Sunday, February 11, 2018

Another Last Day, Winds Picked Up and Then Calm, Last Happy Hour, Last Swim

Bill and I were up before 7:30 on Sunday, Feb. 11th. I am surprised my tough old foot isn’t sore from the gate wheel last night, but other than a bruise, I survived! I really did enjoy the evening, how I love to dance. It pleases me that people know how to dress for this kind of ‘party’. Most tried to wear something RED and I love that, always have and always will.

I don't know if you can tell how windy it is
the palm leaves are pointing south
We had our tea and coffee while catching up with friends. I figure my exercise last night meant a morning I could skip the walk. I’ll go later on. This is our last day so I may try and put a few puzzle pieces in and we’ll have to see if the pool draws us before Happy Hour. Bill had made up his mind yesterday that this morning he was taking a drive over to the Yuma Flying Field off I-95 so he had some cereal and got cleaned up.

My egg breakfast
I decided to stay back and take a walk and do a bit of cleaning up in the Suite while he was gone. Not in a rush, I fried up a couple of eggs for myself and fried 2 tortillas to eat them on. I’m not crazy about the Gluten-free Corn flour ones, but I bought them thinking they were better for me. Well, not if I don’t enjoy the taste! Frying them a bit is the only way I can eat them. Even then, I prefer the regular flour ones. 

Bill goes to explore the RC flying field
I love the look of Black Beauty
Had a brief chat with my oldest grandson yesterday on FB Messenger. I like to keep in touch to see how he is doing. I think I can stop worrying about him, he is finding his niche in life, living on his own. When Taylor communicates with me, he treats me with such compassion and has always tried to convince me that he is “doing well, Grandma”. I do believe he is now. I miss him, it has been far too long since I’ve hugged that sweet boy.

I did the few breakfast dishes up after Bill left at 10:15, brushed me teeth and took a walk. The early morning winds have calmed and it is another gorgeous day. Already at 10:30 it is 70F. Every weather station we check into says that we are going to get a bit of a cool down in our temperatures. Well, at mid-80’s for over 3 weeks, I’d say we can afford a little cool down without hurting us too badly. After all, 69F here during the day and 50F overnight is not cool by any means. I think we can handle it for 3 days.

The one I liked showed more like a home
breaking up the bedroom and bath from the kitchen and dining

The walk to the closest recycle bins on Victoria St. was not too far so I veered further so I came back a different way to the clubhouse/office. I stuck my head into 3 more Open House units to see the differences. Well, I did more than that. I walked right in. If we don’t have dreams……..hey, we always have dreams and ‘what ifs’ in our life but that doesn’t mean we aren’t happy or content. It means we are always open to explore new things.

Arizona room bathroom

This would be your living room area

I worked on the puzzle for 15 minutes or so and managed to drop quite a few pieces in place. That felt good and satisfied my fingertips, hovering over the picture. 

It would have been fun to work on longer

I walked down to the Billiards Room, which I hadn’t peeked in the other day. There are just 3 pool tables in there and one fellow was challenging himself. He said it was a bit disappointing since he’d played in a league back home, but to me it seemed just fine.

I arrived back at the Suite right around noon and Bill was home. That told me that there probably weren’t any or many flyers at the field.  We chatted and Bill made himself a sandwich. My egg seems to have fulfilled me for now so I took my book and went on the patio. Around 1:15 I decided to go to the pool and Bill opted out today. No problem, we don’t have to go everywhere together.

So, I tried a selfie on the big lounger
When I got there, of course, I wished he was there only because there was only one other person. Situating myself in the opposite corner, I spread out on the double cushioned lounger. Feeling spoiled, naturally. I showered and took a swim in the warm water. 
Laying on the lounger, I looked up to this majestic palm
Back and forth from one end to the other 3 or 4 times and then relaxed with my book. Lee Child is becoming one of my favourite, least predictable authors. Jack Reacher is brought to life for me and I laugh often at his actions.

and zoomed in to the top
At 2:15, I took another dip with 3 more laps of the pool before stretching out on my tummy. The air outside was not cool like it was yesterday. When you get out of the water, there was no need to rush for a towel. There are no clouds today and that is likely the difference. It is 77F, just beautiful! I left the serenity of the pool and walked ‘just over there’ to the Suite at 3.

Happy Hour at the Duchaine's
Bill was feeling sleepy after finishing his Tami Hoag’s Dust to Dust so he laid down for 15 minutes. We took our small cooler and chairs to Tom and Deb’s for our last Happy Hour with them this winter. How sad! On the other hand, we have been very happy to get to know them better on a personal level and will keep in touch on line until next time.
And I was there too
Deb had made up a batch of Beer Margaritas and some salsa and chips for a snack. I didn’t contribute much but I took a dish of green olives. Thanks guys, it was a lovely last meeting, too bad I forgot my funky tripod for a selfie. 
Thanks for the snacks guys

Back home, Bill was feeling the effects of the two drinks so he wanted to sit for a bit before we started supper. I had prepared potatoes so we could finally eat up our fish and chips, planned for two nights ago!

