Friday, March 23, 2018

Short Post for a Mostly Uneventful Day, Dinner with Good Friends

I think it was 7 am, in my partially awake state, that I noticed Bill getting up out of bed. Today is Friday, Mar. 23rd and maybe a mark should go on the calendar because seldom does he rise before me. I did my leg stretches, I actually find they help me to avoid the ‘creaks’ and aches I otherwise would have.

Pretty start up
Once we were up, our little sleepy head decided to crawl out from under the covers too. It was a beautiful 59F when I stepped outside to snap this morning’s brief appearance of the sun. Even though it was to be a warm day, the clouds and wind were going to keep a handle on those temperatures. The day didn’t bring too much excitement but that doesn’t mean it was not a good day.

They've finished the playground equipment
and it was put to good use over the last couple of days
with spring break
First, after our morning brew, grapefruit and then bacon and eggs we got washed up and drove into the Walmart in Grove. We needed a few veggies and some dairy stuff, of which is the best price at the department store. We treated ourselves to some ribeye steak and that will do us for 2 meals. Our appetites just aren’t what they used to be.

When we returned, I went for a walk with Clemson or was that before we went to town? I can’t recall. That is what happens when not much goes on and I don’t write throughout the day. Bill did some visiting with the neighbour, Ron and George and I replaced the carrots and celery I’d borrowed from George. I also thought his kind gesture warranted a taste of my vegetable soup so I took a small jar over for him to sample.
So, this big Oklahoman is trying to tell us something
The rest of the day, I was inside reading my book. I was in a world of my own and Clemson snuggled beside me the whole time. He slept through his dinner time too, not needing it until close to 4. When Bill came in, we changed into something more presentable and Loree and Ron rode with us in Black Beauty. We followed George and Suzie over to the Cherokee Casino for their Prime Rib special.

We had decided to eat first before playing the machines but when we discovered their special wasn’t served until 5, we all hit the machines and spent a bit of money. It wasn’t a lucky night for any of us, well other than Suzie finding a quarter in the parking lot. Bill and I played a total of $16 and lost it quick enough and by then it was 5 o’clock.

The Ladies' bathroom is pretty nice, I must say
The restaurant was busy and we had the same pleasant waitress we had on Wednesday. Loree ordered the chicken quesadilla which looked good and I had their catfish dinner which came with hushpuppies and key largo. I had to ask what that was and she explained that it was a mix of green string beans and two varieties of carrots. They were good.
Starting the dinner off smoothly
This was my first taste of catfish and I must admit that I liked it very much! Now, I won’t hesitate ordering it again or picking it up in the grocery store down here. Everyone else at our table ordered the prime rib in varying stages of ‘doneness’. Bill and I had Caesar salad for an appetizer and a Pina Colada which was oh so creamy good.
Lots of food, so half of it came home
The food was great but the company was better. We had a lot of laughs and truly enjoyed the comradery with our server. We left the casino lot at 6:30 or so and settled inside for the night. I had some of my soup today for lunch and must admit that I’m getting better at this. I found it quite tasty and put the remainder into a container. It will do me for a couple more meals.

A fun time with friends at dinner
Loree, Suzie, George, Ron, Bill
As I said earlier, this has been a fun, quiet type of day. I hope you can say the same.

And I borrowed this picture from George with me in attendance too

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Friends Arrive, Rock Hiding, Happy Hour Reunion

It was just after 7 when I got up on Thursday, Mar. 22nd. Yes, I woke from another neat dream about our good friends back home, Rob and Pat. Somehow, as often happens in dreams, time was of no essence and we’d jumped ahead to the upcoming winter. They joined us in the journey to the southwest. That was cool and a very happy dream. I opened blinds after Bill and I chuckled, whispering together about Clemson’s little sleepy groans.

Bill was up making the bed as I made my tea. The sun was hesitant to push through the clouds but I still captured this first pink pattern. Looking forward to a warmer day today with sun and clouds. I didn’t walk early, instead savoured the tea and the time sitting with my sweetie. 

Morning sunrise
We are often in our own world reading blog posts but came together in sadness upon reading about a fellow blogger and friend back home having some difficulty. We can only continue our prayers for his recovery, which seems helpless to so many extents.

