Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Cold Snap Broke, Laundry, Chillin’ on our Last Day

Richards RV Park, St. Bernard, LA
On Thursday, Nov. 14th we were awake around 6:30 and up before 7. No timed plans today, on our last day here in St. Bernard. I was up through the night and turned our fireplace way down since it only dropped to 48F/8C overnight. It was a pleasant 67F inside the Suite which proved that there was none of the bone-chilling winds that we had a couple of days ago. From the get-go, the day was wet with a light rain falling.

You won't see this in Durham - if you do, call me!
 We had our tea and coffee and I sorted laundry. We didn’t have much at all. Other than undies, I don’t tend to wear the same thing over and over so my clothes don’t get dirty like Bill’s do. He’s a ‘I can wear this another day’ kind of guy. 😊 So, I walked the 50’ to the small laundromat (Jamie, they could use my help!). There are 4 washers and 6 dryers and although the wood floor has been swept, the washers don’t get wiped down – ever.

So, I washed all of them down for the next people to use
Let’s face it. This is a park where 95% of the residents are refinery workers so I wasn’t expecting too much. Jo-Anne had informed me, earlier this week, that the washers were dirty around the top edges so I took some paper towels and wiped them down before loading one with our clothes. It took 5 minutes for the wipe down so I’m not sure why the host can’t walk across and take care of it on a daily basis but…hey, who am I to judge?

I didn't get a lot of stuff out this week, but a few special things
sat on our coffee table
I had 25 minutes so walked back to the Suite. I can see the building from here. A couple more times back and forth and Bill joined me to finish folding. I was getting close to needing drinking water but we hadn’t found a refill station yet. Bill drove to the CVS Pharmacy just down the road and picked up a case of 24 bottles. I kept 4 for refilling and emptied 20 bottles into our 3-gallon container. It sounds silly but I like drinking out of plastic more than my refillable ‘thermos’. I don’t know what it is.

Ready for baking
Anyway, while he was gone, I cleaned the hallway, kitchen and living room floors and then hopped in the shower. Bill and I have been keeping an eye on our weight because of the foods we’re eating when we dine out. We aren’t imbibing too much alcohol, which is a big factor, and are pretty content with what we are seeing on the scales. We hover between a couple of pounds up and down. The rest of the day is a quiet one, maybe I’ll follow the lead of our friend, Nancy, and make some custard.

Stacked in Madame IP
At 9 am, I wasn’t in the mood for eggs and bacon so suggested to Bill that either we eat up the 2 remaining beignets from last night’s supper or he gets some toast or something. I could make eggs closer to lunchtime. We decided to reheat the beignets as they are not something you want to go stale. The icing sugar doesn’t take to heating well, so on our microwave, I did the reheat for 2 muffins/rolls and that was enough to take the chill off. They were still tasty but I’m so glad we had the full experience at Café du Monde and glad that Bob did too. He wasn’t going to ‘dine in’ originally.

9 minutes baking and 5 minutes NR
Then Bill went outside and added water to our fresh water tank. He also dumped and flushed our black and grey tanks. Maybe not in that order but you get the drift. He checked the trailer tires for pressure and everything is on the up and up so that is always good news. I chatted with Donna and Rob/Pat back home and they were happy to have some milder (-3) temperatures and no snow this morning. I tease about their weather but secretly hate to see what they have to drive in.

I watched Bob washing Big Red next door
He thought it was supposed to stop raining - but it didn't
but he has a clean trailer  and truck - for now
Inside, I put together the custard recipe and it takes no time at all. They baked in Madame IP for 9 minutes with a 5-minute NR. Perfect! When Bill came in for his shower, I had finished and dishes were done up. My coffee was done so I sat in my recliner to read. It is another different kind of story but not one I’m displeased with so will continue to turn the pages, for now. That lasted about 2 chapters and I had to close my eyes.

Just after 12, I was ready for a healthy snack
so tried my best
I didn't need or eat the Satsuma orange though
Bill dozed upstairs with the tv on and I  remembered to mix the last 6 hard boiled eggs into egg salad for our travel buns. I would make them up after supper tonight. Yes, tomorrow, we move on to Texas and a few nights ‘on the road’.  Jo-Anne texted around 2:30 inviting us over for Happy Hour and to discuss travel plans. So, we made a cup of tea and walked over. Higgins was happy to see us and once we were seated, he joined Bill and I on the couch for some attention.