At 5:45 we started grilling and deep frying and we were eating delicious grilled cod fillets and home-made fries. I had some red wine to finish so that went with the meal also. The one glass will last me through the evening and I have a bottle of water handy too. Ha ha. My foot is bruised from the wheel last night but it isn’t sore, thank goodness. Such a clumsy one I can be!

After dishes, Bill put the last items away, the Weber Q, table and our chairs. All done! We decided to miss Madame Secretary, after all my whining, but it wasn’t worth setting up the satellite dish for one night. We’ll survive and there are always recaps of the previous show. Tomorrow we move, Tucson here we come! We are anxious to re-connect with Ken and Nancy, our Illinois friends, once more for a few days. The time will go fast, we have a few Jell-o plans together.

Bill's supper
I'd already cut into my fish before taking a picture
I had less potatoes and still too many
I must say this has been a quiet but enjoyable day. Great to share one more Happy Hour with good friends whom we just met last winter and a great park to enjoy. I hope you have had a good one as well.

good night from Fortuna de Oro
We've enjoyed it here
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  1. I must say I love Lee Child also. I thought it was rather funny that they picked Tom Cruise to play him as Jack Reacher in the book he is portrayed as 6 foot 5 inches tall and 250 pounds. And I mean look at the size of Tom Cruise !!!!!!!!!! Please.......give me a break. LMAO.

    1. I know! We didn't see the movie but I totally agree.
      You and I could have picked someone better and of course I can't think of anyone off the top of my head.

  2. You had a fun time there enjoying the quirks, now on to another place for more new adventures enjoying the good life. Travel safe.

    1. I'm sure you mean perks and yes we did. Let's see what another pricey place can offer us! :)

  3. A great last day there, and of course a great last happy hour with Deb & Tom.

    Enjoy Lee Child's myself, always a good read.

    Travel safe!!!

    1. We made the best of our 4 days here, it is quite nice.
      This Lee Child is The Affair, it is going fast. :)

  4. Quick three days but I think you and Bill made the best of it. Glad you had such a relaxing time. Enjoy your time in Tucson.

  5. I guess we will miss you this year as we are moving from Apache Junction to Quartzsite tomorrow. Have fun on your eastward travels and drive safe.

    1. I know! Bill said the same thing yesterday and that is unfortunate. Hopefully next year our paths will cross. You enjoy Quartzsite and stay safe on the rest of your journey.

    2. To give you an idea. That nice spot at La Posa South was past the Maintenance on main road, turn right at the sparkly candy cane, through the wash and left.Keep going to the left and the stones should be visible soon. :) Not sure if your motor home is too low for the wash but you can get there other ways.

  6. There was no Madam Secretary yesterday and won't be until the end of Feb. All good shows are off because of the Olympics, so you didn't miss anything. I found Tucson very nice and bet you'll be doing some shopping there. At least looking.

    1. Oh! That is great! thank you. sounds like we'll have to get into our books. The Olympics don't turn our cranks either.
      We're only in Tucson for 3 nights so probably not much shopping. Bill will be happy about that!

  7. Looks like a great last day from sunrise to sunset..Love the pic of you at the pool..too cute. Happy Hour looked like fun and those famous beer margaritas! French fries awesome too..Gotta admit the park models are cute! Do you have to listen to some sort of spiel when you have the free nights? I'm assuming not since you didn't mention it..Travel safe today! Nice that you get to spend a little time w Ken and Nancy, great people!

    1. It was indeed a great last day. I had to move quickly to get onto the chair without legs flying in the air!
      Yes, the beer margaritas have made a name for themselves and so has Deb for making them!
      No spiel at all, and we felt very welcome when we arrived for the free nights.
      Looking forward to seeing Ken and Nancy again before we all have to think about going home.

  8. That looks like a nice park to spend some time!! Your selfie came out great!!

    1. Thank you, you didn't see me scurrying to get in position! haha
      Thank God NO one saw that!

  9. Jack Reacher or Tom is all great fiction, so just enjoy.

  10. You guys sure made the most of that park. Now on to a new adventure! Travel safe.

  11. It is sad to say it was our last Happy Hour for this adventure but it was nice to spend more time getting to know each other. Looking forward to more Happy Hours in the future.
    Enjoy your time in Tucson.

    Tom said to say thanks for bringing the olives. They are one of his favorite treats.

    1. It is sad but at least we did it as late as possible! :)
      Here's to the future, raising a beer magarita! (not really, this early)
      You are welcome, Tom, mine too!