Saturday, April 7, 2018

Homeward Bound, Perfect Day for a Drive, Destination London, Smiling Faces and Free Hugs

We were both awake and up at 6:30 on Saturday, Apr. 7th. Pretty normal for me but I think nerves for the day, good and bad ones played a part. We were hoping for an early start so that was good. The sky was clear and I watched the sun come up before 7. It was a cold 27F and Black Beauty was sporting a frosty coat. All we wanted to do was wash, pull slides in and go.

Yesterday, we had an Anonymous commenter on my post. Someone who is in this KOA park and follows blogs. That’s kinda cool! This morning we saw Mr. Red Cap and Black Lab walk by but it was before we had stepped out the door. Once we got things closed up, he walked around again and we were able to strike up a conversation. Brian, from Toronto, is heading out about 10 minutes after us on his way home. Safe travels and nice to meet you!

Can you say c-c-c-camping?
At 7:35 we turned out of the park onto OH-420 and then I-75N. By 8 we crossed into Michigan. I didn’t see the sign but the roads were the telltale of that crossing. Man, oh man, crappy roads! I sure hope Bill rates this road! Don’t travel too far on it with an rv if you have a choice. Before we left we made up our hot drinks in travel mugs and opted to just munch on our breakfast bars until we arrived in London.

Getting ready to pull out
Our last American sleepover
Leaving early gave us a good head start on the day
Not much traffic for the most part
The very creative structure over the bridge at Toledo, OH
Always construction, no matter where you go
this was on I-75 in Michigan
We pulled off at Exit 15 to the Pilot Travel Centre for fuel and had to bite back on the high prices here. No choice, when you need it and it is still cheaper than getting it at home. $3.29/gal for diesel. Ouch! With a full tank, we are back on this nasty interstate. It did actually improve a bit once we got past Wayne, Mi. Clear sailing from there to our Exit 43B to the Bridge to Canada.

Approaching the Bridge to Canada and what's that red and white?
Nice to see familiar sights
No line ups, 2 people ahead of us, zip zip. We were asked 3 or 4 questions and wished a good day in all of 2 minutes. Just the way we like it. As soon as we crossed, I texted Donna and we called Dad. They are the worriers and were happy to hear from us, safe and sound back in our own homeland. It was 9:20 and 30F. The sun is glorious and the same in Stratford so that is great. Now we just need to get used to kilometers and Celsius all over again.

More familiar things in Ontario
Snow in the fields, On Route (rest area) Tim Hortons!
Furnival Road, Rodney, I lived there for 5 years
Highway 401

Next, I texted our 6 kids so they knew we were ‘home’. The 401 is a blessing, kind of like the Arizona highways, in good condition. It is funny how you just relax when back in Canada. There are no surprises here, I guess and things are familiar even though it has been a while since we’ve travelled this particular stretch of highway. Our plan is to find a Rest Area, now called ‘On Route’, ladeda’, so we missed the first one. Someone needs a washroom break and it isn’t Clemson or Bill. He used the facilities at the Pilot way back in MI.
Sunshine and smoke stacks
Because we didn’t eat, other than a snack bar, we are going straight to the Flying M Truck Stop down the road from our dealer, CanAm. We’ll grab brunch there and the good news is that my son, Patrick, is joining us. I’m glad he is able to drop everything and come and give us a welcome home hug. It was too bad that Nate had swimming lessons so I have to wait to see the little gapher later in the week.

We had a nice meal together and caught up on our stuff and his and it was a great visit, however short. Hopefully, we can get together with all 3 of them Tuesday night before heading up to the Ridge. How could I forget to take a picture? Having too much fun, I guess. After saying goodbye, we drove the short jaunt to the CanAm dealership on Colonel Talbot Road. We set up, got plugged into electric/hydro and popped in the store to say hello.
Now that is a pretty water tower! :)

Most everyone was busy but that is typical for this business. Lots of customers filtering around and we did manage to grab a few hugs and hellos without interfering too much. I hope. Katie, Josee, Pat, John, Joe, Andy, Evan, Dan and Kirk a few of the boys in the shop, Ron and Rick. Bill and I walked through a couple of Airstream trailers because we are curious and our minds are always working. We had a nice chat with Dan, he is the youngest salesman at CanAm or at least one of the youngest and a really special young man.

Looks like winter here, not spring
 Bill and I began talking to a couple, John and Claire, who are thinking about going full-time and are curious about a lot of things. Joe, another salesman, asked if they could bounce some questions off of us. The next hour and a half was inside our Suite giving suggestions and tips of what we’ve learned during our two years of this lifestyle. Finally, I had to flick the switch in Bill’s back to stop the momentum of his chit chat, ha ha, but it was getting close to quitting time for the staff. He gets so caught up in this 'thing' that he loves and I know people value his opinions.

