Sunday, February 11, 2018

House of the Rising Sun, A Slovenly Day, Walks, Pool, Happy Hour, Valentine’s Dance

I was awake on Saturday, Feb. 10th at 5:30 first. Checked the clock and thought “nope, too early”. Who knows if I dropped off but I must have for a few minutes here and there because small snippets of different dreams flitted in my memory. At 6:30 I was fully awake but forced myself to stay put until 7 before I slipped out from under the covers.
the moon and I say good morning!
I noticed some low, very low-lying clouds on the eastern horizon when I opened the shades so slipped into my hoody and shoes for a walk. No sound from Clemson indicating that he was ready to go out so I exited. What a gorgeous morning at 57F already. My destination today was to reach the most easterly side of the park so headed in that direction. I didn’t meet anyone until after I’d reached the end and followed the lane back.
The park is still in slumber so I played with the settings
Bill wasn’t up yet so I tiptoed around and put the Keurig on for my tea. Turning on my phone’s Hotspot I checked for comments on my blog post and then got lost reading our blogger friend’s posts. Bill came down the stairs a few minutes after 8. Clemson didn’t follow until closer to 8:30. How some nights he can go 12 hours without a piddle and other nights he is up through the night just makes him more and more human.

It was pretty even before the sun rose over the mountains
The park sweeper, there is definitely money here
We think is the kind of cactus we had in a pot in our home for
5 or 6 years in our Southwestern themed living room
That was BEFORE we made our decision to come down
It was just a fantasy then

Clubhouse, puzzle room

Lots of puzzles but haven't found books yet
Don't need them, just like to check them out anyway
Nothing exciting in our tree behind us this morning but it is certainly a gorgeous day. 
From our House of the Rising Sun
The almost lime green in the Palo Verde tree behind us is so brilliant, I love looking at their smooth bark. We sat at our laptops and did a bunch of stuff. I cut the pink grapefruit I bought at Luz’s Cactus Ranch in half for Bill and I to share. A pre- breakfast treat.

Yummy, need to pick more up
We had a white one yesterday and it was very good. There was a time, 8 years ago when Bill couldn’t eat them because he was on Lipitor, a cholesterol med. Now, thank goodness, he has that under control, no more meds and can eat them whenever he wants. Today, will be a slow day. We have no where to be and only the pool to visit, Happy Hour at 4.

I fried 3 eggs at 9:30 to go with our leftover bacon from yesterday, which I warmed in the microwave for 30 seconds. After cleaning up dishes, we went for a walk over to the Resort Home Centre with our entry to a contest they have for Quartzsite visitors. You could win a month stay here if you were the lucky one. That would be just fine too.

We toured their 3 show homes
We entertain the idea of owning one one day
We chatted with Christy, volunteer Workcamper for Cal*Am home sales. What a nice lady to talk to, very pleasant and excitable about the homes. She isn’t a sales person so that made it nicer, just like Bill and I when we work the RV shows back home. People feel comfortable without the pressure. We perused the 3 models next door and we’re duly impressed.

this is for our Dryden friends
Know him?
Back at the Suite, we tossed ‘dreams’ around and ‘what ifs’ just for the ‘hell of it’. I was going to say ‘halibut’ but didn’t know if my humour would be received the way I meant it. Ha! Bill sat to read for a while and I wrote, the thing I do second best. It was a treat to hear from our friend, Jim, from back in Ontario, in the snow and cold. He really didn’t need to hear that we would be hitting 90F today but we hope he enjoyed the conversation just as much as we did. Thanks for calling, Jim!

Bill was reading his book inside and I sat outside for a bit. We’ve put both a/c units on in the Suite to keep it a moderately comfortable temperature inside. We have the service and it isn’t costing us anything, so why not? While up at the Home Centre earlier, Christy gave us information about the Valentine’s dance tonight at the North Hall. For $5 per person, we’ll definitely go for the evening. All she had to say was ‘chocolate desserts’ and I was in!

someone took their Lincoln to the pool
Funny, how plans changed. I thought we’d go up to the pool at 1 o’clock for an hour and a half and be back in time for a nibble and then wait for Tom and Deb to join us. Well, I felt so tired reading outside that I came in and lie down on the sofa. If it wasn’t for Bill’s snoring to wake me, I don’t know how long we’d have slept. It was 1:15 when I opened my eyes. Woops! So, we changed into our bathing suits and walked over to the pool.

There was quite a crowd at the pool and all of the recliners were taken so we set up at a table, which was just fine with us. The wind had picked up so we put our awning in before we left home, just in case. We swam around for a bit and when Bill got chatting with a couple of guys, or rather they got chatting to him, I swam to the end and climbed up the steps at the deep end.

Once the chill of the windy air (oh my goodness, it had to be 80F) dried my legs, the sun was once again warm. We noticed the wispy clouds had moved in across the sky as well. We read our books and then at 3:10 walked back to the Suite. I texted Deb to suggest an earlier Happy Hour since we would be home. The two of them arrived around 3:30 and we had a nice catchup from our last time we saw each other.

The sky was a picture perfect painting

We discussed meeting at the North hall for the Valentine’s Dance and said our goodbyes. Bill and I had planned on fish and chips but I had to have my shower first. By the time that was done, I trimmed my bangs, ironed a shirt and all that, it left an hour to eat and clean up. Hmmm. How does hot dogs sound? Bill had 2 and I had one with my second wiener on the side. Save room for desserts and drinks.

Lots of tables empty when we arrived so we picked one in the corner away
from the speakers
the place was decorated nicely and it reminded us that the guys had a few days
left before Valentine's Day!
(I know my sweetie is ahead of the game on that one)
It really felt nice to dress up a bit and have a night out again, with friends. We secured a table and Deb and Tom arrived very soon after. Upper Room was the name of the band and we could tell from their warmup/guitar tuning etc. that they were going to be an entertaining group with some great tunes. And they did not let us down. From the first song, the dance floor was inhabited.

