Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Laundry and Christmas, Early Happy Hour and Quiet Evening

Last night, we were both so tired that when we found ourselves falling asleep in front of the boob tube at 9:15, we packed it in and went to bed. Unbelievable, for Bill especially, but we slept through until Clemson got up to go out at 5:40. Bill was able to drop back off for a couple of hours but I was up at 6:30. I opened blinds and prepared our drinks before slipping out the door for my walk.

Sunrise over the mountains
One of my favourite things here
It was a chilly morning for sure at 52F but with no wind, it made it easily bearable with my hoody. I made it around the park and chatted with a couple of staff about garbage, recycling and tree trimming. Last winter, we had Mary and Loyal come around and so when I saw Loyal scooting around, I asked if he’d mind doing it again this year. Back home, I made my tea and immediately after that my sweetie got up. He slept well!

When we returned from our morning laundry,
Mary and Loyal were at our site trimming
and cleaning up
Bill and Loyal chatting
Rob popped over to let us know what they were up to and asked ‘did we want to go along on their trip into Yuma?’ There was nothing we needed and we had planned for the day so declined his offer. I sorted the dirty laundry and Bill loaded it into Black Beauty around 9 ish. There is no point in both of us sitting up there so he helped load the machines and drove back to wait for my text.

It's Loyal's job but Mary  said "I tag along to give him a hand"
Such a sweet couple
There was a jigsaw puzzle on the go in the room next door so I was certainly well entertained while I waited. I didn’t even open my book. After moving the loads into the dryers, I texted Bill that 30 minutes or so would be a good time to come back. Not in so many words but that was the drift. I went back to the ‘jigsaw’. It is so nice to see a park upgrade when necessary and there were 4 new washers and 4 new dryers this year.
For most of the day, Clemson was here on my pj bottoms
When time was up, Bill returned and we met in the laundry room and folded the 2 loads. You are only supposed to use 2 machines out of the 5 so we left the jeans load and the sheets/towel load for later. If it was in the middle of the day, I wouldn’t be so intent on ‘following the rules’ but in the morning, I wouldn’t do that. We put our clothes away and Bill vacuumed the Suite. It was time to get something to eat so I made us bacon and eggs. Bill moved outside with the vacuum and cleaned the ‘garage’ under the wood shelving unit.

At one point, Clemmy wanted outside so Bill put him on his leash
We smiled when we saw him sitting on his stool all by himself
Before indicating that he wanted to come in, he turned around to get the other side tanned.
It was time. He got out the Christmas tree and decorations from under the bed and I proceeded to trim the tree and the rest of the house. He hung the wreath I made at Bullhead on the outside door so it hung proudly with our blue rotating light shining on it. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 

The bedroom dresser
The stockings are hung on the valance with care in the hopes that for 2 weeks, they would stay there! Even the bedroom dresser top got spruced up for the season.

I didn’t get any exciting pictures today but will include some of our living room tomorrow, tree included. The rest of the day involved having a hot drink with our friends and then we all went up to the laundry room again and got everything washed. This will free tomorrow up for whatever we want to get into. Clean clothes, sheets, towels……….yah, all good.

A tasty easy supper
Now, where's the ice cream?
No worries, we had it later.
Tonight, was an easy supper for us. I warmed up the chicken and Bill and I each had it on a bun with lettuce, mayo, mustard and/or sweet and sour sauce. With a lettuce salad on the side, we were fed well but still had room for ice cream. After dishes, we sat and watched The Voice and other programs we had on our pvr from the last couple of nights. This has been a good day, no make that a great day!

Even the bathroom got decked out a bit

Thank you for taking the time to check us out.

Time to Rotate Tires, Sad Farewell, Gorgeous Day, Members Park

On Tuesday, Dec. 11th we were both awake around 6 when Clemson had to go out. He slept through the night, yay! and then decided to stay downstairs. Double yay! That means some cuddle time for his Mom and Dad without a little furball in between us. We were up by 7 to greet this bittersweet day. It was moving day for us and as much as we were anxious to get settled in a park for a month, it was sad to say goodbye to our hosts, George and Rose.

Cloudy skies first thing
It was light enough for me to go out right away so slipped on my jacket and go for my walk. I walked southeast on Kibbey and up around to Palo Verde N. right onto Inverness and then around to Daniel back on Palo Verde N. You don’t care but one day I might want to know which streets I took. It was a nice walk with some unique decorations and homes. I keep seeing the timid bunnies but can’t catch them on camera. Just their blurred fluffy white tails as they hop away from me.