Supper was good
that big ball on the right of the plate is my stuffed shrimp
It was yummy even as a leftover
Jo-Anne and Bob have family near Frisco, Texas and since we are planning on a stopover near Houston, we will be together one more night before they head in that direction for a visit. We will meet back up in Elephant Butte, NM again. It will give them an opportunity to travel with Big Red on their own, navigating the interstates and state highways. A break is good for everyone and we’ll be able to keep in touch so we can meet them at the gate of the state park early in the week.

Tsk tsk, dessert - it was very good
With that settled, and our departure time in the morning, we came back home around 4:30. NCIS reruns were on, ones we haven’t seen a lot of. For supper, I’d planned chicken thigh chunks and fries. The chicken is cooked with a coating so can be baked in the convection oven while the fries will be done in the air fryer. Same time for each. I also needed to eat up the last leftover stuffed shrimp so will warm that up while we have hookups. We were eating by 6 and it tasted good. It was a nice change on the menu.

I don't know how I missed this from Monday afternoon
in New Orleans
It is a great picture of all of us
Before doing the dishes, we had the last pieces of strawberry pie and emptied the Cool Whip container too. Nice to clean things up in the freezer as well. After dishes, I sat and worked on my post. 

It's obvious that Patsy & Jo-Anne have opened an oyster house
in New Orleans, no?
Not much happening today so no interesting pictures. I have a few pictures from New Orleans that I missed posting over the previous days so will add those as well. I don’t want you falling asleep, now do I? A quiet day but a good one.

                                          Last night, Bill and I heard this
                                            small band play a few songs
                                             Good night from St. Bernard, LA

Thank you for your visit today.


  1. Yup I made the custard. Thank you for sending the recipe!!! Found another one - frozen peanut butter pie. Cream cheese, peanut butter, fake sugar and whipped cream. What could be better?? Looking forward to Elephant Butte pics. Never been there.

    1. Yay! Ooh, peanut butter pie. Not in the IP though, right? Still sounds like something I'd like to try. Can you email the recipe to me please? Pretty pretty please with that whipped cream on top?

  2. Glad all of you got back into New Orleans one more time and have a nice relaxing day before heading West. Have a safe journey.

    1. Thanks, we are too. It is always nice, for us at least, to have a rest day before a trave day. :)

  3. Definitely our pet-peeve....dirty laundry rooms. You're right, how much effort would it take to wipe things up a bit. Yikes!
    Looks like you are making good use of the IP.
    Safe travels.

    1. Yup, mine too, even more so now that I know how easy it is to clean a larger laundromat.
      I love my IP. Or should I say I LOVE my IP. :)
      thanks Dave.

  4. Safe travels for the next leg of your journey!

  5. The RV park in San Diego was on Mission Bay so you know we paid a good price. The laundry room was small, 4 washers and 4 dryers. I had to clean everything before starting the laundry. That was very disappointing. I'm looking forward to your next adventure!

    1. Wow and they still couldn't keep it clean? LOL That is just sad, isn't it?
      Thanks Elva, nice to hear from you!

  6. Nice way to spend your last day doing what you want ;) Funny I find myself cleaning my washer and dryer more since you've started working haha. Great pic of the 4 of you!

    1. It was a nice quiet day. you are funny but as long as i'm making an impression on you! haha

  7. Two good days. I know surprise I am a day behind. Really hope we get to see New Orleans this year and sample those beignets they look like they are worth a "carbs/cheat".
    I have to make that custard it sounds delicious. We are making our last day here a do nothing special day...maybe today is the day. Safe travels as you and your friends continue west.

    1. They were good days and never worry about being behind in reading. It happens to me a lot!
      The carb and sugar cheat is definitely worth it! And then custard is guilt free. :)

  8. Ewww..those washers were dirty! Good thing you were there. :)

    Safe travels!

    1. Ha ha, they are probably just as dirty again now. :S
      Thanks Maebeme!

  9. The laundromat inspector is lurking!!! Ha Ha!! You guys travel safe tomorrow. Its a long ole way across Texas.

    1. Ha ha, yup, if they only knew, eh?
      Thank you for the travel wishes, it is certainly a long way across the big T.