Sunday, January 6, 2019

Surprised with Sunshine, Clean Bedding, Rock Painting, Ice Cream

On Sunday, Jan. 6th I was up and out the door by 7:30. It seemed to remain dark for a long time this morning and when I saw the heavy overhead clouds, I understood why. Off to the east, the sun was rising, somewhere, and the bank of clouds was very obvious.

When I turned around and looked to the west, I was pleased to see a brighter offering and was hopeful that it would be sunshine coming our way after all. There was a misty fog over the Gila Mountains behind us to the east as well and I could smell and feel a very strong dampness. It rained last evening and overnight and the puddles around the park were evident of that. Maybe it got it out of its system and brighter days are ahead.

foggy mountain view
This is the view to the west
It's looking promising, isn't it?
Bill was up when I returned and we made and drank our hot drinks together while reading blogs. I stripped the bed after our ‘4-legged master’ got up before he jumped back up there. As it was, while I made poached eggs on toast, he bunched the sheet into a ball and fell asleep in the sun. So, we ate and then I showered. 

Fast becoming one of my favourite breakfasts at home
While Bill did dishes and had his own shower, I managed to get the sheets out from under Clemson and walked them up to the laundry room.

Maybe if you squint, it won't be so blurry
While waiting, naturally I worked on the puzzle in the cold room. Brrr it is very cold in there. There is a heater that is never on so I turned it on. The thermometer read 57F in the room so although it was cold, I worked away through the wash and then the drying process and was happy to see that by the time I left, it had risen to 61F. 

Our finished puzzle
so I worked on this one and actually got a lot more done before I left
At least it works! I hope they leave it on for a while, but not likely. When I came back to our site, Bill and Rob were discussing more of our route homeward, nothing in stone, just suggestions mostly.

Indication of an overnight rain
Around 12 noon, I asked Rob if I could borrow his folding table to paint rocks on. He brought it over after I swept off our patio and raked the surrounding area. Don, our neighbor behind us, will certainly be missed when we leave as he teased and joked with me while I was working. He makes us all laugh often with his quick wit. I invited Pat to join me and soon we were set up in the sun with my paints out and our rocks ready to be adorned.

All set up
We needed our dining chairs to be high enough
At 1:30 or soon after, we all got ready and walked up to the clubhouse for our last Ice Cream Social. This time, I did it in style and ordered a multi-coloured scoop like Rob did. Barb obliged and gave us some of each, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry with all the toppings. Still 1 scoop, still $1. 

Last ice cream social at Pilot Knob
There were 8 of us together enjoying our treat and sharing tales all around the table. When we walked back, Benno surprised us all by finding not one but two painted rocks. He was so excited and so were Pat and I. Marlene got one, I got one and then Pat found the 3rd for herself.

8 friends enjoying ice cream
The lady who hid them (kind of all together) was the same lady who found Pat’s rock here in the park so that was kind of cool. We took pictures of the rocks to record them at RVing Rocks on Facebook. It is the next step after finding one. Back at home Pat and I continued to paint and as we were working away, Marlene and Benno walked down to watch. They remembered that I said at 3:30, somewhere, it would be Happy Hour. Weather permitting, of course. They brought their chairs and drinks just in case we were out so we invited them to sit. We're happy they joined us.

The 2nd rock that Benno found and I claimed it
Rob brought his chair over and although it was impromptu, we had a nice visit. Pat finished her 3 rocks and I finished 4, including one for Bill when he plays Texas Hold’em. 

The 4 rocks I painted today
Bill's lucky rock is bottom left
When everyone went home before 5, I sprayed our rocks with a clear lacquer and once dried on both sides, returned Pat’s to her and their table to Rob. Bill lit the barbecue and I made up 4 burgers from the thawed ground beef I had out. With 4 buns that had been in the freezer for a while heating on the Weber, we each had two bacon cheeseburgers and didn’t need anything else.
Marlene and Benno at Happy Hour
 They were very good with onion soup flavouring and we were finished and cleaned up by 6. Bill put on a couple of movies for us to watch tonight while Madame Secretary recorded. The premiere after the season break. We like watching it when we can ‘zip’ through the commercials, thank you PVR. I finished working on my post and got it published as soon as I could. I wanted to sit and relax too.

Good supper
They were small enough so we each ate both of them
This has been a good day with a little bit of everything going on. We’ll have clean fresh sheets for sleeping tonight and we’ve made plans for tomorrow. You remember bocce ball don’t you? It will be a morning booty call for as many of us that want to play. I hope you’ve had a fun day and that you had the sunshine and warmth that we did here in Winterhaven.

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. The sunshine to day sure was wonderful. Your last ice cream social for a while was fun as always Enjoy your last few day there and safe travels when y'all head on out..

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  3. It was a fantastic day once it got going. Looks like you enjoyed it a great deal Patsy. The ice cream social is an interesting idea, I wonder if it helps to encourage everyone to mix and mingle or do you stay with your own group?

    1. We had fun. The social does both. We sit with our friends if they are there with us, if not, we sit with others we have chatted with through the park. We've made a lot of new friends, some that will just be acquaintances but others we'd hope to see again.

  4. Looks like another great day for you all! Love the rocks, so interesting how everyone comes up with different ideas for painting. Do you plant the rocks at different RV Parks? Meaning the ones you found do you take them to a different place and see how they travel? Ice cream looks wonderful and so does your dinner! Hoping the weather keeps warming for you!

    1. To answer about the rocks. It is up to each finder. You can keep them or rehide them wherever. I followed one of mine that was found and they told me it was now hidden in Yuma at a Walmart. Kinda cool! The ones we find, we will rehide maybe at Borrego Springs.

  5. I think it would be interesting to follow your rocks and see where they end up..could be back in Canada or across the site on FB..