Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain, New Tires, Mom's Checkup

Wednesday, Apr. 25th I stirred first at 4:10, dropped off, then again at 5:30 and finally woke at 6. My plan was to get up and go for a walk. With the transient lifestyle all winter, each morning I wake up, I have to envision where we are. This morning was no different and it was in my mind that we were still at the bottom of the hill. When I popped my earplugs out, I could hear the patter of rain and soon remembered that we were at the top of the hill.

Black Beauty going to get new tires
Bill moved when he felt me doing my morning stretches and said “I guess we won’t be walking this morning.” We got up at 6:30 and went through the morning rituals and Clemson soon followed. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to not have to slip layers of clothes on and shoes to take him out on the leash. We can just open the door and he trots down.
While rummaging through the cupboard
I found my Disc walkman but one port was rusted
so it wouldn't work ๐Ÿ˜ข

I scraped it and wiped it clean and tried the batteries again
Yay! it is working now so I listened to Willie Nelson for a while๐Ÿ˜Š
Sometimes he gets over eager, sometimes fearful of the stairs and jumps from 2 stairs down. We always say ‘take your time’ and often that slows him down. Then when we see he is finished, we go out and lift him up. This is for our peace of mind so he doesn’t hurt himself in his frantic rush to get up again. His long legs are so spindly. I’m sure he is also quite happy to be able to do his business in private! ๐Ÿ˜Š

I had received Mom’s missing documents from BMO yesterday so printed them off this morning to be dropped off at the accountants today. After buying Black Beauty out, we knew we wouldn’t have our first much lower payment go through until the middle of May. You can imagine Bill’s consternation when he checked the bank this morning to find that Ford Credit had taken out the original lease payment!

something else I came across in the photo box made me smile
My grandsons, probably 18 years ago
I love this picture!
We have never been pleased with the lady in the office at Mt. Brydges Ford, always seeming to screw simple things up. Today, being no exception. We’ll call and get it straightened out but it is so frustrating all the same. Today is a busy day. Bill is taking B.B. in to get her new wheels, well, tires on the back, he is dropping off his Stihl weed trimmer for a cleanup and maybe getting a haircut.

I will be meeting my sister, Donna, at Rockwood right after Mom’s lunch. We need to take Mom into Owen Sound for her regular pacemaker check. It is so much easier with at least two of us, so Mom is not left alone at any time. I’ve just learned that Gayle, another sister, is coming too. The less confusion for Mom, the better, although any removal from Rockwood turns her world upside down anyway.

Bill and I had our showers and he had cereal while I just had a banana. I wasn’t hungry enough for a full breakfast at 9. I will need a bit more before I leave at 12:30 so a bowl of bean soup will fit the bill. The rain continues to pitter patter across the Ridge and with a calm high of only 47F/9C we aren’t expecting anything different today. That’s okay, we have things to keep us busy today.

The last of the bean soup that was in the freezer
I added butter and mozzarella cheese
I managed to keep myself entertained but filing a few things from our winter travels, new state maps we picked up. I also opened the overhead cupboards above the sofa and removed some unnecessary things. This is where I’ve kept all of our momentos, pictures, small photo albums, notes, letters and my dolls, so there wasn’t a lot of movement up there. It is sorted better, that’s the main thing.

Clemson walked to the mailbox with me to mail a couple of letters
Under the bed, there was some more adjustment and sorting. I brought all the pocket novels out from under there and from the closet to be stored in the bunky until we read them. I think most of these came from Deb and Riley, so thanks again gals for the books! At 12:30 I was out the door and on my way down the laneway.

and he led the way back home
When I arrived at Rockwood, the dining room was full with residents and dessert was still being served to a few of them. I saw Mom was still at her table eating so I sat in the front foyer for about 10 minutes before approaching her. Just in time, she was finished and stood to greet me with a wonderful smile and kiss. As I was explaining to her what we were doing today, Donna slipped in and onto the elevator to grab Mom’s coat upstairs and to sign her out.

Mom was confused already but that would be normal since she doesn’t often get out of the building. We picked Gayle up at the end of her driveway and drove to the hospital in the rain. We made good time and had a few minutes to spare after being guided to the correct waiting room. The young gal was very patient with Mom. We managed to drop Gayle off and get Mom back to her room by 3ish.