We noticed Ron and Freddy out playing again so Bill wandered out to chit chat. Freddy bounded over greeting Bill with his ball. I took the opportunity to do a quick dusting on the woodwork in the kitchen and living room area. We do get dust so it is really no different than the sticks and bricks house back in London. Just less to dust and that in itself is wonderful!

Freddy rolls around a bit while the men are talking

Come on, Dad, let's play
I had some broth leftover from the pork ribs so decided to make a soup of some kind today. I pulled a pork hock out of the freezer as well to add some more flavor and a bit of meat. Before I add too much, I have to decide whether it will be a Pat soup or a Pat and Bill soup. As you probably have gathered, I eat different things than Bill does. I’ll let you know what we end up with.

Bill's drone takes a flight
The clouds look like cotton here
I went out to go for a walk around 11 and to walk up to the office to purchase a few greeting cards. I have a need for one in particular right now and I like to have a few various ones on hand anyway. Especially when I can get them at a decent price. First, Bill noticed that a Jayco travel trailer was being prepped for pull out had a Sicard’s wheel cover, therefore, from Ontario.

George and Suzie arrive
I wandered over and started talking to the owner of the Jayco and discovered that they are from Niagara Falls area. We chit-chatted until Bill came out and joined us for probably 30 minutes. Next thing we know, George and Suzie (Our Awesome Travels) pulled up to get into the same site. Too funny so we said our goodbyes and let the Yates’ back in and get set up. Ron came over as well to greet the newcomers.

Bill and I took Clemson for a walk and couldn't believe this
PINK trailer
In my picture I now see the Breast Cancer Ribbon so I understand
I picked up a handful of cards and came back to the Suite. It felt quite warm out so I changed into shorts, picked up my book and went outside. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it was too cool for shorts....for me. Bill had the drone out for a bit of a flight and he didn’t notice the same cool air that I did. Clemson and I came back in and I read for a little while in my recliner.

A bunch of happy people
I was ill prepared but still started making the soup from my broth. I added onions and went to add carrots but I had obviously used up the last ones. No problem, George was here! So, when Bill and I took Clemson for a walk, I asked George if I could borrow one. He is almost like a grocery store and offered me some carrots and celery. At least my soup won’t be a dud today. Thanks George!
And one with Ron in it too
We offered to hold Happy Hour today, we haven’t had a group one for quite a while. At 3 o’clock Ron, Loree, George and Suzie joined us and we caught up on things from our last time together. At 4:45 it was time for us to get supper going. Bill lit B.W. Weber and put the foil wrapped potatoes on the grill. We were having pork chops, broccoli and mixed veggies tonight.

This picture is prettier than I first thought taking it
those clouds are crazy beautiful!
We did manage to get to a high of 71F today and we will be happy to only have a low of 59F overnight. That will make for a nice sleeping night with no heat on. It was actually warmer after supper with just a slight wind because the sun broke through more constantly. That encouraged me and I walked up to the mailbox to mail our card.

This tree had a very odd coloured trunk
I hope the right person finds it!
Okay, now I'm just stunned with the reflections
Each picture just gets better
From there I walked back to the far clubhouse library. I had previously decided that it would be the right place to leave my rock so while perusing the books, I found the perfect corner up on a higher shelf to tuck it. Now it is out of my hands and I can only hope someone who will carry it on finds it.

If you look closely you can see the 2 paddle boats out there
Great night for these people to have some fun with their grandsons
When I left the clubhouse, I walked around the pond to where the sun was reflecting on the water. There was a family out in the two paddle boats, grandparents with 2 grandsons, I think. It could be our Mobile Suite neighbours, I wasn’t sure. I snapped some photos, saw Mr. Heron once more and walked back home.