CanAm, our home for the next few days
There is just too much information for such a short period of time. I finished my post and downloaded a few pictures. We only get 3 channels here and they are Canadian channels so not very entertaining. Other than the news, we can either watch a dvd or read. For supper, we have leftover meatloaf with some potatoes and I can make another salad on the side.

one of the Airstreams we looked at
This has been a cold day, but another great day. We are home, we are happy and we are warm. If you are still travelling, which I know some of you are, be safe, make wise decisions and take your time. It is still ‘sprinter’ here in Ontaryario.

Snuggled up against the building

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Lucky you. Home again. We are still in Florida after a spectacular winter. Starting the trek home tomorrow. Hope we can get to catch up sometime this summer.

    1. Nice to hear from you guys! I'd say lucky you because you are still in the warmth! However, I'm glad our drive home is over. Travel safe you two and you know you are welcome to come and stay with us at the Ridge for a while too! We'd love to see you again.

  2. Glad you made it home safe and sound. I know what you mean by relaxing across the line. I feel that way about California, mostly because I know the roads. So for those of us not in the know, what is Can Am??

    1. Thank you, something falls away from the shoulders and the minds when back in your home land. :) I haven't driven for 5 months and am anxious to get out on the roads I know.
      Sorry! CanAm is our RV dealership where we volunteer and Bill works during the summer. :)

  3. So happy to hear you guys are home. You've managed to dodge most of the bad weather. Hope the Ridge clears soon.
    Sounds like Bill is chomping at the bit to get back to work. It's always nice to get back to a familiar routine.

    1. Thank you guys. It is good to be home now we just need the weather to warm up and I think the end of the week it will be.
      Bill is happy working here with the rv's and the $ comes in handy. Me? I'm really retired! :)

  4. Glad you are back in Canada safe and sound. How nice that your son could join you for brunch today; to bad about the little one not being able to make it. Hope spring arrives before you have to make your way further north. Enjoy your time in London and catching up with everyone. Take care.

    1. thank you guys. i was very surprised and thrilled that Patrick came to see us. We don't hear from him often, he doesn't read our blogs BUT the smile on his face as he walked across the lot along with his wonderful bear hug replaced all that. :)
      We'll see Nathan and Chaela on Tuesday night so that will be good.

  5. Welcome home again we are not far behind you.

  6. Welcome home sis! Now who am I going to spend time worrying about? Ha Ha. Sorry about the weather...I tried to arrange warmer temps for you but Mother Nature had a plan of her own. Another blanket of snow here last night, not a lot, but everything is white again. It is supposed to be warming up as the week progresses, fingers crossed.

    1. Thank you Donna. You can relax now until October again. :)
      I know you tried and I know you are no competition for Mother Nature. We got a wee bit here overnight but nothing on the ground. Trying again now and it is -5 but should see some sun later.

  7. Welcome home!!! Looks like a nice cozy little spot for a few days until it warms a bit. Glad the drive was in good weather. That stretch of highway has always been that way but it's such a short stretch and home is so near. I've found many Michigan roads to be like that so going to Port Huron isn't much better, just longer with a few good spots along the way. Also I found I-75 is mainly just rough with a few holes as opposed to the other way which is mainly holes with rough roads between them. However it has been a couple years since I've traveled to Port Huron so perhaps it's changed.

    Soon you'll be back on The Ridge and wondering where spring went as summer will be upon us. Glad you're back in Ontario safe and sound.

    1. Thanks Deb and Riley. It is nice to be home and we'll stay cozy for a few days before we move again.
      Crazy roads, makes us long for Arizona again!
      Looking forward to seeing my plants popping at the Ridge. :)

  8. That was great that Patrick came to see you both! Funny that he doesn't read the blog, but I'm not certain how often my kids read either other than my oldest. I would like to see your rating of the highway and if it differs from your hubby's :) Nice that you can stay at Can Am for a few days and sounds like you'll both be sharing your knowledge while you're there! Enjoy!

    1. It was nice to see my 'little' boy. haha He's 6'2 I think. You have to know Patrick, his sister and I tease the daylights out of him because he's so busy and therefore so forgetful. (like me!)
      The I-75 had good and bad spots. The very bad sections I would give a 5 or 6 probably because I think of dishes and cupboard doors. Even when it smoothed out, you sometimes felt like you were on a rolling coaster which can also turn your tummy upside down. Closer to home, our 401 highway (like the Interstates) was not too bad, probably a 7/8 in the worse spots and a 9 in the smooth areas. I don't know what Bill said, haven't read it. As a passenger, we have more time to cringe. :)
      We'll enjoy our time here and get some friend and family visits in too.

    2. Welcome back to good old Canada. As much as we enjoy traveling in the States it is always a big huge sigh of relief to be back across the border into our own home country.