain showers so it is a good day to head out to Blythe for a few groceries.

Thursday, Jan. 19th isn’t the kind of day we look forward to in the desert but we all know it could be plenty worse and understand that ‘the rain must fall’.

We lazed in bed until Bill heard the patter of rain on the roof around 6:30 so he got up and put the outside chairs away and let Clemson out. With a day like that, he decided to crawl back in for another half hour. No sunrise photos this morning.

Crossing the Colorado River means entering California

We knew Rob and Pat had to take their truck into Blythe for 8 am this morning so we decided that we would head that way and pick up a few needed groceries.

The sky was encouraging the further west we went
We mostly needed dairy products and we choose Albertson’s over the food stores in Quartzsite, plus there are no crowds. Bonus!

Forgetting about the time zone change in California, we were ready and on the road at 8:15 A.T. (7:15 P.T.) No problem, we’d meet them at the Ford dealership and wait with them to see if they needed a ride anywhere.

 It didn’t take long to get the results from their appointment and we headed to Denny’s in our own vehicles for breakfast.
Love having breakfast cooked for me and no dishes!
So much food but we enjoy their meal choices. I had my 2 eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns with butter. Yummy. With full tummies we went to one of Pat’s favourite stores, K-Mart, and I found a pair of lightweight but good soled runners and my Calcium at a great Buy 1 Get 1 Free price. Love those deals!

Albertson’s was next on the list where we parted and Bill stopped to top up the truck at the Chevron on the way home. Diesel was a much better price there than in Quartzsite and certainly better than California. 

Once we arrived back at the turn-off into the Q we realized just how busy it is starting to get.

On Keuhn St., we veered off at the first sign to the RV Show. This helped us to avoid the jumble between there and the lights at I-95 and got us home quicker. The rain was dampening our windshield on the drive home, so it was nice to unload and get inside our home. Probably where we’ll stay for the remainder of this dull day. Good! I can finish my book!

The rain didn't last too long and the blue skies broke through to the north. We were invited next door to meet Rob and Pat's good friends, Rose and George, and came back around 5:30 to bbq our very meager supper of hot dogs. After that breakfast we weren't overly hungry.

I’ll end this here and hope you are all enjoying the day as well, one way or another. 

Thanks for following along. I am happy to have your comments anytime.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Kind of Days and Another Birthday

Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 16th and 17th were back to back perfect days here in the desert of Arizona. Wow!
Comical looking saguaro
The sunrise didn’t fail me and the wispy clouds did nothing to dampen my “Happy”. I headed out the door at 7:30 am for a nice walk around the area. 

All kinds of solar combinations
When I got back and had a quick nibble we drove into Quartzsite  before 9 when vendors opened looking for a couple of things for Bill’s project and we were back home by 10:30.

Sunrise on Monday
The temperature hovered around 65/69F and even warmer in the area I found right close to the Suite out of the wind. I pulled out my lounge chair and proceeded to delve into my book. Not much else was going on for me. Bill managed to keep busy fiddling with the solar panels on the roof. I should call him my Roof Walker, he is up there so much!

We had been invited by Melinda to join her and our other friends to share Gerry’s birthday supper with them. So, after making sure that she needed no participation in preparation from the rest of us, we joined them at 3 for Happy Hour.

Sorry Gerry, too cute to resist it
We had decided in honour of Gerry getting a year older, I would have the last of my Holiday Nog drink still in the fridge since Christmas and Bill would have a rum and coke, his drink of choice. We have been distancing ourselves from the alcohol drink each night for a couple of reasons, one being the ‘habit’ and the other being the weight gain. Instead, we have enjoyed a nice cup of tea.
Bill, Rob and Pat
Today was an exception. Friends of George and Suzie's stopped in and were introduced to us all as Sandy and Randy. Seem like a nice couple, just brand new at retirement this year and brand new at camping. They are staying at Quail Run in their 'new to them' motor home. They hung around for a bit until dinner was ready and bid us farewell.
George and Suzie enjoying themselves
Melinda brought out a spread of salads, deviled eggs, fruit and buns with pulled pork 
and beef. A wonderful dinner.

 I was a good girl for the main course and avoided the bread but fell off the wagon when she brought out Lemon Meringue Pie (Gerry’s favourite) and a double Chocolate Cake.
One little piece of each found its way onto my plate and I enjoyed every morsel!
Tucker was so cute, mooching for some of my pie crust.
Of course, he got some!

Happy Birthday, Gerry

Like a good birthday boy, Gerry blew out the candles with some help from the north wind so we got a photo op and he opened his cards from all of us. Back home early and after the sun went down we watched some television until bedtime.
Tuesday, as I mentioned was almost a duplicate day with less early morning heat, it was only 40F and more early morning sun. No clouds in sight and this was the norm for the whole day.

Bill headed into Quartzsite at 8:45 and I headed out for my walk. I went the back way, towards the mountains zipping across the wash at the garbage and dump station. Then I veered even further south towards where my sister and her husband were parked.

Once I got to the second ‘candy cane’ lane and couldn’t see their Montana, I figured I’d missed them. Wait, there is one facing a different direction but I wasn’t sure so turned around and aimed for home. If I had stayed on the main road they would have went right by me as they hit the dump station before leaving La Posa South.

They were going to the Montana rally on Plomosa Road and I’m sure will have a great week with friends. Shortly after I got back to the Suite, Bill messaged me on the 2-way radio and said he was almost home. This was my cue to start getting things ready for breakfast and lit the Weber Q for bacon and eggs.

The day just got better from there. I was soon into shorts and a tankini, in my lounge chair with my book. Clemson joined me outside, in and out of his tent, while Bill worked away around us. I was his ‘gopher’ when he needed things and happy to be close by to help.

Before long, we were putting the kettle on for tea for today’s Happy Hour at George at Suzie’s. The sun was still beautiful and warm but I changed into jeans and took my hoody along. I know that by 4:30 I’ll need them. As usual, it was a lot of chatter, a few chuckles and discussion of future travel plans.

We had an early supper of chicken breasts, salad and steamed cauliflower and settled in for an evening of our favourite shows. NCIS, Bull, NCIS New Orleans and This Is Us.

I hope you had a great day as well. Thank you for reading.