I didn't hear any 'geezer' play but love the sign
such a lovely bunch of cacti
By the time I walked home, this was what the sky was doing for me
I couldn't choose just one or two to include so you get them all
Back at the ‘ranch’ I made my tea and George came out to say goodbye before he left for a doctor’s appointment. We wished him well, in case he wasn’t back before we left and busied ourselves packing up. I made us poached eggs on toast again as it was quick and filling. After dishes, we got washed up and dressed. We were parked over the sewer dump spot so pulled slides in and Bill moved to the street so Rob could pull up and dump as well.

Getting things packed up
We finished up and parked at the end of the lane
so Rob could use the dumping facilities
Just like a full service campground!
George made it back on time and Rose came out to say goodbye. We got some pictures of us at the front of their house and Rob pulled out of the laneway at 9:10 am. Such a fun visit. We’ll see George and Rose after Christmas in Quartzsite and look forward to that. Travelling with us in the lead, we stuck to I-95S and drove through the scenic area of Parker Dam. Our brains weren’t working this morning and we forgot to bring Bill’s Dashcam into the truck after charging it. Duh!

The ladies

The whole Happy Campers crew
George, Pat, Patsy, Bill & Clemson, Rob, Rose
The rest of the 3-hour drive went smoothly and with a stop at Mcdonald’s in Parker and a break at the Yuma Proving Grounds, we arrived at the California Inspection Station. After hearing about a stop our friend had here and how particular the agents were by taking 2 apples, I was a little concerned. Do I tell the truth and lose my remaining apples or do we just say nothing? In 98% of the times we passed through here, we were just waved on.

Bill Williams River which runs from Alamo Lake

Such a beautiful drive

Then a guy flashed his lights at us so we slowed down
If you look close you can see why

We were grateful for the warning because around the bend was this mishap
blocking one lane
Familiar sights along our route
The Big Tent location
We'll be back
The blimp near Yuma Proving Grounds

Today, we probably would have been fine to just wave and carry on but Bill came to a stop (as the sign says) and the fellow looked friendly as if he wanted to talk to us. He wanted to make conversation about the license plate on Black Beauty. ‘“On our way” to where?’, he asked. So, we explained briefly and the question of do we have any fruit was posed. I crossed my fingers and just said no. I had 3 apples, 2 lemons and 3 key limes. Then we proceeded to ask for more info how much was allowed etc.

this cauliflower field has been freshly picked

And the workers walk this one to see if they've missed any
I couldn't get my zoom lens on quick enough to get
a good picture of this Osprey

We would have been fine anyway as he told us just enough for a couple of days is not usually a problem. They don't always (obviously) but tend to ‘look the other way’. He advised that a good practice is to buy Washington apples and you would be fine. Good to know. We don’t usually buy a lot of apples anyway so no biggie. 

Inspection Station - friendly guys
After a bit of a mix up (us waiting for Rob and Pat and them waiting for us) we arrived at Pilot Knob RV Resort.

Home sweet Home for a while
Sue in the office was very helpful and we got the sites we wanted and were set up by 2:30 with the exception of our satellite connection. For some reason, it was being tempermental and just wanted to take its time coming in on its own. I made us each a sandwich and we planned a later supper for tonight. I’d bought a roasted chicken at Smith’s the other day. Rose and I split the deal of 2 for $10, we couldn’t pass it up. So, we invited Rob and Pat to share it with us.

Happy hour!
And we think Clemson is small
That settled for 6 pm, we heard a couple of motorcycles nearing our site. Lori and Roland came in for a visit on their way home from shopping in Yuma. Oh, and of course little Shatzi. She looked adorable in her Santa coat and pink sunglasses on the back of Lori’s bike. 
Roland waiting to hear that Lori is ready

Lori and Shatzi are good to go too

They stayed for maybe an hour and we caught up on each other’s lives. Rob and Pat joined us at our insistence. They are family too. It was about 5:45 when our company arrived and I put some tossed garden salad into a bowl.

this view is so cute, with the little head twisting and turning each way
and her ears flopping
Rob and Pat brought wine and garlic rolls. What a lovely cheap meal tonight! And no real prep time and no one had to cook. We put the dishes in the dishwasher and sat around and finished the wine. 

