Monday, October 22, 2018

New Morning Experience, Walkabout with my Sweetie, Cold Start, Last Family Dinner

I was awake with a tickle in my throat a couple of times through the night, once at 3 am and then again around 5. Luckily, I was able to clear it with a cough and dropped off to sleep again. When I woke again around 7, Bill was already downstairs. I must have really dropped off as I didn’t hear him leave the bed. That is what’s nice about a king bed, one movement doesn’t disturb your sleeping partner.

We have the large site on the corner
So, here it is Sunday, Oct. 21st and we have a new view out our windows. Beside us to the southwest is nothing, behind us is a country road and a residential home and to the northeast facing the clubhouse there are many vacant sites. It is peaceful. 

The view out our back window
Today, Bill said it was 34F when he got up and it had risen to a balmy 37F, where it remained for the rest of the day, by the time I got up at 7:30. We sat with our tea and coffee and when I lifted the night shades I could see gray heavy clouds overhead. Blech.
Looking up towards the clubhouse
Nice and peaceful here right now
We read our friend’s blogs and just enjoyed this non-hectic lifestyle. Bill’s list of things to do from the ‘Ridge closing’ was old news now and it would be good for him to really settle down. Into the garbage it went. 

Finished with the list, yay!
When Gerry and Melinda visited last night, they informed us that the park summer water supply was available to us until sometime on Monday. That’s good to know and we may top up a bit more before it is turned off. 

We walked up the hill past Ron and Loree's place before heading
back down the hill 
I wanted to get back into my walking routine, having slipped out of the norm for the last few days. When I indicated I was going, Bill suggested joining me so we bundled up around 9:30 and walked around the park together. My goal was to get a mile in and we did better than that, finishing at the clubhouse where Bill asked Kristi in the office for a Rock Glen decal. 

A very colourful decal
Not one for sticking stuff on our possessions, he’s finally come around to wanting to put meaningful decals on the back of the Suite. It says a little bit about us too. We briefly said hello to Melinda before heading back.

The overgrown lily pads have gone to seed
It was a bitter cold walk but only our noses and ears suffered. Next time, I’ll wear my buff to cover my ears or my winter toque. Bill hooked up to the water tap, since we had access and flushed out our black water tank using the park water. That is something we can’t do without hook ups. With a few gallons of fresh water added to our tank, we will be good for the rest of the week and until we arrive at our next destination. While that was happening, he set up the satellite dish and we had the signal connected really quickly.

I started breakfast and we were eating bacon and eggs by 10:30 or so. I feel much better this morning than I have the last couple of days and although I’ve sounded like someone else when I can speak, I’m very happy to have my full normal voice back again. Just to be on the safe side, because the bug is still in the air, Bill and I are taking Vitamin C and D plus last night I had another ginger and honey tea. I don't feel bad, other than more tired than usual and fortunately no sore throat, but we'll continue to work on keeping it from getting worse.

Some trees are just the perfect shape
I love this!
We cleaned up dishes and Bill sat and read more of the Harry Bosch story Two Kinds of Truth on my Kobo. I was feeling tired so went up to the bedroom for a snooze with my afghan. It took a while but I know I dropped off for 20 minutes at least before I got up and had my shower. I could hear some logs being sawed downstairs so I knew the book was done. Another bonus about retirement and this lifestyle, if we need a snooze, we take it.

We've noticed a few cabins are getting new rooves (roofs)
When I was dressed, Bill came up for his shower. We didn’t expect company today but wanted to be ready early just in case someone dropped in. Clemson is getting spoiled and probably very confused about his dinner time as Bill fed him around 3 today. We like to make sure he’s digested it enough and can go out for his business before we leave him alone. He will look after the house for possibly 4 hours while we are gone. He is such a good dog for us.

Another hilltop view overlooking the valley sites
We left the park a few minutes before 4 and arrived at Montana’s on Ontario St. in Stratford at 5. Our table for 6 was reserved, thank goodness as it was at least a 45-minute wait for others. We weren’t seated long before Carol, Brian, Liz and Bruce arrived. This is always a bustling place, no matter the city, and the food is always great. Lots of choices on the menu. Bill and I just had tea and coffee tonight before placing our orders for food.

Montana's for supper, never a let down
A bonus that it was only 10% of last night's meal! :)
I opted for the Southwest Skillet with shrimp and chorizo sausage in a tomato, onion and pepper sauce served over rice. It had a wee 'bite' to it and was delicious! Bill had a simpler meal of a Steak Sandwich on a bun with fries. I had to laugh at the size of Brian’s plate of Nachos and even more so at the look on his face as it was placed in front of him. I promised no picture of him with it but had to include the serving itself. Needless to say, half of it was left behind.

Southwest skillet
Definitely a go-to for another time
The conversation flowed and we had a lot of laughs over dinner. A few memories of Dad were shared and some teary goodbyes when we parted around 7. These goodbyes are very bittersweet. It was a calm but cool evening as we drove back ‘home’ to our Suite and Clemson in Arkona. It feels weird not to be driving to the Ridge, not bad, just weird. That feeling will dissipate once we cross the border, truly on our way.