You've seen this before but it just keeps growing
This was a good day, we enjoyed it and I hope you did too. PS - follow up:
This morning I emailed who we were trying to contact. Within 15 minutes, we got the call we were waiting for. Turns out, messages weren't passed along...........or were they? Anyway, we are looking at a resolve to our issue and very happy about it.

and the sun sets with a lovely finale
good night all!
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sunshine and Blue Sky, Hair Cut, Casino Play and Casino Food

I was awake and up out of bed on Wednesday, Mar. 21st by 7:15. The sun wasn’t up yet so I tiptoed around opening blinds and preparing our Keurig drinks. Bill and Clemson were also still sound asleep. The sky was an amazing blue, well gray at first, and when the sun popped, everything woke with it. No clouds at all so the sunrise wasn’t as spectacular as it could be but I was just so happy to see it return.

I love the way these ducks were sunbathing on this protruding tree branch
Yesterday was a cold day and made worse by the wind but we got through it easily by cuddling up inside in our home. Looking forward to more outside time today for sure. 

Without my zoom lens, of course I see this heron capture a fish
It is hard to see but the big fish makes this guys mouth look
like a pelican instead

Maybe a better picture
so cool!
A second heron attempted to snag it from him with no success
It was fascinating to watch them
It is starting out at 32F so I will wait a bit for my first walk. After Bill got up and we had our morning drinks and grapefruit I looked out our back window and saw Ron and Freddy out for their run. I think Freddy gets more exercise than Ron does, but that’s the plan!

There was frost on Black Beauty which was gone by 9 even though she is sitting in the shade so that is a great sign. I showered and then called a hair salon in town to get my hair trimmed today. Loree went yesterday and recommended them when she heard I was keen too. It seems to take my hair a long time to grow so I never get much cut off but it is nice to get a pro’s touch once in a while rather than me just snipping at it.

We had an omelette sandwich and breakfast quesadilla and did the dishes so they were out of the way. Bill had his shower and made a phone call back to London. Nothing, let me repeat, nothing drives me crazier than when people do not return phone calls. We have something on the burner at our old place of employment and we’ve tried to follow up 3 times to get answers.

Bill and I saw the staff fixing this walk bridge the other day
Today it is finished and back in place
After being told twice over the last 2 weeks that a message to call us would be passed on, today, it was ‘as soon as she’s off the phone, I’ll get her to call you’. That was 2 hours ago. Venting, that is what I’m doing. I worked in an office for 31 years where it would never have cut it had I treated callers like that. Just make the darn phone call!

New playground equipment coming int
We drove into Grove and found O’Hairs Salon (cute, eh?). Cindy was ready for me as soon as I walked in 10 minutes early. What a lovely lady she is. The owner of this salon for 34 years, I’m so glad Loree recommended her to me. She trimmed my hair without going crazy and we had a nice conversation all for $15. What salon charges prices like that? This one does. I’ll be back and maybe I’ll let her go crazy next time. 😊

There are quite a few large dead tree stumps on the beach
There is something neat about them, the way they lie there
with a long story to tell, I'm sure

Taking time for a selfie
Bill stopped at Cheapo Depot for me to pop in and have a look-see. Nope, it didn’t impress me any more this time than the last time I was in there. I left empty-handed and we drove home to the Suite. At 3:30 I took Clemson for a walk down to the lake and back again. I saw Bill and Ron outside talking at their site so came inside. Within 10 minutes Ron and Loree walked over and we left for the Cherokee Casino at 4.

We stepped up to the Players Club and each got a $10 players card. That was a good start. 
Beautiful pansies in their garden
Loree and I wasted no time giving ours back to the penny machines but Bill was more successful and cashed in his $21.75. I think Ron did okay too cashing out $20 so it was a men’s night. We went to the restaurant and had a great meal including drinks for $30. We chatted, had some laughs, a few tears and the time very easily slipped by.