It soon filled up
It became a bit of a game between the 4 of us, naming the bands that originally sang the songs since 80% of the music was from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Mostly from our teen years (’69 to ’73) and that was wonderful! We had a great time and even though I didn’t finish the bottle of Yellow Tail Merlot, I made a darn good stab at it. While dancing, which we did a fair bit, I kept the effects at bay but I was a little giddy coming home.
Our good friends, Deb and Tom, joined us

You know who we are!
We drove out the Main Gate so we could drive back in our entrance and realized oh-oh, gates close at night. To exit, they open on a sensor but to return you have to use a code. The code is in the Suite. Hmm. Luckily, the entrance we needed to come in by, had a manual slide across gate. I felt fits and giggles bubbling to the service as I got out and slid it open so Black Beauty could enter. As I closed it behind us, woops! I ran the wheel over my foot. Had I not been so ‘medicated’ (ha ha) I’m sure this would have hurt like heck!
And the dance floor never got a break
I like that kind of evening/music

Classy touches
We could have left the drinks at home
Bar prices were $2 per drink, no matter what it was
Back home by 10:15 (the band quit at 10 on the dot) we sat and read for an hour while I drank a bottle of water. I didn’t want to regret this wonderful evening. I had a great time. We had a great time! It was mere minutes after my head hit the pillow and I was gone. What a fun day.
They kept bringing these little desserts out
There were 3 kinds of cheesecakes which is my favourite

I asked the fellow at our next table if he'd take a picture of us
good friends, good times
Thanks for following our adventures, even though they don’t seem like much is going on, we have fun, we meet people and we are getting the best out of our life. Please leave a comment if you wish to. I read and respond to them all.


  1. If you keep this up you'll be needing new dancing shoes soon. Good pictures and they reflect the fun you had. Of course we wish we would have been there.

    1. You're right!! I'll try and talk Bill into that purchase! ha ha
      Wish you had been here too!

  2. Got that one: The Animals.

  3. Siue sounds like you had a wonderful day and the fun Valentines Dance with Tom and Deb to wind down.
    Keep enjoying it there.

    1. We've enjoyed this park but wouldn't come back unless we stayed at least a week to make it worthwhile and stay for all the benefits.

    2. We will not go there again just not our style but the free camping was nice just to check it out.

  4. A fun filled day and a wonderful evening with friends, what more could you ask for.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was a fun filled day for sure! We enjoyed the dance with Tom and Deb. Lots of laughs in a different environment.

  5. "Slovenly" Now thats a new word for me. I think it was anything but a slovenly day!! You guys are fitting right into that spiffy park. We will have trouble getting you back in the desert!! Glad your having fun.

    1. Need a word? Just ask! ha ha
      I'm feeling a bit posh, I must admit! :)

  6. Good photos of you all!! Very nice.
    Don in Okla.

    1. thanks Don, we can clean up nice if we want to! :)

  7. We knew you were having too much fun when we saw no blog this am..haha..Sounds like a lovely day and so fun. The dance sounded like too much fun, how nice the park puts on things like this and at a rate that's affordable for anyone :) I would love to walk through the park models, from what I can see they're beautiful. Nice that you're getting to spend a few days with Tom and Deb..and Happy Hour! Seems like a lot of fun stuff is going on! * Elva wanted me to tell you she loves the terms Lurker and Blurker!

    1. I knew you'd figure my late post out, can't fool you Nevadians! :)
      We had fun at the dance and I'll bet you would have enjoyed it too!Loved the price of everything.
      The park models are fun, nice to dream and think of our future.
      Glad to see Tom and Deb again for sure!
      Thank you Elva. Some say they think it is inappropriate but I think it is perfect for a non blogger who follows us. it is harmless and meant with affection. We'd be lost without our blurkers!

  8. It was a good day...Happy Hour and a Valentine's Day Dance with good friends always nice to just sit, relax, and chit chat...:)
    I think that game was between the three of you I have never been able to keep most of the groups Tom finally had some real competition.
    Thanks for suggesting the dance it was a fun time.

    1. It WAS a great day and evening. We had fun at the dance, another avenue to get to know each other. And even FB now! :)
      I just wanted to include you in the 'game', it was fun give Tom a challenge too. We are tickled that you went to the dance with us.

  9. You two are looking good. Life in the sunny south must agree with you.

  10. Haha, hubby says "just for the halibut" all the time!

  11. Some how I keep missing a post or two of yours. I'm not sure how that happens.

    Looks like an excellent time and excellent company as well.

    Glad you've enjoyed your time there. Always nice to look around and see what's available.

    1. No worries, I do the same. It doesn't help when I have to wait until morning to post!
      We had a great time, I love dancing!

  12. Looks like you two are having a great time. Wish my hubby enjoyed dancing, but I love him anyway! Lol! I really enjoy following along on your journey.

    1. Bill doesn't 'love' dancing where I could be up all the time. Sometimes if I want to dance and he doesn't, I go up anyway! At least he will get up most times I suggest it, except the line dancing. haha
      Thank you for following us, I'm happy to have you along!

  13. The music sounds like 'oldsters' enjoy the 60's, 70's and 80's stuff. Brings back memories. The cheesecake looked yummy too.

    1. We knew every song they played, Neil Diamond, CCR, Hollies, Bruce Springsteen, Eagles etc etc.
      Cheesecakes were just the right size too!

  14. What a great night out. Hope your foot heals up quickly and you don't have a headache!! LOL

    1. Yup, no sore foot, just a bruise and wee cut on my second toe. No headache either, I always drink water before bed and that does the trick for me.