Brian's Nacho skillet could have fed all of us
We were home by 8:15 and instead of watching tv, we sat with our books. At 10:30 Clemson and I were in bed, with Bill following within minutes. He had an early morning departure planned. This was a quiet, relaxing day and we enjoyed it.

And another awesome family photo
Good night from us at Rock Glen!

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

And Just Like That, We’re Outta’ Here!

We were awake and up by 6:30, with a little bit of ‘rarin’ to go’ in our heads. It was Saturday, Oct. 20th, our day to move the wheels southward. Coffee and tea and a bit of blogging before we had some cereal and started closing things up. Bill took the satellite dish down, did the circle check and we were soon shutting the hydro/electric off and locking the bunky for the last time.

Beautiful day to move

Say Goodbye, sweetie!

This is the sky we started out with
It was 9:00 on the dot when we pulled out of the lane, another last time this year thing, and closed the gate behind us. Clemson doesn’t know what is going on but with his sweater and his seatbelt on, he knows he is going with us. 

Curled up on Dad's coat and Mom's scarf
Nothing else matters
Closing and locking the Bunky
The day’s weather is up in the air, we are moving 3 hours to the south so it will be different there than here. Mostly sunny skies, no winds and moderate 44F/5C temps surrounded us.
Last lane drive this year

Closing the Gate behind us
 The drive was uneventful, which we always appreciate. At 10, we stopped at the Wingham turn onto Hwy #4 at Tim Horton’s. This was a washroom break but we also each had a muffin. Mine was Carrot with walnuts and Bill's was Whole grain, Banana with pecans. Both were very good. We chatted with a couple parked beside us while we ate and left them with an rv card and a huge serving of jealousy that they weren’t going with us. Someone has to stay behind and save the world!

Crazy cloud formations today
We continued on and I captured crazy sky displays. You name it, we kind of had it. One huge black cloud moved over and to the east of us so I hope it didn’t do any damage somewhere along that line. 

Sharing a few pictures of the drive today
These Bolers are a descendant of the Airstream, we were told
Bathroom break!
After returning to the truck, this guy was trying to hitch a ride
No way, he got scooted out in Timmy's parking lot
And I enjoyed my Carrot and walnut muffin
We arrived at Rock Glen RV Resort, our membership home park, at 12:30 and Bill checked us in to Site #26. After we set up on the big corner site, he took the water bladder up to the cabin to get us some water.

It felt quite mild outside and I don’t know what the temperature was but the silly weather continued into the afternoon. Sun, clouds, thunder, lightning and downpours. 

Barns that remain standing in the throes of adversity
What more damage can the wind do?
One side of the lane was evergreens and fruit trees
The other side were beautiful maple trees in their glory
Just after 3:30 (I think) Melinda, Gerry and Tucker came around for an impromptu Happy Hour. It was a great surprise and we easily passed the time catching up on things while Tucker begged for food. Too cute! Clemson was pretty oblivious of him, showing little interest. Our dog is such a snob.

Melinda arrived in her little cart

It is always nice to see these friends
Even Gerry (private joke)

And blue-eyed Tucker gives us a chuckle
Unfortunately, we had to make the visit short because of our plans to meet the kids and grandkids in London at 6. They left at 4:30 and we were dressed and out the door by 10 to 5. It was a wet drive to Southside Family Grill and even though we were early, arriving at 5:30, Bridgette, Chris, Jake and Bea were already seated. I’d only met Jake’s girlfriend once before so it was very nice that she was visiting him for the week and able to come.

these next few are sky pictures of our drive this morning

when you think it is starting to clear

Sneaking a water tower shot in

it changed again

This one went over our heads towards home

And turning towards the south, it did improve

And even more so

A bright barn quilt

On Rock Glen Road to the park (on the left)
 Soon enough, the rest of the family arrived and we were seated at 2 tables. We neglected to book the ‘big’ private room but made it work in the general seating area. It was a busy place in there tonight! I ordered lasagna, Caesar salad and Bill and I shared some garlic bread. Bill enjoyed a Hot Roast Beef sandwich and with the exception of individual bar tabs, we covered the dinner. We were happy to have such a great turn out, with only 4 unable to attend.

We said our goodbyes around 8:30 after Stefanie, our waitress, obligingly helped me by taking a picture of our group. She moved chairs, cleared and moved tables in the effort to please her customers. And we were pleased. I got my family photo. It is sad saying goodbye to our children and grandchildren but plan to keep in touch over the winter.  Social media, phone calls, texts and blogs, they all work.

They make a delicious lasagna
Half of it came home with me
We drove home in the dark with the rain and noticed the winds had really picked up. “Thank goodness, we aren’t up on The Ridge”, we said. It was 41F as we let ourselves into the Suite and settled in for the night. I made myself a Ginger and honey tea before bedtime. I’d finished my book earlier today so need to find another one to read.

