Thursday, March 14, 2019

I’m a Pepper, You’re a Pepper, She’s a Pepper Too or at least a Dublin

I can’t believe that I’m sleeping in until 7:30 lately! Today, Thursday, Mar. 14th was no different. I know it is just D.S.T. and the morning darkness is bewitching me into sleeping later. I’m finding that I am also staying up an hour later (which really isn't later, Bill says) and more frequently going to bed at 10 (which was 9 last week, Bill implies). It doesn't matter what was. The clock says 7:30 when I wake up. One and one make two and the result is me sleeping in.

As long as I get up on time for this sky, I'm happy
water reflections always get to me

my favourite of the morning
I came downstairs and dressed to go for my walk right away. It was 54F so I didn’t need to layer up too much. Or so I thought. There was a 5-mph wind that I was unprepared for and found it a bit chilly out there. The sunrise was gorgeous, one that I haven’t seen for a while, and yet there was that old familiar battle between blue sky and clouds that would determine the day. We were expecting no more than 66F today.

a close second

This little guy was all alone and swam towards me
"Are you my mommy?"

These stone steps look brilliant in the sun's first glow

I loved this  bench but it was a steep hill to climb

My shadow slipped down this path without me
I had my tea while reading blogs and when Rob texted about heading to Dublin, we moved a bit quicker. We had poached eggs on toast and after dishes, around 10, Rob drove us all to see the Dr. Pepper factory. They had read about it during their previous visits here but never made it. Rather than recite the story to you, I’ll touch on a few details and let you proceed to the link if you’re interested.  

Anyone remember this chant from the commercials?

I'm a Pepper, he's a Pepper,
She's a Pepper, we're a Pepper,
Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper, too?
Be a Pepper. Drink Dr Pepper.

Antiquated equipment

The factory itself was very small, in a confined space but an interesting tour. It is no longer a working business, after closing in 2012, open only as a small restaurant and museum in the town of Dublin. 

Where the name came from is my favourite part. Man meets woman (Miss Pepper), travels to her town to ask permission to marry her, father, who is a doctor, says no. Man travels back home and to impress the father names the soda Dr. Pepper, travels again for permission and gets denied again. Man travels back home, sticks to the name and later marries someone else. 

There are 15 flavours (not a Dr. Pepper product) still produced by the Dublin Bottling Works Co. but not at this location. I also enjoyed the changes in the logo from the 30's to today. Bear with me, I want to share.

Logo on left - 1930's
on right - 1940's
minor changes
Above the clocks - 1950's
Period after Dr. was dropped and the 'r's were a stick and a dot
The second 'P' was higher
because the soda was said to give you a 'lift'
The 'P's had flared bottoms as in bell bottoms
1980's - elevated 'p' again
Most recent (sorry for the blur)

Patriotic Girl was almost the demise of Dr. Pepper
She wasn't wearing enough clothes and this is one of 'possibly' TWO pictures
It is behiind fire proof, bullet proof glass and rumour has it that if the building
caught fire, 'she' would be saved before any employees
She was not a real person but rather an advertiser's creation

We got a few more pictures before we left the property.

Pretty Peggy Pepper, on the other hand, was a real person

Our souvenirs
 As we left the museum, we chatted with Jess about how little Easton is doing and learned that he would not be going home until after the weekend. It is nothing for us or them to worry about, just some normal new baby issues related mostly to breastfeeding. I think the little gapher is just not wanting to leave all that attention he is getting. It is nice that his aunts Yvonne and Charlotte have visited.

We left there and returned home. Dublin is approximately 35 minutes from Tres Rios so we were gone about 4 hours altogether. It was 2:30 and Clemson told me that it was time for his walk so we disappeared along the creek and around the park trail for 30 minutes. I dropped him off at home and walked to the Texas Hall to work on the puzzle. Once there, 4 guys were playing pool and 6 ladies were playing Hand and Foot, a card game. I texted Pat and invited her to join me if she wanted and she came back as well.

Thank you for the walk, Mom

I'm still trying to get a selfie with my favourite
little pooch
The puzzle looks easy but it isn’t and it seems like we are the only ones working on it. The border was messed up so a few changes had to be made in order for body pieces to fit but it will get done before we leave. I have a week! It was 4:45 when I walked home and decided to sit out in the sun with my book. Soon enough, even that was too cool and I came in for a small nap. I think I dozed for half hour before getting up and starting my post.

Follow me, Mom, this way
The morning sun on the Suite
We had leftover spaghetti and meatballs for supper with Caesar salad on the side. It was filling and tasted quite good. After dishes, we sat and checked over our grocery list. Tomorrow, we all need to take a run for some food items. Our turn to drive and we’re headed to Granbury. Tonight, we just sat and relaxed with our books. Mine is getting good and after checking at the Hall, the J.A. Jance book Bill finished and I couldn’t recall was called Down Fall.

And the day draws to a close
Good night everyone!
This has been a good day with another bit of sightseeing. I hope yours was a good one.
Thank you for checking in!


  1. See what you learn traveling around in an RV? I had no idea about Dr Pepper. Probably cuz I’m a Pepsi girl.

    1. I know!! :) I've probably had one Dr. Pepper in my life and we'll forgive you for the Pepsi. LOL We're Coke people.

  2. Interesting tour, thanks for taking me along. Love all the signs, amazing how things come to be named.
    Love the photos of the park, very inviting for sure. Enjoy your time there.

  3. Sounds like a fun day with Dr Pepper.We have been to the DR. Pepper Museum in Waco Texas, twice, this does have some real amazing history.
    Love the H.E.B. in Granbury.

    1. We are looking forward to the H.E.B., sounds like a great store.

  4. I enjoyed the reminiscing with Dr. Pepper. A great history lesson on a soda that I don't ever recall trying! The picture you took of the rising sun on the stone steps is a keeper....I would love a copy if you want to share.

    1. Yes, I've probably had one........ever!
      Of course I'll share. I loved it too.

  5. Great pics and a great tour! Love the pic of you and Bill! I remember the first diet drink I had as a teenager was Diet Dr Pepper..oh was I hooked for years. Don't drink any soda anymore, but that was delicious! Lovely spot you've got at the RV Park! Thank you for the update on Baby Easton..hopefully it all kicks in and he's home sooner rather than later.

    1. Thank you Shirley. You drank diet sodas that long ago? I don't even remember there being diet soft drinks when I was a teen.
      Baby Easton will be fine, he's with his momma. :)

  6. Great history on the Dr.Pepper Factory. Still see it in the Grocery Stores and in the Fast Foods but don't know where it is bottled.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your puzzle.

    It's about time.

    1. Waco, Texas is where the big factory is for Dr. Pepper. I guess I should be leaving the period off too. woops!
      Thanks guys!