The guys gave us the table and they shared the raised coffee table

It was a great meal and there are leftovers for another night
I added the bones to the freezer bag for soup
What a hoot, laughing and carrying on with these two. It was probably 7:30 when they went home, we were all pretty tired. This has been a great day, with a high of 70F/22C today and no wind at all. Absolutely perfect.

All settled on Sites 79 and 80
The night is young but after downloading my pictures, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I’ll need to finish this in the morning. I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to my post.  Tomorrow is laundry day and we both have lots.

I appreciate you stopping by.
Thank you!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Clouds Roll in for Our Last Day, Target Shooting, Pizza and a Little Wizardry

I was up out of bed on Monday, Dec. 10th at 6:45 to take advantage of the wee hour to finish yesterday’s blog post. I got behind the proverbial 8 ball yesterday and neglected to begin my post early, as is generally my habit. By the time I caught up on the full day’s events, I was too tired to finish it. So, that put me out of my morning walk. It looked like a partially cloudy day coming our way and a high of 68F/20C. When Clemson and Bill got up, we had our coffee and tea together.

With that done, I had a small project to do for Rose. I walked down to the mailbox with paint and a brush in hand. Something’s wrong with their mailbox. 132? Nope, that isn’t correct. She has been searching for a stick-on O to no avail so asked if I would paint it on for her. My paint job leaves a lot to be desired, sorry Rose, but this is after only one coat. I’ll do another before we leave tomorrow. At least now, the mail person won’t be confused. 😊

Wait a minute, their address is not 132

Back inside, Bill decided to have his shower today and when he was almost done in the bathroom, I poached a couple of eggs for breakfast. I haven’t made them for a while and they are a nice change. We cleaned up dishes and then I got cleaned up and dressed to go shopping with the girls. We’d planned on 9:30 – 10 so I had a bit of a break to start today’s post. The boys are taking their (George’s) guns for some fun on the range.

That's better but needs a 2nd coat
Rose drove us downtown and we first stopped at Kmart to check it out. It has been a couple of years since we’ve been in one and it was fun. Pat found the pants that she loves and can only find here. She couldn’t go wrong for $5.99.  I found things I wasn’t expecting to find but am very happy I did. The deals were awesome with clothes as low as $2.99 and we all walked out with goodies in our bags. I directed Rose next to Chic Again, the store that Donna and I found last year.

Poached egg on toasted rye with salsa hit the spot
Was I surprised and pleased when the pleasant shop owner recognized me from my previous visit. This is a consignment store and only higher end clothing but if you look hard enough and take your time, you find some beautiful items at some beautiful prices. If I was looking for a dress for an occasion, this is where I’d want to shop. I found a couple or three for around $14 to $26 that would have fallen into my bags.

On the way back, we stopped at Smith’s and we each picked up a few food items before heading home. The guys had left the range an hour or so earlier and, in a text, Bill informed me that they were all taking a nap. Apparently, Rob has a new nickname now, Dead Eye. No matter, they had fun shooting, something they’ve not done before. Unfortunately, Bill forgot to get pictures so they’ll just have to do it again another time.

A restaurant on McCullough had decorated their lamp posts
Hey! I just found an idea for my new found hobby, crocheting!
We gathered in the suite around 3:45 for Happy Hour and over the course of the next hour we all finally made a decision about pizza for supper. We ordered from Dominos and that was a challenge in itself so after I placed the order over the phone, Bill drove with Rob and George downtown to pick it up rather than having it delivered. That way, there were no delivery charges. It’s a long story.

a new house being built up the 'millionaire' hill
double car garage on the west side

and on the east side another single car garage
plus a double rv garage
Say it with me......"My oh my!"
 The pizza was so-so, kind of tasting like it had sat for too long but the Cheesey stuffed bread was delicious. We have a bit left for lunch tomorrow. Because we are pulling up stakes tomorrow morning, we offered to play another game of Wizard with our hosts. They love card games and they readily accepted. We moved inside around 6 and played 2 games. I actually wasn’t the bottom scorer this time and as usual we all had fun.
I didn't take many new pictures today so still more of yesterday's homes
We said goodnight and it was 9 o’clock. As George teased, ‘the kids bedtime’. They are night hawks. This was a wonderful day and a wonderful 5 days here on Kibbey Drive.
all you can see in the black is red from tonight's sunset

I almost missed it and although blurry, you get the drift tonight
Good night

Thanks for visiting my post today.