And nothing beats this picture today!
20/24 - not bad!
Good night from Rock Glen, Arkona
Bill didn’t get the satellite dish hooked up today so instead of watching tv, he is relaxing in his chair with his Michael Connelly book. Harry Bosch is right up there with Jack Reacher for good characters. This has been a great day and we have taken one step towards our winter travels. I hope you have enjoyed yours as well!

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Last Day and A Good One it Was

Friday, Oct. 19th we greeted our last day here with everything BUT trepidation. I believe we are now feeling the excitement of our new adventure beginning. It was almost 6:30 for Bill and closer to 7 when I crawled out of bed. The Suite was temperate for sleeping, around 64F and Bill turned the Infrared thermostat up to 70F. Outside temperature was hovering around 40F at 7.

Beautiful start to this day
We enjoyed our coffee and tea, mine with honey this morning, as I’ve noticed a raspy throaty voice for a couple of days. I might have picked something up at the rv show so have been salt gargling, Vitamin C chewing and Vick’s rubbing ever since. The worst is in the morning and evenings and I’m hoping it will pass quickly so Bill doesn’t pick it up. I popped a Hall’s into my purse and we drove into the Durham laundromat for the last time, this year.

4 pancakes in the pan
No one was around so we got our choice of 4 washers. Once the machines were loaded, Bill walked up town towards the bank and the barber shop. I walked in the opposite direction, just to get my mile in. The sun was out this morning and the winds were minimal so it was lovely and refreshing. There are a few unique little streams under the streets that I love capturing with my camera. I went around the block and returned to read for a while, waiting for the loads to finish.

Bill came back looking spiffy in his new hair cut and in time to help me fold the clothes. I like that he comes with me sometimes, even if he is running around doing errands. Saves on gas and our conversations carry on from home. We were on our way home at 5 minutes before 10 and it was a good feeling to know that it was another job done and off the list.

At home, I began making breakfast and Bill went out to bring the mailbox in (last day of mail delivery was yesterday) fold the now dried patio mat and to move the wooden steps. The steps come apart but they are in pretty rough shape and we don’t need to take them along. Next spring, Bill wants to build a small deck at the door instead, but we sure appreciated these this summer. The G.Y. pancakes were good with mini sausages and would keep us filled until supper at 5.

I sent Bill out to finish the few things he had left and I did the dishes up. We are getting critically low on our fresh water so being more cautious with water than we’ve ever had to. We know water is available if we really needed it but this is our last day and we can top up the tank at the park tomorrow. 

The clothes rack is covered
I went out to the bunky to cover the hanging clothes. Once that was done, the recycle bins, cooler and lastly, Dad’s ship could be moved in. We can’t lock it until the morning when we go in to flip the switch for electric to Off.

The ship was the last thing to go in the bunky
I didn’t see my sweetie so figured he was at the road putting a stake in the ground for the mailbox. He’d emptied the pail of rocks that held the mailbox post and brought both things up. The pail is cracked and we’ve decided not to use it next year anyway. The box is kept in the Ridge Restroom over the winter with the firepit, sawdust bin and a few other ornamental things.

A month ago, Bill snipped one of the Rose of Sharon bushes
so I stuck it in this Coke can and it is surviving
He wasn’t down there but I could tell that he’d already put the stake in place. 
I started again down the lane and spotted him coming from the corner of the back field, out from behind the bushes. I jokingly gave him heck for not having his phone on him, I was running out of places to look.

In the spring, Bill will remove the wood and place the mailbox
post in the stake
We literally had everything done by 12:30 and yet it was such a gorgeous day outside, I didn’t want to come in. We read and relaxed for the rest of the day and at 4:20 we were cleaned up and driving into Durham. By the time we’d paid the kitchen staff for our dinner at Rockwood, Mom was being escorted down the elevator for supper. We stopped and said hello to Rob who was visiting Aunt Mary and getting her settled at her own table. 

I still have a few green tomatoes and a few that will be red in a few days
We found our table for 3 near the office and settled in. The staff was very good and the meal was delicious. Mom was confused at times, her conversation drifted, but all in all it was a nice time together. 

It was a great meal
Mom and I chose the Turkey patty with mashed potatoes, sweet snap peas and a half crusted baked tomato. Bill opted for the Salmon, roasted potatoes with peas. We all had chocolate cake for dessert. Well worth the $20.

Mom and I, the last time this year
We took Mom up to her room and said goodbye. She walked us to the elevator with numerous hugs and kisses. She asked if we could sneak her down to Arizona too, she didn’t let me down. She’s too cute! From there we drove to Rob and Pat’s and had a nice hour visit with them and Sandra and Bill. This was another goodbye for the winter and we were on our way home before 8.

I'll miss the pond snapshots

I don’t know if it was this ‘cold’ or whatever it was but I felt exhausted. We watched a recorded New Amsterdam from the other night, had some Chapman's ice cream and I was on my way to bed soon after. We are moving in the morning and it seemed like a wild rainy night out there tonight. That’s okay, everything outside is done and put away. It has been a good day.

The hens and chickens in my garden are doing awesome
Thank you for catching up with us today. I love to hear from you.