In the 'games' room, there have been many improvements
Nice things for residents to partake in

I love the typewriter although many young children today wouldn't know what it was

Different gadgets to open, tie, turn and undo

Dishes in the cupboards to have a small lunch together with family

A bright laundry area to keep idle hands and minds active

Mom is wondering how she can talk us girls into staying longer 

Donna and I hung around trying to entertain her for another 45 minutes and she went through numerous mood changes. Luckily, Donna got her battery-operated doggie turned on and that took up a few minutes with Mom talking to it. When it was time for us to leave, we were both pleased that her sad moments had passed and she willingly walked us down to the elevator with many goodbye hugs and kisses. It isn’t easy slipping away sometimes so we usually plan our individual visits for an hour before meals so we can draw her attention elsewhere when we say goodbye.

Back home at 4:15 I felt brain dead, with a headache and a heartache. Bill and I discussed the good and bad of our day. At 4:30 I began preparing lasagna, which I’d planned for supper. Nice comfort food on a rainy day. I poured myself a Beer Margarita and that made me feel better. Donna had another piece of mail for us, that was delivered there on Friday, just missing the switch over. It was another sign of incompetency.
My drive home
 Because a few of you are rv’ers who took advantage of the 3 FREE nights at Fortuna Del Oro in Yuma, I’ll pass this along. The letter was actually a statement from this RV resort. In our case, we stayed 4 nights. 3 nights free and we paid cash for 1 night. This statement shows those transactions BUT also are charging us for 2 extra nights of which we did not stay.

You can't really tell here, but it was quite foggy off in the distance
 We can prove that we were in Tuscon at a KOA so will call tomorrow to straighten it up. The stupid thing is, before leaving a park, Bill always stops to inform the staff that we are leaving. But, again I ask, can’t anyone do their job? Sorry, had to vent about that one. If you have stayed there, I hope this hasn’t happened to you.

Baptist Church Road is a really nice drive
With 20 minutes left on the convection oven timer, I put together a salad to eat for each of us and buttered some breadsticks that were in the freezer. They can toast for a few minutes at the tail end of baking the lasagna. Hmm, smells good! And we weren’t disappointed. It was a great meal with leftovers for a few more nights. We cleaned up dishes and I finished today’s blog post, as you can tell.

Supper was so good and so filling!
I hope you have enjoyed your day today. We had a pretty good one too and look forward to tomorrow’s sunshine.

Thank you for stopping by today! I love to hear from you and will respond to every post in time.


  1. Such a nice productive day you spend time with your mom and to deal with Fortuna so sad, we never had an issue with them I am sure you will straighten it out . and all will be good again!

  2. Thanks George. We will straighten it out with Fortuna. they have messed up.

  3. For any and all readers of A Long and Lonesome Highway, please know that they are okay but unable to get any kind of WiFi connection until they get north.
    Deb and Riley asked me to pass that info along for them.

  4. I read your blog makes me happy..The way you and your hubs are kind and loving people to your families and to other human beings makes my day..Clemson is a sweetie pie and I always look forward to how he is doing.. I like your peaceful attitudes and how you treat the earth too..happy spring coming and your sister looks great and your Mom looks like a real sweetheart..have a wonderful time where you are and enjoy the spring and summer toooo..!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hello Anonymous. How nice to hear from you, aside from the beautiful praises you are giving us! :)
      We are certainly enjoying the lifestyle and take the lumps and bumps as they come. We have learned after almost 21 years of marriage how to keep each other on an even keel and try not to sweat the small stuff. Sometimes Bill needs a little more persuasion, he is the worrier! :)
      Thank you for your note, nice that I'm not boring you to tears!

  5. I have to say you had me tearing up at "a headache and a heartache"..I can imagine. It would be hard leaving her when you do. You and your sisters take amazing care when it comes to mom. When my mom had her pacemaker I was able to go over once every couple of months and hook her up through the phone and a cradle, the hospital was able to track the pacemaker and we knew when it was time to go in for more intensive work. It was nice not to have to go every time. That would certainly be nice if your area had something like that so mom wouldn't get confused. Sure have to watch those statements carefully bet that was a shocker to Bill about Ford..uhh..Dinner looked awesome! Glad you're home safe and sound:)

    1. Oh sorry, Shirley, it was a hard day for me. I felt quite down when I came home. What a great idea being able to check that on the phone! She has to go every 6 months so it is difficult for her and everyone involved. At least there are more than one of us to help which makes it easier.
      Bill was shocked and not a happy camper with the girls in the office at Ford.
      I appreciate your comments. :)

  6. You better hope your mail carrier does not read your blog

    1. Oh, I didn't mean incompetency in the mail delivery. The incompetency of the park charging us for 2 nights where we weren't even in their park. They don't keep very good records. LOL