My Reuben and yummy green beans
Caesar salad and margarita
We had a great evening, some gambling and some food with friends

Back home at 6:30 we all sat inside together for half hour before saying good night. We are enjoying their company very much. We started watching some of our Monday night programs which recorded and had a small piece each of my peanut butter pie. This has been a great day, much warmer than the previous one. I hope you’ve enjoyed yours as well. PS - the day ended without our phone call. Grrr!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Cool Day Before the Warmup, Rock Hiding, Mobile Suites, SPRING

On Tuesday, Mar. 20th, officially Spring, I woke up from a dream, this one about my daughter, Bridgette and son, Patrick. So vivid! Yesterday, I woke up from a dream about Mom and my Uncle Don, who passed at least 8 years ago. Nice dreams though which is always a treat!
I was surprised to get this much this morning
and then the clouds closed up again
It was 7:30 again when Clemson and I made our exit from the family bed. Bill seemed to be still sound asleep. I took Mr. Piddle-bum out and then he went back to bed with his Daddy. At 42F outside I only debated for a minute before grabbing my hoody and wind breaker and getting out there. With no real strong wind, yet, it was a nice refreshing walk. The clouds indicated what kind of day we were going to get so I was surprised to get this sneak peek.
The trees have just POPPED yelling SPRING!
Nothing exciting on the walk today so after doing my mile, I returned to a still quiet Suite. As I began making my tea, Bill also rose to greet the day. We drank, read and ate our grapefruit together as per usual and at 9:30 I made bacon and eggs for breakfast. Ron and Freddy were out for some morning exercise and stopped by to make some plans for tomorrow. We are enjoying the time we can spend with them.

Looks like the wind got the best of this canopy
After cleaning up the dishes, we took turns getting cleaned up and very simply decided that it would be a ‘nothing’ type of day. This would be our coolest day yet if it even reaches the forecasted high of 55F. Bill called his sister, Carol, to catch up and follow up on Jess’s wedding invites. Just need to make sure they were emailed and received accordingly. I’d planned to cook ribs for supper tonight so got those out to thaw.

The heron is sitting on the log, taunting me
But at least I caught him
Going back to when we were at Bottomless Lake S.P. I told you that I walked a composite walkway back to some sheltered lookouts over the wetlands. What I didn’t tell you is that I found something. In the corner of the unique branch-built shelter was this rock. I love finding things but usually they are more of the nature-type. This was obviously strategically placed there, obvious because of the note on the back.

I went on Facebook as instructed and posted a picture that I found it and where. Now that the children have left this area, I want to place it here in this park in the hopes that someone finds it and continues to help it travel the country. I love stuff like this, that is probably the kid in me, something I am not opposed to admitting. 

So, this is what I posted on Facebook
The rest of the afternoon, or should I say the bulk of the afternoon, I sat in my chair with Clemson and watched recorded episodes of This is Us. I know the season finale is tonight and it will record until I’m caught up. I love the show, it never fails to make me laugh, cry and remember.

Loree dropped over at one point and gave me a business card for a hair salon in town. They got their hair cut today and the price is right. So, I’m going to call in the morning to get an appointment. Ron popped in even later still and brought us a book that I think I for sure am going to enjoy. Billy Bathgate by E.L. Doctorow. It will be a change of pace. We firmed up plans for tomorrow’s dinner and said goodnight.

Mobile Suite Estates next door
They're from Stillwater, Oklahoma
We got new neighbours again today. I didn’t even notice because we close the blind opposite the television to prevent glare on the screen. I could hear noises going on outside and never even thought of it. I was so engrossed in my shows. When Bill came down, he commented. A Mobile Suite Estates is next door! Ron also commented that this must be ‘Rich Row’.

Today, I’ve boiled a rack of pork ribs and with mashed potatoes, broccoli and corn, that will be a traditional supper saying goodbye to WINTER. Something my sister back home would have, except she wouldn’t likely be bbq’ing. 

and supper was perfect
Supper was delicious, each time we do ribs they seem to taste better and better. We cleaned up dishes and I changed my mind about a walk. Brrr.

Wouldn’t you know it, at 6 o’clock, the sun made its first appearance of the day. Instead of griping about it I looked for the silver lining and waited for the sunset in the clouds, of which I was sure would be pretty. I hadn’t been out yet to ‘hide’ my stone so I decided to wait. I think there is another ‘spring break’ happening as our neighbours have 3 grandchildren and the Bounder that just came in also has at least one child running around.

We only made it to 50F today so we are really looking forward to some warm up tomorrow. It has been a good day and with reruns taking the evening by storm, I might be watching more recorded programs. I hope yours was an enjoyable one.

Goodnight all
The sky is continually changing but I'm done opening and closing the door to capture each special moment.

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