Thursday, April 26, 2018

Crazy Weather! Sunny Day, Clemson’s Spa Day, Birthday Wishes

We woke up around 6 on Thursday, Apr. 26th and because there were big fluffy flakes falling last night and the ground was covered before I went to bed at 9:30, we were in no rush to jump out of bed. What crazy weather we are all being tested with this spring! At 6:30 we all got up. It dropped to freezing overnight and this morning the fog covered the surrounding area.

Spooky morning across the pond
Scruffy Clemson and I catching some sun
Bill made our tea and coffee and he sat to do some banking while I caught up with our blogger friends. By 8, the fog had lifted so I doubt there were any bus cancellations much to the disappointment of area children. Once the sun comes out, it shouldn’t take long for the spattering white ground cover to disappear. By 9:30, the snow was a distant memory again. I know we’re not through with this weather yet so we were happy to have the sun overhead all-day long.

We basically puttered around the Suite this morning, tidying things up. It was a relaxing morning as we had our second drink along with bacon and eggs. We took a few walks out the lane and soon enough it was time to get cleaned up for a trip into town. Clemson had an appointment to get his hair cut and my nerves were a bit on edge, wondering if it would work out this time. 

We took him in to Kate at Bath and Biscuit in Durham and explained the Yuma Pet Smart experience in December.

The corral is free of snow
Kate was quite willing to give it a try and was very confident that Clemson would get a new look today. She said to come back in an hour. Just that is unreal, with all Pet Smarts indicating that it could be 3 hours. Kate gives one on one care, dealing with her charge from beginning to end. We walked to the bank on the corner to w/d some cash and order new cheques.

Some new solar lights to be placed yet
Checking the Home Hardware flyer today, we decided to pick up a few of their specials. One of the items was out of stock so we got it on order and will pick it up later this week. From there we drove to Rob and Pats briefly to drop off a strap that Bill borrowed yesterday and one more stop at the accountants to drop Mom’s income tax information off. She doesn’t have to pay so there is no real rush on her file date.

The river runs across Rob and Pat's street
and it is flowing strong today
Rob's pretty rebuilt GMC pickup

1973 Custom 3500
In an hour, we returned to Bath and Biscuit and Clemmy was on the table, 95% trimmed. He was being the perfect little angel. The one we never see when trying to trim him. Our presence got him excited making it more difficult for her so we stepped outside for another 10 minutes while she finished his paws. Before we left we made his next appointment for June. We are definitely happy campers, all 3 of us. I’m sure Clemson feels odd, he probably lost 2 pounds!

Let's go, Clemson says
While waiting for Clemson, I stepped into the Movie rental store. I don’t even know the name of it but the owner inside was very friendly. We don’t rent movies, at least haven’t for years, but I am often looking for dvd’s to purchase. There are new season NCIS’s that we haven’t got and he can order them in for us. That saves us ordering them through our London store. I also placed an order for one of my favourite movies, Bridges of Madison County, a dvd that we don’t have.

Who is this skinny little guy in our backseat?
The star of our day today and we can see his eyes again
Back home, we did some more relaxing, reading and watched a bit of tv before heading outside. Today we’d purchased 6 new solar lights for the garden areas, they were such a good price, so we walked around placing them in different spots. Bill wanted to burn some flyers so started a fire in our pit and we sat in our King chairs for a while and took a couple more walks.

You can tell it is windy the way the flames are blowing

Bill was trying to be goofy but I like his smile anyway

My handsome boys
Supper was easy, leftover lasagna and a garden salad. At 6, Bill plugged us in so I could warm it up in the microwave. We had eaten and cleaned up by 6:45 so the rest of the evening was a quiet one. There is going to be a sunset tonight so I’ll try and include that picture before I post. This has been a great day, with a few more things accomplished around the Ridge.

Even Goose the Spruce gets a light
but I couldn't get it all the way into the hard ground yet
The Spring Peepers (our resident chirping frogs) started Tuesday night and Bill just rolls his eyes. They get so loud, you can hear them a mile away and if it weren’t for the sound of the tv, we’d hear them clearly inside the Suite. There is something said about how they predict rain in the spring and also the arrival of fall but I can’t get a definitive answer on Google. If you have “Alexis” ask her what it means. 😊

We think Ethel is making her nest here

But maybe she is still checking it out
Looks pretty wet to me

I don't think this is one of the peepers but a Kermit for sure
I think there is an extra swagger in his walk now
I hope you have had a fun day and enjoyed the sunshine. Today is Bill's sister's birthday so a big Happy Birthday to you Carol!

An older picture but a great one, don't you think?

Good night all from the Ridge

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Glad that your snow melted and things warmed up for you, gotta be loving this weather for sure.
    And Of course a Happy Birthday to Carol.
    More spring days to enjoy.

    1. We are happy the snow went away quicker than it came! :)
      Beautiful spring sunshine makes up for everything else.

  2. It looks so nice up there at the Ridge. Clemson looks very handsome.🐕

    1. Thank you, it is so peaceful up here.
      Our little boy must feel 100% better too! :)

  3. Awww Clemson looks great! Nothing like finding a good groomer. I'm still looking!! I love seeing all your critters!!

    1. thanks Nancy, he thinks he is pretty handsome too!

  4. Saw your sites on George's blog and thought I'd stop by and say hi (or hey here in the South)

  5. What a great looking cut Clemson has!! He's so skinny!

    Looks cool there, nothing like a fire on a cold day is there?